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How I Get Back-to-Back Trending Posts on LinkedIn - My Experience

A freelance tech writer and a certified digital marketer from Yoast. He loves reading and writing on various digital marketing topics.


I have created my LinkedIn account in the year 2014 during my college days, but have only started using it extensively since January this year (2020).

Back in the day, I don't have any idea how to use this professional networking platform. However, I did know that it was something valuable for professionals.

Just like any other new LinkedIn user, I was not sure how to use the platform.

LinkedIn Networking

LinkedIn Networking

A New Beginning

I used to message random people for a job, post nothing, and engage with nobody. But in January 2020, I decided to fresh up and update my profile with complete information about my career and education.

I also started posting about the relevant things related to technology. And to my surprise, I have received many back to back trending posts on LinkedIn.

I never thought that LinkedIn will give me such a heart-warming welcome for being an active user and sharing valuable posts. And through this article, I'd like to share my personal experience of how I get frequent trending posts on LinkedIn.

My First Trending Post

I got my first trending post back in April 2020 in #reading. It was for the post I shared about starting a new initiative of increasing vocabulary.

Let me tell you in brief about what I'm talking about.

So, I was reading a book for increasing my vocabulary since November 2019. Completing more than half of the book in April, I got an idea to share the words along with their meanings from the book to help others (and myself) learn new words.

How many likes or how much engagement I got in the post? Well, not very much. But for a beginner like me, even a couple of few clicks and comments meant a big thing. And to my surprise, I received nine likes and thirteen comments. The post has 658 views, which is a great achievement for me at that time.

The post in which I shared the ‘trending’ notification screenshot has received nine reactions and a satisfactory eight comments. It managed to garner decent views, if not great.

So, you can see how valuable and powerful your trending posts could be. With one trending post, your profile gets more hits and views from other connections.


Since then there has been a lot of trending posts.

In less than one month, I got another trending post for #ideas. This was for sharing another five words with their meanings.

I received another trending post for #great and this has again boosted my profile further. The post for ‘trending’ received 20 reactions and 12 comments from my valuable connections, most of which are also content writers and marketers.

I published a post on the news that all sellers had to mention the ‘country of origin’ for selling their products.

So, as you can see, LinkedIn notices your post every time you share something unique or of good value.

What Happens When Your Post is 'Trending' on LinkedIn

Technically speaking, it’s the hashtag in your post that trends on LinkedIn rather than the post itself. So, a trending post is just a way of saying it.

If you don’t use any hashtags in your post, it won’t be able to trend on LinkedIn even if it gets hundreds of likes and good engagement.

When your post is trending on LinkedIn, it will notify you by saying ‘Congrats, your post has been trending in #hashtag.’


The hashtag includes the word or phrases you have used in your post. If your post is highly engaging and popular, LinkedIn also notifies some of your connections having similar profiles.

So, the more trending posts you will have the better visibility your profile has on the channel.

Let’s talk about some effective tips that can increase your chances of getting trending posts on LinkedIn:

1. Write Longer Content

It’s not only Google that loves longer content.

LinkedIn also gives value to the content that is adequately long. But that doesn’t mean you should always aim for writing the long-form post.

The professional social networking platform allows writing only 1300 characters in a post.

So, try to write posts of at least 600-700 characters (or 150 words) long in the beginning. Later, you can aim to write around 800-1,000 characters post. I’ve personally noticed that comparatively longer posts get trending easily.

2. Give Best Start to Your Post

While writing longer post matters on LinkedIn, you must also give much importance to how you start your post.

  • The social media channel truncates your long content with a ‘See more’ option.
  • Any user who wants to read your post will tap on this option and this will send a soft signal to LinkedIn algorithms that your content is being read by others.
  • So, to hook your reader in the first place, make sure you write something that immediately catches the attention.

You can start by asking a relevant question or by writing any other clickbait sentence or phrase. All in all, it should encourage the user to go through your whole post.

