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Here is a List of Search Engines Besides Plain Old Google, Yahoo and Bing

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Exploring Other Search Engines

Having only used Google and Yahoo and occasionally Bing for almost my entire life, I decided to break away from the norm and start exploring other search engines. After all there is more to life than the big 3 search engines right? I am giving you a list of search engines besides Google. is based on being able to get answers from a helpful community and acting as a search engine at the same time.


Their front page has a rather simple layout like Google. The only difference is that they put some community interaction at the bottom. People ask questions and get answers from other people. You then get to vote whether if that answer is helpful or not. You can pretty much ask anything on there. It ranges from Food & Drinks to Travel & Places. They are somewhat similar to yahoo answers.

The video section is pretty refreshing to see, as it loads a bunch of videos and you get to choose whichever catches your attention. While it doesn't get as much hits as YouTube, is definitely worth checking out.

When I see AOL, it reminds me of their terrible AOL broadband I used to own. Today, I am going to put that aside and objectively look at AOL search engine without being biased. They have actually revamped their website to look way more attractive. I remember using their broadband, and that had a pop-up for their website, which got annoying after a while. Looking at the new layout they have now, it is quite an attractive website.

here-is-a-list-of-search-engines-besides-plain-old-google-yahoo-and-bing is basically a search engine powered by Google. It has an extremely simple layout with all your popular and favorite social networking websites. It is quite a simple and efficient one page search engine. If you use Google, Yahoo, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, Twitter, Wikipedia, Linkedin, MSN, Pinterest, eBay, CNN and Instagram, this could be an alternative search engine you could use.



blekko(that's their official way to spell it) is a unique search engine that focuses on quality and trusted websites. It is a spam-free search engine that will not feature any websites that is deemed to be "low-quality". What is different about blekko is that they do not solely use link based authority to determine page rank. blekko relies on human beings and use their judgement to determine whether the website is good or not. They use tags to categorize their search.



Lycos is another alternative to Google that is worth considering. They have teamed up with other networking and social websites such as, and Doing that allows them to stay competitive against Google. They have been around for more than 20 years. Their homepage is also relatively simple, with each different category sorted for easier navigation.



Dogpile is quite an interesting name for a search engine. They are able to return the best search results from Google, Yahoo and Yandex, the "Google" of Russia. They are focused on saving your time on the searching for related information that you are looking for. Unlike most search engines, they have adopted a dog mascot called Arfie for their brand name. A refreshing search engine I would say, so give it a shot.



A spider is crawling your websites! Similar to Dogpile, it has a mascot, a spider! Being owned by Infospace, they offer you relevant results from Google and Yahoo. I would call this a clone of Dogpile, since they are pretty much the same, except a few changes in layout. I guess the choice between trying Dogpile or WebCrawler will fall on whether you like dogs or spiders.

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Info gets their search results from Yahoo, Google, Yandex and Ask & Open Directory. Since leading search engines have only 5% overlap in top results, Info they can give you the most relevant results, as they claim.



Having tried them all out, I personally enjoy using blekko, since they weed out a lot of spam sites and keep the high authority ones on their search engine. If you feel that Google does not give you the best results, I highly suggest that you try blekko. If not, any other search engine on this list is pretty good.


georgescifo from India on May 09, 2014:

Great..the list sounds really interesting and impressive. Thanks for the hub.

Seet (author) from California on June 20, 2013:

Yea. Well yahoo was kinda competitive back then when they both started, but for some reason Google just took over.

Thanks for stopping by!

DATALOAD from Michigan on June 20, 2013:

Great hub. I feel like part of the reason Google has become so popular is because it's the first search engine most think of. Using various search engines is essential to thorough research. Since each search engine uses a different algorithms, each are bound to have at least a few good unique addresses.

Seet (author) from California on June 17, 2013:

Haha, good to see someone liking the smaller search engines! :D

Joseph Renne from Milton on June 17, 2013:

Google Sometimes Fails Me. Bing is to Pretty. Webcrawler is always my First pick.

Seet (author) from California on April 27, 2013:

Yea, Google will be a tough giant to knock down.

swathi180 on April 27, 2013:

Good list of Search Engines :) Even though there are many Google eats up the majority share (somewhere around 96%).

Seet (author) from California on April 21, 2013:


John from Irvine, California on April 21, 2013:

Do you know why people use those three big search engines so much? Because they have the most advanced algorithms to help provide users with meaningful search results.

I would love to ditch Google, but that bastard knows how I like it.

Seet (author) from California on April 19, 2013:

No problem guys. Thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it. And @My Cook Book, I could create a list of those as well.

Dil Vil from India on April 19, 2013:

Good list, great info. There are some search engines which pay for doing searches. Create a list of them as well. Thanks for the above good list, great work!

Abhijith Bob Babu from Saskatchewan, Canada on April 19, 2013:

Wow... That was a good one... Never even heard of some of these search engines...

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