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How Easy Is It to Hack IoT Devices?

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It is easier than you think. However, there is more.

We have all seen online pranks of “Ask Alexa Anything?" where people get pranked to ask Alexa devices questions. In most cases, the individuals pranked also have such devices in their houses that go off. In some cases, the devices leak the locations of the individuals,their bank balances, and add items to the shopping cart. There have also been cases where live streamers receive a donation from users that activate their IoT devices leaking their information, causing laughter in their chatrooms and providing great online clips.

Viewers of the videos find the situations funny when they occur. However, such incidents go to show the ease with which the hacking of IoT devices can happen. More and more people continue to get devices like Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Siri to control many aspects of their lives. They give a lot of power to the gadgets for their lives to be easy.

Although it might seem amusing, the incidents are serious security breaches and need confronting. Many IoT devices come into the market daily with the claim of being the best at ensuring security and privacy protection to all users. Nevertheless, in many cases, the devices lack security and are easy to activate with simple commands.

It Is Easy To Hack an IoT Device from Any Place

The activation of a gadget like Alexa, Siri or, Google home is easy. One only needs voice commands, which can be from any person or device to activate and tell the appliance to perform the task that they want it to do. The simplicity of activation means people near the device physically or through the internet can access all the details about an individual or family in the IoT network. The trend is dangerous because it shows that even malicious individuals can get information about the users effortlessly.

Currently, there is no way for any IoT to differentiate between the voices of owners and other individuals. There is a minimal restriction to access. Therefore, anyone can access anything as long as there is a connection to the internet. The use of voice activation for IoT devices makes it easy for exploitation. Although we do not have well documented cases of hackers using the voice activation features to exploit the gadgets, there is the likely that it could happen.The online pranks and videos that highlight the ease of hacking of IoT devices do not make the users or manufacturers call for enhancement of the security of the devices. It is all fun and games until the situation leads to the loss of privacy and information of many individuals.

Many People Ignore the Warnings and Numerous Attacks

In recent years, numerous attacks and data leakages from IoT networks have become a usual occurrence. Most individuals ignore the information presented to them and do not rethink the use of their devices. Many people accept that it is a normal thing to happen. More persons join IoT networks to help them with daily applications and connect to smart appliances. Although there have been many calls to ensure enhanced IoT security, there are many ways to access the devices.

In most cases, it is not even a topic of discussion. People move on with their lives as if nothing happened. The only situation that is likely to cause alarm is when many people have their devices hacked or privacy loss for many individuals.

It Is Easy For Hackers to Target Children and Young People

In most of the videos, the individuals are young and perceive the situation as a joke creating a culture that the hacking of IoT devices is an ordinary thing to happen. However, if malicious individuals carry out the activities, it is a dangerous situation for everyone involved. More young people and children are online oblivious of the dangers that lurk on the internet.

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Many parents have set up smart devices in their children’s rooms without thinking about security. There are unaware of dangers on the internet and the ease with which their children can give away information willingly or unwillingly. It makes it easy for hackers to gain access to all their records effortlessly. Parents and guardians must ensure that their children have minimal or no access to IoT devices to reduce the risk of hacking.

What Are the Solutions?

Setting up Passwords

Many people install IoT devices without thinking about security or even setting up passwords. Persons are often ignorant of the dangers and the level of access that the devices have over their lives and the damage they can cause to them. Most devices have options to set up passwords on different items that can reduce the level of access of the devices and the information that they can give out. Passwords are a great way for parents to restrict their children and help ensure that there is minimal access to information.

Educating the People on Using the Devices

Most people buy the appliances for fun and think they are toys for themselves and their kids. Stakeholders in the industry lack an interest in educating the buyers and users of IoT devices on the security risks that come with the devices. Most manufacturers want to get a profit from the appliances. The government does not care about the privacy of the users and the public. Users and potential buyers must be aware of the risks and methods to lessen them. People should do a lot of research on the appliances and know ways to secure their devices against various threats.

Reduce the Level of Access for Children

Young people and children can be the main targets of hackers that seek to gain access to various devices. Parents and guardians can reduce the level of access their children have to the gadgets through passwords and other ways to secure their devices. It is also critical to teach the young generation about the risks of using IoT devices and manners to behave when meeting strangers online.

In Conclusion

It is easy to hack IoT devices than most people think. Most of the vulnerabilities come from the users. The default settings of the gadgets also make them vulnerable to attacks. However, there are ways to limit permissions others have on the devices and reduce access by using passwords. Users should do a lot of research before purchasing an IoT appliance. People should warn about the security risks in IoT devices even though the videos of the gadgets going off or hacked are just too funny and intriguing to watch.

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