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Happy Little Facebook Status Updates

StricktlyDating is an Australian writer who creates pages of original funny quotes and status updates.

Happy status updates to brighten your day and to share with your online friends on your social media timelines.


Happy Status Updates

  • There are so many beautiful reasons to be happy.
  • Sometimes being happy is easy just because you're wearing comfortable shoes.
  • Be happy, smile, radiate positivity!
  • You don't look a day over happy!
  • When you think you're not happy with your life, always remember that someone is happy simply because you exist!
  • Happiness is good food and not having to cook it myself.
  • Happiness is conditioner that makes my hair shine like a supermodel although it costs less than a cheap bottle of wine.
  • Do what makes you oh so happy!
  • I can't help but feel happy when I have my headphones on!
  • I'm so thankful, so happy and so excited about everything!
  • Sometimes I feel so happy and excited I don't know what to say!
  • I'm so happy right now and nothing can change my vibe. Not even if the canteen has run out of chocolate cookies.
  • I'm so happy today I'm exhaling rainbows!
  • Happiness is spending moments alone with you.
  • Being treated well, an extending the same to others makes me feel happy.
  • I'm so happy with my life, it's an awesome feeling!
  • Sometimes the things you are most afraid of are the things that make you the happiest.
  • I am bigger than my concerns and worries. I choose to be happy and totally unstoppable.
  • Dream big, practice hard and be happy!
  • As long as you're happy with yourself, no one else's opinion matters.
  • What a wonderful thought it is, that some of our happiest days haven't happened yet.
  • Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like and celebrating it for everything it is.
  • If you just stay happy, one day life will get tired of upsetting you.
  • Happiness is a way of travel, not a destination.
  • Don't be fooled by your emptiness, there's so much room for happiness!
  • Be happy - Wake up and live!
  • A smile doesn't always mean a person is happy. Sometimes it simply means they are strong enough to face their problems.
  • Don't worry be happy, some days are just crappy.
  • I'm so happy I am walking around with the biggest smile on my face today.
  • I'm happy - So don't stop me now, I'm having a good time!

Happy status updates to share your happy vibe

  • The happiest people don't necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best of everything they have.
  • Sometimes, the best way to be happy is to learn to let go of things you tried too hard to hold on to that are no longer good for you.
  • The secret of being happy is accepting where you are in life and making the most out of every day.
  • One of the simplest ways to stay happy is to let go of all the things that make you sad.
  • Be happy... Not because everything is good, but because you can see the good in everything.
  • Don't say you're happy because everything is alright, but be happy because while everything may not be right, you're still doing fine.
  • Be happy, so that when others look at you they become happy.
  • Happiness comes from within and is found in the present moment. By making peace with the past and looking forward to the future.
  • I'm not sure where it came from, but I'm very happy.
  • I'm so happy right now nothing can stop my vibe.
  • This is my life and I'm so happy to be living it.
  • I'm going to my happy place!
  • I don't want a perfect life. I want a happy life.
  • The less you give the happier you'll be.
  • I don't sing because I'm happy. I'm happy because I sing.
  • I'm happy with who I am, and you should be too.
  • I'm living a happy and positive life.
  • I'm really happy that I met you and I hope you know.
  • I am happy and I am single.
  • Be happy, it drives people crazy!
  • Can't you see I'm happier than a pig in mud!
  • I'm so happy I could kiss you!

Happy and funny status updates

  • Nothing is worth it if you aren't happy.
  • Happiness is falling asleep next to you and waking up thinking I'm still in my dreams.
  • Once you learn how to be happy you won't tolerate being around people who make you feel anything less.
  • I choose to be happy today.
  • Not feeling happy? Here, take a smile :) :) :) :) :)
  • Spread love wherever you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.
  • Two things prevent us from happiness; living in the past and observing others.
  • Be happy, because life is better when you're laughing.
  • Don't let silly little things, that mean nothing in the scheme of things, spoil your happiness.
  • Take time to do what makes your soul happy.
  • Laughter, hugs, happiness, wine, music, sunshine, late nights, good food - These are some of the things I never want less of.
  • Be crazy, kiss and make up, hug it out, because life is too short to be anything but happy.
  • Be happy with what you have while working for what you want.
  • Deciding to be happy is a big step in the right direction.
  • Sometimes you have to decide to be happy, just to create your own sunshine.
  • Happy days will come again.
  • Think happy thoughts and happiness will find you.
  • I'm can't help but feel happy when there's 80's music on the radio.