The starting of your post is most important

The starting of your post is most important

If you’re a life and success coach, and you share content related to technology, then it will be relevant to your profile.

In this case, LinkedIn may not give much importance to your profile or posts as it might look irrelevant to others. Therefore, always share posts that are related to your profession, either directly or indirectly.

4. Give Proper Structure to Your Post

Even if your content is not among the best, your LinkedIn connections may like reading it if it is well-formatted and well-structured.

The structure of your post matters a lot in various aspects. It increases the readability of your post and lets users better understand and relate to it.

So, make sure you add ample space between the sentences and add a couple of relevant emojis to make it look appealing as well.

Provide ample space in your post

Provide ample space in your post

5. Stick to Generic and Shorter Hashtags

While writing the post, don’t chase for unique or longer hashtags.

Instead, try to include some of the generic hashtags related to the post. This will help you boost the relevancy of your post and increases the chance of getting a trending post.

Unlike Facebook or Instagram, LinkedIn is the social network where your hashtag matters the most.

Also, don’t stuff your post with too many hashtags. Instead, only stick to around 5-6 hashtags in your post.


Getting a trending post on LinkedIn is not easy at all. But for people who are constantly sharing valuable and unique posts with relevant hashtags, it is not difficult too either.

If you follow these tips whole-heartedly, I'm sure you will see a few trending posts in your bag sooner rather than later. But like every YouTuber who wishes to earn from his/her videos, your aim should be to write and publish informative and valuable posts on the platform.

I hope that you will learn something valuable from my personal experience and will fine-tune the strategies of growing your LinkedIn profile further.

Have you ever got a trending post on LinkedIn? Or are you also struggling to get one? Do let me know in the comments down below.

PS: Feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile and connect with me. I would be happy to learn more about you :)

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nikhil Sharma


Nikhil Sharma (author) from India on September 23, 2020:

I'm really thankful to readers like you, Mr. Danny.

I'm flattered by your encouraging words. I will try my best to keep posting such articles in the future too!

Danny from India on September 23, 2020:

Welcome Nikhil, all your articles seem to be very informative .

Nikhil Sharma (author) from India on September 22, 2020:

Thank you so much, Mr. Danny, for reading the article and sharing your valuable comment. I'm glad to provide you these useful tips. All the very best for your LinkedIn marketing!

Nikhil Sharma (author) from India on September 22, 2020:

Hi, Ms. Sowrabha!!

There is no perfect time to get started on LinkedIn. I really want you to create your account on the platform and start exploring the ins and outs of it. I'm sure that once you are on LinkedIn and share your valuable articles, more like-minded professionals will connect with you.

LinkedIn is a very powerful tool for everyone who wants to transform their career and have an omnidirectional growth!!

So, I can't wait to see you there soon.

Thank you for reading the article and as always complimenting my work, Ms. Sowrabha!!

You're my favorite storyteller :)

Nikhil Sharma (author) from India on September 22, 2020:

Sure, Shibangi.

I can't wait for you to post awesome content on LinkedIn soon. I'm sure your posts will trend as soon as you start publishing content in your niche.

Thank you for your kind words. I'm glad to know that you liked my work. Keep reading!

Danny from India on September 19, 2020:

Very useful tips for viral content on LinkedIn

sowspeaks from Bengaluru on September 19, 2020:

Hi Nikhil, I am yet to get started in LinkedIn , therefore this article is valuable to me for sure. Plan to get into LinkedIn by end of year. So I am starting with an advantage already. For me ,it is a timely article. Thanks so much, our tech Guru :)

Shibangi Das from Paradeep, Jagatsinghpur, Odisha on September 19, 2020:

This was much needed and a valuable article. I'm missing out on Linkedin more often. Now that you have shared brilliant tips to trend on Linkedin, I'll surely go for it soon as soon as I get fully sure of my niche. Thanks, Nikhil!

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