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How to Remove or Uninstall a Safari Extension

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How can I remove or uninstall a Safari plugin?

How can I remove or uninstall a Safari plugin?

Working with the Safari Browser

If you own an Apple MAC, you will be very familiar with the range of Safari extensions that are available for the Safari browser. They are very handy and for many, these add-ons and tools have become an everyday necessity.

Have you ever installed an extension only to wish you hadn't, or found out that it just did not do for you what you had hoped?

There are also occasions where you may find that your browser just does not function well enough anymore, leading to a slow down of your operating system.

Sometimes the easiest things to install can be the hardest things to remove.

Uninstalling or simply deactivating a Sarafi extension can literally take seconds and a couple of clicks; as soon as you know where to look.

How Can I Access Safari Extensions

To see the range of extensions available,

  • Open up Safari
  • Click onto 'Safari' and then select 'Safari Extensions'

What Is A Safari Extension?

The Safari browser comes as a standard addition to any Mac computer, iPhone and iPad. In addition to its standard features, it offers uses a wide range of extensions, or plugins, which can add a whole new suite of features.

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These extensions are built by developers and are digitally signed for added security. There are hundreds available and cover everything from productivity, email, RSS tools, bookmarking, social networking and even Twitter tools. Some of them are extremely handy and because they can be installed with one simple click, and without the need to restart Safari, you can add them on the go, as you need them.

There is a downside however. These are built by programmers who do so independently; this means that some can be poorly written, they may clash with other plugins installed and as a result may not provide the functionality that they promise.

Some of the most popular extensions used include:

  • AdBlock: It removes all ads on all web pages.
  • Facebook Photo Zoom: This integrates directly with Facebook. Simply hover over a profile picture or a photo in an album and Facebook Photo Zoom will enlarge it for you.
  • Awesome Screenshot: This allows you to capture, annotate, and even share your screenshots with a click. You can even crop, show the area dimensions, annotate with shapes and text, and even blur it.
  • Facebook Cleaner: This hides visual distractions from Facebook automatically for you, such as sponsored ads, pokes, and annoying 'get connected' friend suggestions.
  • My eBay Manager: If you sell on eBay this handy plugin will help you keep track of all of your eBay activity while you are online. You will always be securely signed in, so you can check any updates whenever you like.
Remove or Uninstall A Safari Extension

Remove or Uninstall A Safari Extension

Quick Tip

If you prefer not to uninstall an extension, but you still want it removed from your toolbar, you can always just 'untick' the box which says 'Enable (extension name)'

How To Remove or Uninstall A Safari Extension

When you realize that you possibly have gone overboard and installed far too many extensions, or when your browser is starting to run slowly and not run optimally, it is time to remove some of those no longer required add-ons.

All extensions that are installed 'live' in the library area of your safari browser..../Home directory/Library/Safari/Extensions. If you look there you will be able to see each of your extension .safariextz files stored, together with an Extensions.plist.

Do not uninstall any extension from here by deleting the .safariextz file. You should always use the 'quick click' uninstaller option in Safari's preferences area.

  • Open up Safari
  • Click onto 'Safari' and then select 'Preferences'
  • Select the 'extensions' tab in the top menu bar
  • It will display all extensions, or plugins that are currently installed
  • Choose the one you want to uninstall
  • Click the Uninstall button

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