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How I achieved my first AWS Cloud Certification

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AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner | Aws × 1

Two months back I achieved my first Aws certification which is basic foundational level certificate for anyone who wants to start their journey in AWS field.

Through this blog I will try to clear most of your doubts related to this certification. How to prepare for this exam ? Is it paid ? How much time is needed to get ready for this exam ? Exam questions level ? How to achieve your first AWS certification ? Practice questions ? and more such related questions.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

My Exam Experience:

So, I applied for Aws Cloud Practitioner exam in the month of July 2022 and got certified in same month. I was preparing for this exam from past few months. Couldn't prepare continuously for this exam, as I was already occupied with much other things that time.

I attended some Aws sessions internally in my IT company. Those sessions helped me to gain practical exposure on Aws Console , its services and all basic AWS terms.

Also, did Aws Lab for same, which included : Launch of Instances, Creation/deletion of VPC, Creation of Internet Gateways, Subnets, Route Tables, Launch of Web Servers, Access Public/ Private key, Load Balancers, Auto Scaling, RDS, DB, EC2 etc.

Then in July 2022 when I applied for exam voucher. I started my prep based on exam questions and learning modules.

This is foundational level exam which doesn't require deep knowledge of every topic. One can easily prepare for this certification and give exam within same month. But make sure you apply for Exam Voucher when you are all set to sit for this exam. Practice enough questions and complete its learning modules.

What exactly happened at Exam day :

I faced many problems while giving this exam. My exam started exactly at that time when it should have been ended according to my exam time slot !!

I thought I won't be allowed to give this exam, when I already lost my slot timing.

Exam duration for this exam was 1.5hr. I applied for online proctored exam. Make sure you give this exam from your personal lapy only and not from your company's system. You won't be able to give this exam with your company's system because it automatically blocks sites.

I faced a lot of system issues when I tried to start my exam, even though I was giving it from my personal system. You need to login atleast 30 mins before for system check, for uploading your ID proof and also need to share current pictures of your room before starting your exam.

I logged in 45 mins before to avoid any mishappenings. But unfortunately it took me about 2 hrs to resolve an issue to start my exam. I was getting same error again and again that "Turn off Online Protection". Also, I was unable to proceed to start my exam. On System check it was just loading and loading.

Almost after 2 hrs my issue was sorted by their tech team. " Thanks to them " for getting it sorted. I almost lost hope that day for this exam. I was sitting from morning trying to connect again and again, but nothing happened. I felt like I am gonna lose my exam voucher that day. My examination proctor asked their tech team to check for the issue, and they got it sorted. And finally I was able to start my exam exactly at the same time it should have been ended.

For me it was totally an exhausting experience. But the good part was I cleared the exam and achieved my first certification. So, I was happy about it. It was worth trying to connect again and again even after losing my exam slot time.

What is Aws Cloud Practitioner Exam ?

How to prepare for Exam ?

Where to find Aws Voucher?

What is the level of Aws Cloud Practitioner exam. Is it easy ?

How much time is required to prepare for this exam ?

Can we give this exam online from our home or do we have to visit exam centre ?

Cost of exam ?

What is Aws Cloud Practitioner Exam ?

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner - (CLF - C01) is basic foundational certification that you can try to achieve if you are someone who wants to start your career in AWS cloud field.

For clearing this exam one need basic understanding of AWS , its services and all basic AWS terminology.

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Its a MCQ based exam , exam duration is 90 minutes for 65 questions in total. You need to score atleast 700 marks for passing

How to prepare for this Exam ?

1. Learning Module

Watch AWS Cloud Practitioner learning module either on AWS site or Udemy. Any one out of these two course is mandatory to apply for AWS certification.

Note: If you don't have Udemy access, go for the course provided on AWS site. I found those modules very interesting and easy to understand.

Go for Aws Cloud Essentials - 6hrs course

2. Exam Questions

For exam questions watch multiple YouTube Videos, make notes and keep it with you to revise on exam day. This helped me a lot. Let me know if you guys want Exam Cheat Sheet that I particularly prepared for this exam.

After completing AWS Learning module i.e (AWS Cloud Essentials), I started watching previous year questions videos on YouTube. Watching multiple YT videos helped me to boost my confidence and gain more questions insight for main exam.

Imp tip: Make sure to check latest questions on google. Because every time there's an update on AWS site, new questions adds up for the exam too. 1 single playlist or some videos are not enough to clear the exam.

The very first playlist that I watched for exam prep on YouTube was of - " Cloud Guru Amit ". Comment for link or directly check on YT . His playlist contains a total of 10 videos , which will help you to gain insight and overall knowledge of AWS Cloud Practitioner exam.

3. Knowledge Check

After you are done watching multiple videos on YouTube for exam preparation, you can have your knowledge check on google. There's one link shared by my colleague, mentioned below.

You can check this link to check your knowledge.

That time I wasn't able to check any questions here because of less time. But I will surely try out this link for my next certification. Also, do not just trust for the answers given after every question. Instead check for most preffered answer marked by students below every question.

This is how I prepared for my first AWS Cloud Certification. If you face difficulty in finding any of the mentioned links, learning material or any queries related to this certification. Lemme know in below comments. Will help for sure.

Where to find Aws Voucher?

You can directly Apply for AWS voucher through AWS site.

What is the level of Aws Cloud Practitioner exam. Is it easy ?

One month is enough to clear this foundational level of AWS exam. Questions level was easy as it is foundational level certification. Keep watching questions video continuously atleast for 2-3 days before giving this exam. This worked for me. Also note down questions as points and go through it once before sitting for exam the same day.

Can we give this exam online from our home or is it necessary to visit exam centre ?

You can give this exam through online proctored mode.

Cost of exam ?

Exam costs 100 USD, one can also apply for exam vouchers. Cost of these exams are much higher. But if you are working in any IT company, you may avail free vouchers and give this exam. But for external certification, I have no idea about how to get discounts on these coupons. You can check some offers if any available at AWS site.

All the Best for exam

Any queries ? Lemme know in below comments and don't forget to subscribe my blog for more such content.

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