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GoogleMaps Function and Features

GoogleMaps (GMaps) is Google Maps in disguise. GoogleMaps is a full mapping service and more. The GoogleMaps search page features the GoogleMaps search box and all the Google functions associated with this great product

Google Locations; Google Businesses; User-created GoogleMaps; and Google Real Estate serve to modify search results with layers of information. Google Satellite, Google Earth, Google Directions, Google Street Views and Google Traffic information are all functions available from the results page.

Google Labs Maps products are also available. These beta functions may be temporary, but may just as well become a GoogleMaps product. It is likely that additional Labs Maps features will become available in the future.

GoogleMaps does all that you could ask for your map and mapping requirements and much more. How to use GoogleMaps gives you the low-down on features, functions, tips and tricks. Why not play the 'Where in the World Game'.when using GoogleMaps to show how your geographical knowledge stacks up, or to enhance that knowledge?

Business and web-content creators can create Google Custom Maps by utilising GoogleMaps: using them for personal use and distribution to their customer bases.


GoogleMaps : Screenshot of GoogleMaps Introduction Map

GoogleMaps Introductory Screen of the US when you arrive at Google Maps from de-localized Google Homepage or Homepage USA

GoogleMaps Introductory Screen of the US when you arrive at Google Maps from de-localized Google Homepage or Homepage USA

Accessing GoogleMaps with Voice Address Input on Mobile Devices

GoogleMaps on iPhone

GoogleMaps for Mobile (by Google)

Accessing GoogleMaps

Your location determines which default map view you see when GoogleMaps opens. You can override this default and see a different location by making a search box entry of an appropriate address for that location and clicking [Search Maps].

If you have saved any GoogleMaps locations then one of these can be used. Click [Make this my default location] in the information window when your location appears. This address will become the default location.

You can access GoogleMaps as follows, by:

  • Typing '' in the address box of your browser and clicking [Return].
  • Typing 'GoogleMaps' in the Google Chrome Address box and clicking [Return] or selecting a drop-down option.
  • Typing 'GoogleMaps' in the Google Homepage search box, clicking [Return] and selecting 'Google Maps' from the results page, or selecting the option given below the search box.
  • Selecting 'Maps' from the Google Homepage, results page or other Google Search facility.
  • If you want GoogleMaps de-localized from your home country (e.g. Google Maps Australia) then, to achieve this, you need to de-localize your Google Homepage (type "" in the browser address bar) and access Google Maps by a method, as above.
  • Visiting '' to obtain access via your mobile device, or in the US just Text: 'maps' to 33669, to gain access GoogleMaps on your mobile. Once there using voice address input to the mobile device using Novauris.

    GoogleMaps may also be:

    • Embedded in a web-page
    • A private map created using Google Earth Enterprise products.

GoogleMaps Aerial View Option

GoogleMaps Aerial View Option Screenshot

GoogleMaps Aerial View Option Screenshot

GoogleMaps Search Wordle

Google Maps Search Wordle by Humagaia

Google Maps Search Wordle by Humagaia

How to Search with GoogleMaps

Finding GoogleMaps is one thing. Knowing How to Search GoogleMaps is another. Once you find Google Maps you need to consider the best way to utilise the maps functions, maps features and maps search options.

You need to know how to get the best search results. And how to enhance, share and interpret those results. The GoogleMaps results sidebar has many features. What are they? How can layers of mapping information overlay the search maps?

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Google Web Search conventions are inherent within GoogleMaps, but there is more. GoogleMaps search box allows for searching of different kinds of places and travelling directions with additional search facilities. Expanded information on How to Search GoogleMaps can be found in ................................…...

Google Maps :: Search Google Maps :: How To Search For Google Maps

Subject: How to Search with GoogleMaps, How to Search for GoogleMaps; Gain access to the Google Maps series of article by Humagaia. This site map will gain you access to the Google Maps series:


GoogleMaps Results

GoogleMaps Results Screenshot

GoogleMaps Results Screenshot

Using Google Maps Results

GoogleMaps Results Sidebar

Google Maps Search Results 'Get Directions', 'My Maps' and additional information about a Google Map are to be found on the left-hand sidebar. .

