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Google Search Tips


Google Search Tips

Google search is a great tool for searching the World Wide Web. No other search engine can crawl in to large databases and locate required information as that of Google web search. There are a number of options in Google Search for an effective and quick results in any topics. It has many techniques and short cuts for getting many other useful information and services. Google Search Tips for Begginers lists important search techniques for easier and effective search and unravels the hidden wonders of Google search.

Google Search Basics

Basic Facts about Google Search

  1. Capitalization does not affect search results.
  2. Punctuation does not affect search results.
  3. Word order affects the search results
  4. Plus (+) does not add anything generally.
  5. Functional words do not affect search results

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Selection of Keywords is important

The selection of keywords has a very important role in the search results. Keywords should be the most important word related with a particular topic that we want search. The wrong keywords may lead to unnecessary results. If you are not able to select the keyword, checking through the first search, will help to find out them. They can be used in the next search. The use of synonyms also will help for effective search.

Google Search - Limiting of Time or Date

Search Results of Particular Period

The Google search results can be limited by time and date. The search tools on the left panel of the Google Search page has an option for selecting the time and date.

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Search Information from Specified site

Search Information from Particular site

To search only in a particular site, use the format Keyword/phrase:website url

To get information about Kochi from, enter the search query as

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Information Through specified file type

To Get Informationby specified file type

To get search result in particular file type, enter Keyword/phrase filetype:

To get pdf file enter the keyword as Keyword/phrase filetype:pdf
To get information about New Delhi in xlsx file, enter the query as New Delhi filetype:xlsx

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Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Find a Particular Text on a Web Page

To Find text on a web page

Press the Control and F keys at the same time in Windows computers

Press the command and F keys at the same time in Apple computers..

Minus (-) to Eliminate

The Use of Minus (-) to Eliminate

The minus (-) sign is used to eliminate unwanted information from the search results. There must be a space before the minus sign. There must not be a space between the minus sign and the word you want to eliminate.
To get famous Indian tourist spots and we do not want the tourists spots of Kerala, we have to enter the keywords as Indian tourist spots -Kerala tourist spots

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Use of Quotes - " "

Roll of Quotes

The use of quotes will keep the phrase or sentence in the same order in the search process. If one needs to find out a particular quotation, searching it within quotes will fetch the page with the quoted text in the search results.

Use of OR

Use of OR to get information about two topics

If we want to get information on two topics, the use OR will include both results in the search results. If the search terms have more than one word Quotes should be used.
Indian constitution” OR “British constitution”

Screen Shot

Screen Shot

Use of Advanced Search

There is an option for advanced search in the Google search which helps for a very effective search by the integration of many of Google search features.

Google Search Tips

Simple Calculator

Mathematical Calculations

The Google search box can work as a calculator. If we enter the mathematical equation, it will calculate the answer.

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