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Ink for Hp Printer: Try Hp Instant Ink

I am a writer. I write poetry, short stories, and greeting cards. I use my printer daily for research and for personal use.

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HP instant ink is an easy and convenient service. It is delivered right to your door. There are many plans offered for your individual needs. You don't need to worry about running out of ink when you need it the most. During times like Covid-19, and Winter months it is particularly handy.

HP Instant Ink Delivered Right To Your Door


Out Of Ink?

Do you remember needing to use your printer only to discover you were out of ink?

I do. Those days I rushed to the store and discovered it was out of stock.

I had no time to wait. I always needed to print something that day.

With HP Instant Ink those days are over. I always have ink cartridges on hand.

HP Deskjet 2600 series Printer


I No Longer Worry About Running Out Of Ink

My HP printer 2600 series keeps track of my ink cartridges.

Sending a link directly to the company whenever I need a new ink replacement.

There is no need to contact anyone by telephone or other means.

My printer also displays the ink level so I know exactly how much ink is left on each cartridge.

Plus it prints a detailed report which includes the number of pages and the date printed.

This service is quite reliable and convenient. You receive your ink refills at your door before you need them.

This Service Is Simple To Use

Once you purchase a compatible printer you contact customer service to begin enrollment.

Once your service is set up the company has new ink cartridges delivered to your home.

You remove the cartridges supplied with your printer and install the new ones.

Then you simply connect to the internet and leave on your printer.

It is very simple and easy.

Ink cartridges you receive

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Would you like to print photos from home?

You can print photos using this program at no extra expense.

Each photo counts like a regular printed page.

The quality of the pictures is quite good.



Choose a plan for your budget

There are a different plans available.

The plans range from $0.00 to $9.99 a month.

Each one is based on the number of pages you print.

If you find you need more pages than what is offered in those plans contact customer service.

They can offer you a plan to suit your individual needs.

When you choose a plan determine your method of payment and set it up.

I recommend using a prepaid card and have it automatically taken out each month.

Recycle postage paid envelope


Ink recycling program

Each time you receive ink cartridges you will receive a white, postage paid envelope.

It is similar to the envelopes one uses when dropping of film to be developed.

Use this envelope to send your empty cartridges back.

The company has a recycling program and takes care everything for you.

I usually wait until I have 6 to 8 empty ones ready to return.

Then I place them in the envelope and seal it placing it outside on my mailbox for pickup.


Friendly customer service

I find their customer service to be very friendly and competent.

They will even walk you through installing an ink cartridge.

If you want to change plans or cancel you are not penalized.

If for some reason you decide to cancel your subscription with HP instant ink the cartridges you received in the mail will no longer work. You will not be able to print anything until you purchase new ones from the store.

Most printers come with a free trial option. Mine was for 3 months.

This option gives you enough time to decide if it works for you.

If you find it does not you can cancel before your trial period ends.


Will your printer work with HP Instant Ink?

For a complete list of current HP printer models compatible with HP instant ink contact customer service.

If your HP printer is an older model it might not be compatible.

I have an HP 2600 series printer. This printer is quite affordable for the average person. It costs around $60.00 and it is compatible with the HP instant ink program.


Where is HP Instant Ink available?

I live in the United States and it is available here.

I also have friends who live in different countries and they receive this service.

I know the service is available in Canada, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States.

I would advise contacting the customer service department to make sure your particular area is covered.



BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on September 25, 2020:


I absolutely love this service.

It sure beats going to the stores to try to find it.

Especially those winter months.

Here is a link if you want to try it out.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on September 25, 2020:

Hi Brenda,

I was unaware that this service existed. Thanks for the heads up! We often purchase our ink when it is on sale at Costco and try and keep enough cartridges ahead, should we need them. This service you mentioned would be particularly helpful during a pandemic, such as the one we have now with COVID-19.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on August 17, 2019:


Thanks for stopping by to read my work.

I love mine. It is great having ink ready when you need it.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on August 17, 2019:

Thanks, Rochelle.

I love mine. The ink does seem to last longer.

I appreciate you reading this article.

Rochelle Frank from California Gold Country on August 17, 2019:

My husband, for his work, does a lot of printing. We have an Epson and after using it for a few years the quality was getting bad and It was gobbling cartriges at an alarming pace... finaly got a printer with refillable tanks, much better and have not had to refill yet after several weeks. Have already saved at least the price of the new printer. ... and it looks like it sevral weeks to go. Refills cost a lot less than the cartriges and use much less plastic.

Glenn Stok from Long Island, NY on August 17, 2019:

Interesting, Brenda. I didn't know of this. It's useful how the printer can automatically order a new ink cartridge when the ink is low.

I always had kept an extra cartridge handy for when needed. But since I don't print much these days, the extra cartridge sometimes had been dried out by the time I needed it. This solves that problem.

BRENDA ARLEDGE (author) from Washington Court House on July 23, 2019:


Thanks for stopping by and reading my work.

Contact customer service to inquire about your ink shipment.

On mine, the printer notifies them when I am almost out of ink.

Then the shipment goes out automatically.

Joan Mokanyk on July 23, 2019:

Have not received Instant Ink recently, still using the ink, not out, but usually by now I receive new inks.

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