Clicking “Text Viewor standard view by clicking “Web View” brings up Google Search Results as text or function icons accordingly, or so Google Help suggests. The standard view is adequate it it uses much of the screen on a laptop or portable device..

If they are available.the Google Search Resultsshows sponsored links at top and bottom of the Google Search Results pane


GoogleMaps Options

GoogleMaps Options Screenshot

GoogleMaps Options Screenshot

GoogleMaps Options Wordle

Google Maps Options Wordle by Humagaia

Google Maps Options Wordle by Humagaia

GoogleMaps - Get Driving Instructions & Traffic Information

GoogleMaps Options

When you arrive at the GoogleMaps search page, there are many GoogleMaps Options available, not just a general map search.

You can locate businesses, locations, real estate and even user-created maps with additional GoogleMaps options.

What else is in the vicinity of the location? Try the GoogleMap Option:What's Around Here?”.

There are GoogleMaps options other than GoogleMaps search results and the maps. Further options are:

  • get directions
  • produce your own maps
  • print
  • send
  • link them
  • embed them into web-sites or articles.

All options within GoogleMaps. If those are not enough then have a go at “Where in the World Game”:

Google Maps :: Options Google Maps

Subject: Businesses, property and places of interest can be located with the help of GoogleMaps Options and you can obtain the route directions..


GoogleMaps Navigation: Drag & Zoom

GoogleMaps Navigation: Drag & Zoom Screenshot

GoogleMaps Navigation: Drag & Zoom Screenshot

GoogleMaps Navigation Wordle

Google Maps Navigation Wordle by Humagaia

Google Maps Navigation Wordle by Humagaia

GoogleMaps Navigation by Voice

GoogleMaps Navigation

You can pan in GoogleMaps by dragging the GoogleMap in any direction; move north, south, east or west; and perform zoom, in or out. Navigation in GoogleMaps is two-dimensional. 

The navigation controls consist of a location locator, a hand, arrows, a Street View and zoom facilities. in or out with a zoom slider and zoom buttons. Embedded GoogleMaps may not have all or any of these navigation controls.

The GoogleMaps Overview map facility allows you to utilise repositioning functions. Changing it's position. changes the GoogleMap view. Drag and drop either inside or outside of the highlighted overview map area to reposition the GoogleMap.

Google Maps :: Navigation Google Maps

Subject: Directional movement in GoogleMaps Navigation is in two dimensions plus zooming. There are navigation controls at the left hand side of a GoogleMap. The controls perform all the functions you need within a map. There is an Overview Map also which gives context for the main map.


Google Maps [More...]

Google Maps [More...] Screenshot

Google Maps [More...] Screenshot

GoogleMaps Layers and Overlays Wordle

Google Maps Overlays and Layers Wordle by Humagaia

Google Maps Overlays and Layers Wordle by Humagaia

GoogleMaps Layers for Mobile

Google Latitude :: GoogleMaps Latitude

GoogleMaps Overlays and Layers

A number of different search options and functions are offered by GoogleMaps. It offers search results that are targeted to specific functions. You are even able to remove search results altogether and just have a full-screen map.

The GoogleMaps Layer and GoogleMaps Overlay functions of the search results maps are very powerful and extremely useful. They are the basis of Google Overlay(s). With the 'New!' facility there are now a total of 5 overlays. They are:

  • Google Map
  • Google Satellite
  • Google Earth
  • Traffic
  • Rotate map

More overlay's are available with the [More....] drop-down list. Under this overlay GoogleMap supplies:

  • Photos from Panoramio
  • Videos from YouTube
  • Wikipedia
  • Webcam
  • Buzz
  • Terrain
  • Transit
  • Bicycling
  • Real Estate.

It does get a bit messy if you select more than one GoogleMap layer. Read more .......

