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Have Fun Wearing The EarFun Free Pro ANC Wireless Earbuds


Wireless Earbuds Are Go

So everybody is going wireless and nobody cares for having their earbuds connected with a cable in between them. That of course makes for certain issues that are standard now: there has to be a battery inside of each earbud and the two must be able to pair with each other, as well as with an audio source transmitting music or one calls. These basic needs are satisfied by the obvious technologies that are embedded inside: the latest of Bluetooth radio frequencies (5.2) and other expected properties amidst the unexpected. So what’s going on with company’s EarFun Pro Wireless Earbuds?


It’s What You Can And Can’t See That Counts

Let’s get the basics out of the way. The earbuds are black and pretty small, tiny even as they fit into the ear canal in order to make a good fit (aided by a choice of 4 different sized ear tips). They have a bit different shape in that there’s no “stick” hanging out you ear. There’s two different things that work together to make for a more impressive sound — the physical aspects making up how the earbuds are designed and how they fit into the ear, and the second being all the technologies and other science magic that goes inside. So we jut covered the first part but have to note that which makes the sound happen that is in each earbud. So each earbud has dual composite dynamic drivers — what that means in real world terms is that there’s more pushing out sound. Size-wise the drivers are 10mm — realistically they couldn’t be much larger and still fit into the chassis — and so big enough to handle the audio frequencies without adding any significant weight.

Now for the number of audio technologies being put into play — count them out with me: 1)a hi-Rez decoder 2)SBC audio coding working for delivering treble and bass 3)ANC (active noise cancelation) doing its thing which of course eats up some battery time. But the value of ANC’s knocking out ambient noises up to 28dB means both improved sound quality as well as a feeling of higher volume and an impression that what wasn’t being heard before is now present. It also makes the environment around the listener seem less intrusive. But probably the most joyous, especially for those using it when watching video or playing games is that the low latency embedded in the tech won’t kick such watchers/players in their ears.


The Features Shine

Time to note the feature base, of which there is quite a lot going on. Besides the needed water and sweat resistance (IPX5) and the ability to use just one earbud (obviously monophonic as a result and add into that how a “stop” command is transmitted when an earbud is removed), there’s touch control for those who love to tap and use voice assistants. A bit of training will get the “push” in the right place so as to activate what’s desired, so dot rely on false muscle memory to get you there without a bit of effort on one’s part. Helping the tapping along comes through a built-in accelerometer, btw.

Now all this requires power and the Pro has enough working to give you quite a few hours of sound once charged: the stated time is up to 7 hours so realistically over 5 hours is not going to be a problem (so figure 5+ hours to be safe and around 4+ when using ANC). No surprise then that adding the use of the charging case will push that one charge upward so as to make 25 hours fill possible. Or that faster charging is going to result from using a USB-C connection. Or that it’s wireless charging capable/compatible and fast charges too.


The EarFun Free Pro packs a lot in its small package: those ear tips mentioned earlier, but also 3 ear hooks (so as to hold the earbuds in place), that charging cable, USB-C cable and even a written manual. And all this for under $60 retail. For more details go to

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