More status to share your happiness

  • If you're happy and you know it that's enough.
  • Every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.
  • I think it's time to be happy again.
  • Why limit happy to just one hour?
  • Happiness is the key to success.
  • Happiness is a form of love.
  • If you're happy and you know it thank your ex!
  • Being happy never goes out of style!
  • Stop waiting for friday and be happy for today.
  • Think happy, stay happy.
  • It's never too late for happily ever after!
  • The secret to being happy, is thinking happy thoughts.
  • Happy girls are the prettiest girls.
  • There is always a room for happiness.
  • What makes you happy is what really matters the most.
  • The most important things is to fill your life with happiness.
  • Most people are as happy as they make up their minds to be.
  • Success is not the key to happiness. If you love what you are doing you will be happy.
  • Even if happiness has left you for a little bit, never forget about it.
  • What a happy life I have, I only wished I had of realised it earlier!
  • Feeling unhappy? Hold a cupcake. No-one can be sad holding a cupcake!
  • Never under-estimate the happiness that a new dress can bring a woman.
  • Happiness is... annoying a friend.
  • Happiness is a beautiful smile from someone you love.
  • Happiness is being really silly together.
  • Happiness is not having to set an alarm for the next day.
  • Happiness is being loved and loving someone.
  • Happiness is having a whole hour to yourself.
  • Family is happiness.
  • Happiness is my state of mind.
  • Happiness is talking to a friend who makes you feel like everything will be OK.
  • Happiness is being appreciated.
  • Happiness is... Loving you.
  • Happiness is being true to yourself.
  • Happiness is positive thinking and enjoying the little things.
  • Happiness is appreciating what you have and realising you have a lot.
  • Happiness is finding that $50 note in your wallet you forgot you put there.
  • Happiness is holidays.
  • Happiness is thinking about all the things that make me happy.
  • Happiness is the sun, the sand and you holding my hand.

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StrictlyQuotes (author) from Australia on March 14, 2016:

Thank you Shyron!

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on March 14, 2016:

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Beautiful, just like your happy heart. I love all these quotes.

Bubbly Blessings to you.

StrictlyQuotes (author) from Australia on September 20, 2015:

Thank you so much and same to you also!

Devika Primić from Dubrovnik, Croatia on September 19, 2015:

I enjoyed reading such quotes. Always a positive attitude from you.

StrictlyQuotes (author) from Australia on May 10, 2015:

Funny and very cute Bob thanks :)

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on May 09, 2015:

This is a great collection of quotes! Thanks for sharing so much about happiness.

diogenes from UK and Mexico on May 09, 2015:

Be happy in this climate you need be bi-polar! (half bear)

Bob x

StrictlyQuotes (author) from Australia on May 07, 2015:


FlourishAnyway from USA on May 07, 2015:

Especially since I stopped working the corporate gig, I am so extremely happy I could fart fart rainbows.

StrictlyQuotes (author) from Australia on May 07, 2015:

Thank you all and so pleased I could put a smile in your day!

Dora Weithers from The Caribbean on May 06, 2015:

All great lines, but the one I'm taking away is: This is my life and I'm so happy to be living it. Thanks for this happiness boost.

Linda Rogers from Minnesota on May 06, 2015:

Thanks for the inspiring list of happy quotes. You started my day with a big smile.

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on May 06, 2015:

love the quotes if your happy.. clap your hands right? LOL good little hub

StrictlyQuotes (author) from Australia on May 06, 2015:

Thank you Dressage, glad you enjoyed these quotes! I had to change my device to spell-check because HP spell check doesn't work for me using laptop.

Stephen J Parkin from Pine Grove, Nova Scotia, Canada on May 06, 2015:

I like to be happy, just re read and correct the misspellings otherwise great!

StrictlyQuotes (author) from Australia on May 06, 2015:

That's great to hear monia saad. Thank you.

monia ben saad from In my Dream on May 06, 2015:

very intersting hub and i try to be happy between people try to make me in miserable conditions

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