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I am Central Govt. employee. I write poem story and blogs. I also interested in study.

Hey ! InterNet


Hey ! Internet

How is your style

You open all the secrets.

There is talk to everyone

all over the world by you

But who lives in the neighborhood

is not known.

Peoples have stopped playing now

because they are busy

to carry you always in their pockets.

Flour is no longer necessary at home

But there is needed for connectivity,

Hot spots, Wi-Fi and Data.

Where do people meet face to face now?

They only meet with Twitter,

WhatsApp and Facebook.

Where do they play wrestling in the arena?

They show their valour only on

Pubg and Free Fire.

Where do they find any information

in the pages of books?

They only search

Google and Search - Engine everyday.

Hey ! internet

you walk a little slowly

and sometimes you turn Off Social Media

Because you have to maintain

a good relationship with human beign

in our society.

Hey ! Internet

it is true that

You have come before me

as an important requirement in every field

And you also act like a panacea.

What kind of your

communication revolution is this !

Who tie us all in the snake-loop.


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