Google Maps :: Overlay Google Map :: Layer Google Maps

Subject: GoogleMaps overlays and GoogleMaps layers enhance Google Maps .Follow the explanations in order to make the most of the many overlays and layers in GoogleMaps


GoogleMaps Wikipedia Marker

GoogleMaps Wikipedia Marker Screenshot

GoogleMaps Wikipedia Marker Screenshot

GoogleMaps Marker and Infowindow Wordle

Google Maps Marker and Infowindow Wordle by Humagaia

Google Maps Marker and Infowindow Wordle by Humagaia

GoogleMaps :: Add Personalized Content with Infowindows

GoogleMaps Markers and Infowindows

In order to highlight an important location GoogleMaps employs GoogleMaps Markers.

A marker can be linked with a GoogleMap layer. Locations; Businesses; User-created Maps; Real Estate; Wikipedia; and Buzz, are layers that show markers. Webcams, Photos and Videos shown thumbnails.

Pop-ups appear when you click a GoogleMaps Marker. These are Google Maps infowindow or infoboxes. Additional information about the location is displayed in them. A subset of: a picture from Panoramio, an address; a web-address; listing information for properties; reviews and a star rating for locations, can all be contained in a GoogleMaps infowindow.

Directions; Search Nearby; Save; Zoom; Street View; Write a Review; Send; Move Marker; Edit details; Report a problem and Show all edits, are all examples of the links found in a GoogleMaps infowindow. Read more about markers and infowindows...........

Google Maps :: Marker Google Maps :: infowindow Google Maps

Subject: The highlighting of important locations on a Google Map is done with a Google Maps marker. This is an infowindow place-holder. The equivalent of a Google Map pop-up, giving summary information at and about the Google Maps marker location..

GoogleMaps Link Screenshot

GoogleMaps Link Screenshot

Google Maps Send Share Link Embed Wordle by Humagaia

Google Maps Send Share Link Embed Wordle by Humagaia

How to Embed a GoogleMap

Sharing GoogleMaps :: Linking, Embedding and Sending GoogleMaps

It is dependent upon your location whether or not you can undertake the Sharing of GoogleMaps

Sending Google Maps, Linking Google Maps and Embedding Google Maps and sharing them is available when you [send] and [link] them.

Embedding Google Maps into your website is achieved using the [Link] function which produces code for you to incorporate into the HTML of your site.

Sending to Email; Phone; Car and GPS is achieved using the [Send] function. This option is available according to your location.

The following options are available: to link in an Email or Instant Messenger (IM); embed HTML code in a website for you to send maps and search results via the [Link] function. Learn more about these functions ......

Google Maps :: Link Google Maps :: Embed Google Maps :: Send Google Maps

Subject: SharingGoogle Maps is one of the basic necessities to make mapping services functional . Maps can be linked, embedded and sent, using the link function.

GoogleMaps Directions :: Walking

GoogleMaps Directions :: Walking Screenshot

GoogleMaps Directions :: Walking Screenshot


Google Directions Wordle

Google Directions Wordle by Humagaia

Google Directions Wordle by Humagaia

Get Directions on GoogleMaps

GoogleMaps Directions

Enter "google directions" in your Google Homepage search box and click [Maps] to obtain Google Directions. Another way is to go to the GoogleMaps page and click [Get Directions].

GoogleMaps driving directions and newer features like:biking directions, walking directions and transit directions can be obtained, but only limited locations are catered for whilst these are beta features.

A map is displayed with a travel route laid out in a specific colour when you complete the entry stage for a map. Instructions are generated for each route, shown as a table of route elements, including alternative routes, where there are any, .

Google Directions gives Walking directions routes. You can do all of your planning for your walking excursions with GoogleMaps.

Google Directions also gives Biking direction routes.This is ideal if you have never visited the location. GoogleMaps plans the route for you wherever you reside.

And GoogleMaps is there for you again with Google Transit, when you need information about bus and train, routes and timetables.

