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How to Make Money on Youtube Without Uploading Your Own Videos

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How to make money on YouTube without upload your own videos

How to make money on youtube without uploading your own videos

How are you guys, as you know that I always keep bringing you money-making tips and tricks? Friends, there are a lot of ways available online to make money in today's world. Nowadays everybody wants to know about earning a lot of money online and many people are also earning money online. Let us now tell you how you will get a video from you-tube with the same license that you will download and upload in your youtube channel.

How to download videos from youtube with a license for free

I am telling you the process of desktop legs and follow that instruction carefully--:

1:- First of all, search for the video that you like according to your own or in the search bar,

2:- After searching, you will find the option of filter in the top left, click on it,

3:- After clicking on the option of filter, there will be many options in which you have to click on the option with creative commons,

4: - Then click on the video you want to download and then it will be written below in the description of that video. Creative Commons Attribution License (reuse allowed) or new may reuse it

5: - Then to download that video, you have to double click on the link of the video which remains above then you can https:// www. To cut off, type ss and press ENTER.

6:- A new page will open in front of you, in which you have to choose the power of the video. And after clicking on the download, the video will start to download at the bottom left.
7:- After the video is downloaded, you have to upload this video to your channel. {After good traffic on the video, you can go to monetization of your video and make money}

You will definitely succeed after following all these steps.

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