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How Accurate Is A Death Clock Website?

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"darksouls1" is the creator of this image.

"darksouls1" is the creator of this image.

1. Description Of A Death-Clock Website

Have you ever been curious to find out when you are going to die? I know that it is a morbid question to ask anyone. However, there are people out there who often wonder how much time they have on this Earth. Requesting such information from a psychic usually costs at least $10. At least it does where I live.

Nevertheless, there is a series of death-clock websites on the Internet where you can obtain such information for free. The most popular one is named — you guessed it — The Death Clock. It will ask you for information like your date of birth, your gender, your BMI, and your smoking status. It will also ask you if you are normal, optimistic, sadistic, or pessimistic. Below is a video of what it is all about.

YouTuber Goal Guys Explains A Death-Clock Website

It appears that the death-clock website that YouTuber Guy Goals is referring to has moved to a new location on the Internet since the making of his video above. In any event, you have a choice of which death clock you wish to use on the Internet to find out when that exact day is that you will, in figurative language, be riding that highway in the sky.

2. The Accuracy Of A Death-Clock Website Or Lack Thereof

If you decide to use more than one death-clock website to find out the exact day you will be kicking the bucket, you will likely get a variation of answers. It's kind of like when you go reading your horoscope in different newspapers and in different websites. Each one states something different, unless, of course, they ultimately come from the same source of information, so to speak.

Now, does such a variation in feedback that you receive from these death-clock websites necessarily mean that they are fake? Some people believe so. In fact, some people view a death-clock website to be bogus in any event. YouTuber TeratoLust badmouths a death-clock website in that same respect in the video below.

A Skeptic Attempts To Debunk A Death-Clock Website

YouTuber TeratoLust argues that because a death-clock website gave her different dates for someone's dying day after she keyed in the same information, then it cannot be for real. However, a YouTuber named lubomir kubas complained that his or her date of demise stayed the same in that event.

After a number of times that I have keyed my information into the same death-clock website, I have continued to receive the same results indicating that I will die within 11 to 12 years from now. Therefore, I don't believe that all the death-clock websites are completely without accuracy. Am I scared or even alarmed from receiving that information? Absolutely not. I'm not old, and I'm not someone who is going to allow for any website to put me in a state of fear that the Grim Reaper will be paying me a visit a little over a decade from now.

Everyone must die sooner or later. We all have to come to terms with our mortality eventually, because nothing is really forever, especially one's life. As in my case, it is not really the experience of passing away that scares me but rather the possibility of dying without having done everything I wanted to do in life. Then again, some people argue that death is nothing more than an illusion. Watch the video below to get an idea of this school of thought.

Circumstantial Evidence Demonstrates That Death May Merely Be An Illusion

A person's spirituality and optimism can determine how much they fear or do not fear death. Neale Donald Walsch believes that death is a fiction and that we should not mourn the death of a loved one. He explains his stance on this topic in his video below.

Neale Donald Walsch Explains Why He Believes That Death Doesn't Exist

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Some people feel that if death is absolutely final and the end of everything for someone, then nothing in life really matters. YouTuber Aperture presents that discussion in the video below.

An Explanation That Some Share That Nothing In Life Really Matters

There are scientists who contend that consciousness cannot be destroyed and, therefore, exists indefinitely. We are all bound to have our own opinions regarding this topic. Most of us still find it a mystery on what lies exactly beyond the grave.

With all the different feedback that science and religion constantly bombards us with, the notion of nothingness after death somehow doesn't satisfy our search for an answer. Most of us simply will not settle for the theory that we pass into a dark, black void for all eternity after death, because it does not really offer us any answers.

Many of us want to know how much time we each have left on this planet. Otherwise, death-clock websites would receive no traffic, and they would eventually disappear from the Internet altogether.

"suju-foto" is the creator of this image.

"suju-foto" is the creator of this image.

3. Final Thoughts

Many of us fool ourselves into thinking that we have all the time in the world, especially when we are teenagers. However, when times goes by and we eventually realize that perhaps we haven't crossed off all the items on our proverbial bucket list, then it dawns on us that someday we won't be around.

A death-clock website may not give us a completely accurate time and date that we will cease to exist. Not even a doctor can give us that specific information. He can only gives us a prognosis of how soon we may end up dying based upon our individual health. Nonetheless, it is interesting how the creators of these online death clocks gather their information to come up with the kinds of formulas they do to calculate someone's predicted time and date of death. News networks have even delved into this curiosity as shown in the video below.

Journalist Anna Kooiman Samples A Death-Clock Website

In the news clip above, Dr. Phillipa Cheetman explained that the World Health Organization ("W. H. O.") assists the designers of these death-clock websites in assembling the general information necessary to produce calculations that are as accurate as possible without examining the actual people who utilize the websites. She admits that the websites ask for a variety of information that is too insufficient to provide a more accurate determination of demise than they do.

I'm not worried about dying 11 to 12 years from now. However, if I do, I guess everyone who follows me here will at least suspect something if I suddenly stop posting articles here on this writing platform. On the other hand, it could mean that I've developed a bad case of laziness or even writer's block. In any event, I'm going to live my life to its fullest and let Mother Nature decide when I take my last breath. To anyone who wishes to avoid an early death, I suggest that they avoid flying United Airlines at all costs. Of course, that's another article for another time.

So long as there will be curious individuals, death-clock websites will exist. We all must realize that they are not a form of artificial intelligence that thinks and makes decisions as the human brain does. Therefore, none of us should panic if we visit one of these death-clock websites and it gives us results that are different from what we desire.

What I find so disturbing is that many people visiting these death-clock websites are kids, mainly preteens. They don't need to be wasting their time fearing death. Live for today, and let tomorrow take care of itself.

A Poll For Those Who Are Curious About Death

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