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How IoT is re-evaluating the Gaming Industry


From Snake to Battleground, Road Rash to COD, games have emerged as the best relaxation methodology for students or even office employees, passing too many roadblocks or hurdles, the gaming industry comes a long way. Before the internet took over the gaming world, the games were paltry, compromised with low graphics, featureless playability and non-scalable. Though now if you look into the games, they are rich with high-end graphics, scalability and with exceptional yet engaging playability and it all is because of the internet.

The Internet of things commonly known as IoT has been a great help for the huge success of the gaming industry providing great streaming of mobile games free to play available in the market. IoT has re-evaluated the gaming industry in the past years. Developers also look at developing or creating devices and applications counting on the internet to experience a whole new world for games.



IoT and Games

IoT has benefited gaming among smart devices and consoles for gamers, players or streamers. Though games were available in the past yet weren’t famous as the mobiles didn't have great features, stopping the fun mode of gaming for people. It took two decades for the industry to get increased revenue and thanks to IoT for making gaming fun and engaging mode for everybody.

Now-a-days smartphones are rich with advanced software and hardware which developers seek to create gaming enhanced and smooth. IoT has accelerated such developments on mobile devices combining different features like sensors, mic or accelerometer, etc. with gaming modes for more enjoyable playing.

The mixture of games and IoT has provided gamers with an unexpected connection with the gaming as if they are in reality with the narrative of the game.

Developer and Player

It is very important for a developer to get feedback on what he has made or created. Back then it wasn't possible but now because of IoT applications players and developers can interact flawlessly. It is easy for a developer to know about his creation, gaming modes, whatever the glitches it has, bugs it encounters or errors, what problem a player faces. Developers and players both can directly talk to each other which eventually helps the gaming industry to grow every day giving the best experience to the gamers.

Even the players can interact amongst them helping each other with the games and also can make streaming communities over the internet sharing their experiences or gaming tactics.

Battle Royale

Battle Royale

Multiplayer Mode

Gaining popularity day by day, the multi-player mode is increasing the revenue stream in the gaming industry tapping the work with IoT. This is the most popular mode amongst gamers or streamers in the present time contributing many features which make it better and enjoyable. Even the streamers earn money with live streaming of these multiplayer mode games and the perfect example of such games will be BattleGround scaling a great use of IoT.

The IoT provides such platforms where players can interact with each other. They connect their devices from different cities, nations via the internet and play together. This connection lets them talk to each other, interact with friend's consoles, making tactics to win the game. These friendly games are available in the market for free and some are paid. In-game purchases make the games more interesting, the prizes, trophies and other add ons enhance the gaming creating a community of people playing together.

These games offer a real-time in-game experience to the players over the internet and also add sentimental value to the game. The banning of PUBG mobile was a hot topic back then and it actually broke a lot of hearts as everyone playing that game was connected with it sentimentally perhaps because it gives you a chance to connect with your friends or different people around the world. IoT has changed the gaming industry a lot in the last two decades.


IoT has re-evaluated many industries and also the gaming industry. It has an inexplicable impact on gaming which has shaken up the organizations showing a high graph of revenue stream. The experts say no one can stop the boom of gaming any time soon.

Gaming is all now dependent on communication and connectivity between different devices whether it is Playstations or XBOX or smartphones or humans. Developing devices and applications are fully dependent on the internet and it will be like this in the future. IoT is a trend for the gaming industry.

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