These beta features are mainly available in the US. I cannot wait to see these functions when they are introduced for other countries. Read all about the Directions features in................

Google Directions :: Google Maps Directions

Subject: Google Driving and beta versions of Google Biking, Google Walking and Google Transit are now available. They are in beta at the moment so have limited coverage. All functions for Google Directions are examined and explained given so that you use it with confidence.........


GoogleMaps Directions :: Driving

GoogleMaps Directions :: Driving Screenshot

GoogleMaps Directions :: Driving Screenshot

GoogleMaps Driving Directions Wordle

Google Maps Driving Directions Wordle by Humagaia

Google Maps Driving Directions Wordle by Humagaia

GoogleMaps ::Draggable Driving Directions

GoogleMaps Driving Directions

Click [Get Directions] in GoogleMaps and you will have access to the Driving Directions section of GoogleMaps. These are location specific. The United States has the works. Unfortunately, if you live outside the States driving directions may not be available. However, I have tried quite a few places and it seems that there is excellent coverage.

As well as the map with the route presented, you will also receive a table containing written instructions for each section of the route. These are presented on the left hand side. You also receive alternative calculated routes that are a little more time consuming or further to travel. You can click on one of these alternatives, if available, to get a full breakdown of that route.The directions are broken down into point-to-point sections and presented in tabular form. You can choose from alternative calculated routes,

Infowindows appear if you click on a section number of the Driving Directions. This will show more detailed information about that location. You are also able to add locations to the route. Additional stops can be included, should you wish to take a detour, simply, through a number of methods..Clicking any route will give you the full details you need for your journey. You can get full instructions on how to construct a journey plan with GoogleMaps ..............

Directions Driving

Subject: Google Driving:. Directions for Driving can be obtained almost worldwide from Google Directions. This article explores the functions and features and gives detailed explanations as to How to Use Google Directions - Driving.

Where in the World?

Where in the World? Screenshot

Where in the World? Screenshot


Google Maps Tips and Tricks Wordle

Google Maps Tips and Tricks Wordle by Humagaia

Google Maps Tips and Tricks Wordle by Humagaia

Using GoogleMaps Like a Professional

GoogleMaps Tips and Tricks

Google Magic is what it is all about with Google Maps when you utilise Google Maps Tips and Google Maps Tricks from Humagaia. Most of these tips and tricks are ones that I have discovered myself whilst teaching myself Google Maps. I have not seen them documented elsewhere.

As I was on the quest I also wrote down various things that GooglMaps could be used for and I have reproduced these thoughts fully. If you need some magic for your business, web content or content promotion, or even for personal use then these Tricks and Tips could assist your requirements.

Google Magic for your use and dissemination? It is all here. Get ideas, tips and tricks to use and show that you know what you are doing. As a Google Magician you will impress. But don't do the water trick - it is too dangerous!.

Read on to find out all those important magic GoogleMaps tips & tricks......

Google Magic with Google Maps :: Google Maps Tips :: Google Maps Tricks

Subject: Showing some Magic with Google Maps Tips and Tricks.


GoogleMaps Help Page Screenshot

GoogleMaps Help Screen

GoogleMaps Help Screen

GoogleMaps Help

Google has produced resources to help you use Google Maps. These include:

  • Google User Guide – accessed from 'Help' at the top right of the Google Maps Search page.
  • Google Maps Help Forum - here you can ask questions of and share answers with Google Maps users .
  • Troubleshooting - here Google has produced information that can assist you to resolve problems with Google Maps.
  • Google Maps API - Google Maps can be incorporated into your own web site by utilizing this API.
  • Google Maps API Blog - this blog describes the use of Google Maps API functions.

See also:

How To Google - homepage of "Google How To".

How To Google in English - for the English version index to "Google How To" subjects.


Citations for GoogleMaps

Google Maps: Tips for Life

Wikipedia: Google Maps

Download Google Earth

Google Maps Extensions

Google Maps API Blog

Strange Things in Google Maps

Googlemaps on Twitter

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