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Headway - Self Growth Challenge

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Reading in the Headway App.

What is Headway

Headway - Self Growth Challenge is an app I found in Google Play Store so I installed the free 7 day trial to see how helpful this app actually was. After reading several reviews, I noticed a lot of people were complaining about trying to unsubscribe after their free trial but because they couldn't/ didn't/ or some other technical error they were charged the yearly fee. This fee adds up to approximately $90 a year so it is quite expensive.

The review stars averaged out to 4.1 but I'm uncertain if that's due to the billing issues. However, after using this app a few days and reading through customer reviews, I went ahead and unsubscribed earlier before my free 7 day trial expired.

The Self Growth Challenge

What is the Self Growth Challenge that Headway offers?

Basically, Headway is sorted out into Self Help categories like Happiness, Productivity, Self-confidence and Calming Anxiety. Each category has choices of short books you can choose from to read. When you set up your profile, you can choose your reading goals.

Once you set up your goals, choose from topics you find interesting and begin to read, your time and amount of books read are kept track of within the app. Depending on how long each day or week that a person can spend reading is entirely up to them and these goals can be adjusted as they begin.

As stated above, each book is a fairly short read. Once you finish reading your chosen book, you can mark as complete. More books become available the further you advance with your reading goals.

Screenshot of my Profile

Highlights you want to remember

You can highlight parts of the book you're reading if you want to remember something.

You can highlight parts of the book you're reading if you want to remember something.


After carefully looking over this app, I find it can be useful yet tedious. I can't justify paying money for self growth books no matter how fast the read is.

Most of the books I've read cover the same things anyway that you can find online: examples - decluttering and how to do a little at a time until you organize your chaos, how to find happiness by altering patterns like sleep habit, how to become fine with life throwing curve balls by meditation, mindfulness and practicing gratitude.

Basically, I'm going to rate the app 3.5 stars and probably uninstall it. Although I'm sure it can prove very adequate, especially for the people with short attention spans, I don't feel like the books are motivation for myself.

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