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Headphones On and World Off With Happy Plugs Air 1 ANC True Wireless Earbuds


Presentation and Sound Makes The AIr 1 ANC

The Happy Plugs Air 1 ANC True Wireless Earbuds — which stands for active noise cancellation — is big on tech but even bigger on its fashion sense. That’s a bold statement but it’s warranted by the elements that make it up — which include how it sounds of course.

So let’s start with presentation. Most in-ear headphones come in small or medium sized boxes littered with images and details about why you should pick up and buy them. The Name goes another, perhaps retro or old-fashioned route of encasing their ‘buds in a clear case. One that lets you see the earbuds and the charging case fully and proudly. Not to say there’s not signage on the front, but it’s extremely minimal while the back goes the more conventional route of image and text. Overall it’s an attractive package, which is to be expected since all this was designed in Sweden — which is well known for its music scene as well as fashion sense.

So the clear packaging means you can totally see the Air 1 ANC True Wireless Earbuds’ color and that they’re shaped at a bit of an angle with a short “tail” going down from the ear once put in. And there’s a silver trim on each ‘bud, along with the bottom of the tail following suit. The charging case tags along, as there’s a silver strip running across the top third.


Fit Well and Powered Up

So there are a few things that a pair of earbuds need to do: one being to fit well and another thing is to have enough battery power to keep those earbuds from ending up weighing a lot more than they should, along with constantly having to be recharged. As to the first, each earbud, weighing in at 4.9 grams (.17 ounce), goes into the ear without hooks or wings, using varying sized tips you can select from.

As to battery power, it’s rated at up to 5.5 hours (7 without using the ANC). Realistically in actual use the amount of power will vary, but having over 4 hours is going to be a given. The charging case provides immediate charging for the ‘buds once they’ve been placed inside so that they mate with their charging dots. Use the case for a quick top off of a couple of minutes or let the ‘buds fill back up. The charging case makes it 38 hours in total to the overall time, and in case you wondered, it’s small enough to easily fit in the average pocket — not to mention larger pockets or a glove compartment or briefcase, knapsack, etc. Also, unlike many, a button on the bottom of the charging case works for pairing and resetting functionality.

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How The Sound Is Heard

Getting to the internals you’d expect there to be two microphones so as to provide better audio for making/taking calls. So there is. This is also where the ANC (active noise cancellation) gets worked on — this modifies surface noise so that the environment isn’t encroaching on conversations/listening. Of course most would want a transparency mode because, as example, crossing a busy street where hearing cars or honking horns can mean the difference between getting to the other side and being roadkill. So yes Happy Plugs put that in. Plus there’s also a basic mode which relies on the seating of the earbud for mitigating sounds — this works well in most cases, plus it doesn’t drain battery power like the ANC does.


Good Sound and Good Control

As can be seen, the earbuds are not tiny, which connotes that the drivers (speakers) in each are able to deliver a quality sound with a decent bass response (being 10mm). Also expected these days is touch control — but there’s 14 different choices, which is quite a bit to remember but welcomed when compared to ‘buds where‘s it’s just start/stop and volume up/down. Here you can select the following through single taps and double taps and triple taps and holding for 2 seconds. It’s the outside of the ‘bud of either that uses different commands for activation, with different taps on each ‘bud — for example the right earbud being tapped once for play/pause and the left being held down for 2 seconds to bring up the digital assistant (Siri or Google Assistant, depending on the type of smartphone). One thing not expected is in-ear detection. No, it’s not that the earbuds comfort you about having ears, it’s about them stopping what’s playing when removed from the ear and returning to sound when placed back in.

Happy Plug’s Air 1 ANC True Wireless Earbuds can pair and remember up to 8 Bluetooth devices (using Bluetooth 5.0). It comes in a number of colors; besides Black there’s Gold, White, Blue, White Marble (fav) and Green. For more details go to

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