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Google a Growing Giant


How I became Interested in Google

Let me start by telling you how I became interested in Google. I was trying to decide on what Ecosystem (a term used to describe a company’s “Smart Home” system) we were going to install in our home.

If you have heard of Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexia then you probably know what I am talking about, essentially an Ecosystem is a AI system that links devices such as phones, security cameras, lights, computers, digital wallets and more, together in one system that can be accessed and controlled by the owner on his phone, computer, or device at home designated to react to voice commands.

When I began my research, Google was an afterthought really, I expected the competition to be between Apple and Amazon. Amazon has access to nearly every type of device, at the most affordable price, while Apple has the most secure system that goes out of its way to protect your privacy and encrypt all your information, Apple costs more, but their devices are usually superior to any alternatives.

So I began learning about what Amazon offers, they offer several options for almost anything from security cameras to cell phones that work with their home system, but these devices are not internal to Amazon, they are a quilt of various pieces that come together in makeshift fashion, there are security and software issues. Amazon is so involved in nearly every aspect of commerce today, and while good at most, is master of none.

Well then, maybe it is worth the extra money to go with Apple… problem was, they offered less options than Amazon, a couple years ago they seemed to be pioneering the “Home Ecosystem” experience, but they’ve literally gone no where with it in the last 3 to 4 years. I don’t know what Apple is putting all their effort into, perhaps having the first 5G phone, but it certainly hasn’t been an effort to remain the most advanced and capable Home Assistant System out there.

Siri VS Alexa VS Google

Google's Pixel comparable to the iPhone

To my surprise, the answer to who is trying to capture this market the most, was Google.

Looking into phones for instance, Apple has the Iphone, Amazon has whatever generic Android brand you choose (but not their own), and Google has Pixel.

If you never heard of it, join the club, neither had I.

But sure enough, Google has its own phone, tied into its own ecosystem, and reviews compare it favorably to the Iphone.

Google Pixel Review

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Google's Home Assistant

Google also has the most advanced devices (currently) for the ‘Home system’ Assistant, its Nest Hub Max allows it to do anything Alexa or Siri can do, plus it can call and make reservations, Google Duo (like Skype or Zoom), has face recognition, voice recognition, can act as a Security Camera, and can play Youtube videos for you.

Google Nest VS Amazon Echo

Google's Pixelbook

Google has its own laptops known as Pixelbook and Pixelbook Go which get decent reviews, and I believe they are moving into range to challenge Apple laptops.

And then it dawned on me, Google is starting to out do Apple at its own game. They have created a better all around ecosystem, and they are catching up in the two areas that Apple has dominated, cellphones and laptops.

Unlike Amazon, all it's digitals and devices can be 'in house'. From you Google Digital Wallet to Google Play, from Nest Assistant to Pixel 4 cellphone, Google not only offers you more than anyone else, it is all meant to work together as one ‘in house’ ecosystem.

If Google continues to work hard to carve out its place in this market, it will eventually have the dominant share, as it is more affordable and more capable than what Apple offers, and works smoother and more securely than anything Amazon has.

© 2020 Ken Burgess


Ken Burgess (author) from Florida on April 15, 2020:

Thanks Doug, I appreciate it, and thanks for the read.

Doug West from Missouri on April 15, 2020:

Good article. Google is into a lot of different products.

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