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How Scammers Target Innocent Online Users

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Cyber Talk: Stalking & Hacking; Information technology and its challenges.


Cyber-Bullying Methods

Although we have all the freedom and access to internet use, techonology has highly encouraged cyber-bullying and scamming among some users who negatively take advantage of the opportunities presented.The vastly affected personnel are the targets of scammers.

So, what patterns do scammers implement?

1. Remotely Installing Apps

If a scammer knows your password, he/she may use it to access your phone/PC apps that are logged in with the same credentials. In that way, they may get access to your phone and manage to remotely control it.

Another method can be through directly installing an access software to your phone, that can easily allow the user to install hacker apps while from a distance.


2. Identity Theft/Fakeness

Imagine you are chilling in your crib, busy typing on Google Search (how to get rid of insomnia), and you have a list of websites to choose from. Then when you click among the top websites on Google's list, you are directed to another page that asks if you are above the age of 18. And when you click (yes), it's full of pornographic content. Immediately after, an app is installed in your phone.

These scammers may also utilize a user's website name to target innocent users online to click on the fake website link. Not only will the website owner be affected, but users as well.

A hacker may further destroy your shared link, especially if its financial, so that one may be directed to their site or make the user seem as scam. Other than that, they may influence an audience against your links, claiming to be a scam once posted, just so that users may see them as the ethical ones.

Some Internet service providers may also be in control of their user's online use.


3. Phishing

Scammers may also use your phone's IP or number to directly access your device/PC. They may send you phishing messages that you would see and some may be hidden.

Being aware of the sorts of softwares used can help you get rid of them if found in your phone or computer.


See more Phishing Apps and SMS. .

4. Google Search Data

Once accessed, your stalker can now see everything you do on phone or PC. As you are busy doing you, chatting with friends online, searching the web and logging in and out of apps, your stalker is busy storing your browsing and usage data.

What do they do with the info:

They either sell your data on dark web or to other companies.

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They use your data to get ideas to create more scam webs that can easily trap you. And once you click on the link after them knowing what it is you are looking for, they install more access.

And I am not saying personalized ads made by Google, but real scam ads made by hackers.


What to be done?

For starters, let us not disrespect our humble inventors and innovators of technology. Misusing the information and resources offered to us is totally discouraging, unacceptable, and a nuisance to innocent online users.

Secondly, as much as porn sites are a boost to the online economic community, I believe there are numerous porn websites that do not come in disguise. Instead of manipulating users into clicking on those web links, it's better to come as you are. In that way, users who want to watch porn will directly go to your site without you indirectly approaching them.


Third, Google should try to be more strict on the kinds of domains that appear online. No matter how much money one holds_enough to maintain a website, if the website is there just to trick people and trap them like how fish are deceived and end up inside the trappy net in search of the shown food, it's better if it's not allowed.

Rather, such websites should use their own title of service or information Providence. That way, users can quickly get what they are looking for without too much hustle and buzzle.

Further, paid hackers should be held accountable for accepting jobs that can destroy an innocent user's life. Not only is the payer liable, but the payee too.

If it's possible, hackers can use their best known skills for the highest good instead of invading others' private endeavors and financial sites. Hence, no matter the salary, it's best to do what is, and feels right.

Lastly, for those who feed themselves through these hacking methods, does it really satisfy you? Perhaps you should consider changing jobs?


Who are the targets?

Anyone online that is not aware and is busy searching for a useful information to help in their course.

Someone who has a secret enemy.

A victim or target of a narcissistic ex, friend, colleague, neighbor, family member or lover.

A preciously used victim of hacking and it worked for the online thief.

A client of a specific target company.

Water Sounds. Water Wave Droplets

5. Physical Methods

As Boring as it sounds, these scammers may use their personnel or people familiar with the target to conduct their research.

Particularly, if you are an online influencer, they may use all kinds of games in your personal life, hoping for a specific reaction or interaction that can make the target seem vague and irrelevant. In that way, everything you have tried to educate or communicate may get dismissed or lack views, clients , subscribers and more. Hence, the scammer directs the user's clients or socials to their side. This particularly happens when you have figured out their ways and they want to shut you so that they can continue manipulating you.


In my eBook, 'Psychology of a Con-Artist', I have discussed other more methods online hackers embrace, to form global online insecurity. For instance, I have talked about how they come into your life, their very best times to take action upon a target, and why they do the things they do.

For example, scammers may come or send a target's long lost friend, neighbor or just someone close to them; when the target is nearing success or is successful or has something new and good going on in their life. They may act as if they are close with the target, for them to claim to share the reigns with the victim. And then they may disappear, after having had access to a user's personal or work details. Or, they may just do this to prevent the target from receiving joy or an opportunity.

Psychology of a Con-Artist

Criminal Charges

As much as the society wants to make cyber bullying and hacking a normal trend, it should not at all be normalized.

This is no different to human trafficking. Continuing with this trend is only going to make the world end sooner. Imagine our future generations? If people are already crying, then that means our future is going to be more insecure, toxic and chaotic, that people will then resonate to traditional/non-internet lifestyles and business practices. Then that will be the end of technology.

Hence, as technology keeps advancing, so should it come with simpler, cheap, and faster methods of eradicating cyber crime.

The federal Computer Fraud and Abuse Act claims that such abusers can run up to 20 years in prison.



It is our responsibility as online users to be each others' keepers. If you know someone is a victim of cyber bullying and is not aware of the events taking place behind the scenes, be there to warn and advise them on how to stop it.

If you know anyone doing this, tell them its wrong and totally unethical.

Lastly, we all have freedom to interact or use the internet. Instead of pointing fingers at each other, why not listen to one other? You can do whatever you are doing without disrespecting that other person that keeps complaining about your invasions.


© 2021 Diana

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