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Hailey Bieber and Keke Palmer on Who’s In My Bathroom Youtube Series

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So, I just discovered this amazing YouTube series by Hailey Rhode Bieber, its titled, who's in my bathroom. Its a fun series, I highly recommend.

To be honest, I never really gave Hailey Beiber a chance or a second thought; I just always viewed her as the beautiful quiet Baldwin girl that married Justin Beiber. Not cool, I feel really ashamed - seeing as she has done well in her own right as a model.

Today, I stumbled upon Hailey’s YouTube channel, which I was very very reluctant to engage with until I saw that she had recently chatted with Keke Plamer and decided to see what’s up. Within the first few minutes, I paused the video to write down how sweet and attentive she is. How have i been missing out on this talented hosting?

I love to watch interesting and funny shows. I don't really have favorites, so my taste is usually all over the place. I'm perpetually on the hunt for interesting YouTube series'.

I have Black Lady Sketch, Key and Peele and Drunk Histories on my notification list. Who's in my Bathroom is definitely going on my list now.

The interaction with Keke, like every interaction with Keke is quite interesting.

Keke is relaxed, positive, genuine, and enjoying Cookies and MILK and Hailey the sweet gentle host is engaging, warm and attentive. They are both sitting in what I assume is Hailey’s bathroom – which looks really amazing, Keke is making us laugh with her honest and exuberant quips, and Hailey is just being a natural sweetheart. Hailey can do no wrong in my eyes now.

Well, excuse me while i go and finish the series, I’ll be back.

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I’m back.

Hailey Beiber seemed so genuine and not interview-ey, at all. She is just a natural interviewer, as a guest you would think you’ve known her for a long time.

Hailey and Keke had a spelling Bee in this series, it was hilarious and the highlight of the show, I was laughing all through.

Hailey is such a genuine person it shines through on her channel.

Going through her guests, I see she’s had amazing guests and interesting games too on each episode; which I would be binge-watching today.


  • Cooked Mac and Cheese and played Never Have I Ever with Kendall Jenner
  • Made sandwiches and played Shoot or Truth with Addison Rae
  • Decorated Cupcakes and Practiced for the SATs with Marsai Martin

Amongst other interesting personalities.

Subscribed and notification on. I’m a Hailey Beiber stan now.

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