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How Does a Jet Suit Work?

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If you love flying, have you ever thought about buying your own Jet Suit? The price of a Jet Suit is $440,000 and the device has already found applications in the military, the navy, and with the police forces. If you can’t afford that price, there is a cheaper option. A full day of training, including fuel and lunch, is “merely” $40,000.

A jet suit can create more than 300 pounds of thrust with a total propulsion of 1,050 horsepower, it uses jet fuel and can lift a 200 pounds person. The weight of this suit is 100 pounds, out of which five gallons is the jet fuel. By means of a trigger, situated inside the aluminum hand mount, the engine can be brought to a maximum of 120,000 RPM (revolutions per minute).

Inside the helmet, there is a display that provides different information such as fuel consumption and height. Besides helping you control the device, the helmet also has the role of protecting your skull in case of an accident.


It reaches a speed of 85 miles per hour and uses 2 miniature jet engines, housed in aluminum arm mounts, that are attached to each arm to achieve vertical flight, while a fifth engine is situated in the backpack. The jet engines are 3D printed out of aluminum, to make the device as lightweight as possible. The arms are used to control the direction and speed of the flight. Since the engines are very loud, it is necessary to wear earplugs. You will need somebody to help you put on the suit, due to its weight and structure. The device is strapped so firmly to the body, that it sometimes feels like it is difficult to breathe.

The suit is not easy to fly and needs a lot of training since an accident could be fatal. While testing it on the test-flight platform, you will be held by a rope connected to a crane above the platform. The fuel is enough for about 7 minutes of flight. There are three vectors of powerful thrust, two coming from the engines situated on each hand, and the third coming from the jet strapped on the back. The goal is to balance the three forces against each other. The failure to do that can result in being pushed left or right or even spinning out of control. This is why training is so important.

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When starting the engines, the sound is so loud that it can be heard through the earplugs. The first thing that will strike you, is the smell of burnt jet fuel and the blast of energy coming from your hands. In the right hand, there is a trigger that controls the thrust. To lift your body you will have to bend at the waist and hold your arms wide open in front of you. Having a developed musculature is very useful since the force of the jets will push your shoulders into the torso. A beginner should set the maximum output of the suit below the 1050 horsepower. As I mentioned, finding the right balance is key to driving this suit and it requires a lot of patience to learn it. If the arms get slightly out of sync, the suit will instantly trust you to one side and this is why you should be held by the rope while training. Besides the sense of balance, a good concentration is also very important, in order to properly learn how to fly.


Now, if you are wondering where you can buy this device, the jet suit is built by Gravity Industries, which was founded by the British inventor and entrepreneur, Richard Browning in 2017. He was inspired to create it by his father, who was an aeronautical engineer.

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