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Google Pixel 7a - Google Can't Stop Trolling!


If you have your eye on a Google Pixel 7, you might want to wait a little while since Google may soon release the Google Pixel 7a, which is expected to be less expensive and may even be extremely comparable if recent rumors are to be believed.

This impression is mostly based on a hands-on video purporting to be of the Google Pixel 7a that leaker chunvn8888 discovered and shared on Twitter after posting it to a secret Vietnamese Facebook group.



The phone in the video resembles the Pixel 7 in many ways, including having a punch-hole camera on the screen and a similar camera visor on the back.

When the phone is turned on, not much interest is displayed on the screen, but it does state that the display is 90Hz, an improvement over the Google Pixel 6a's 60Hz. This is identical to the Pixel 7 display.

The user has since returned with a second video that was also uploaded by chunvn8888, demonstrating how the phone appears to have been remotely locked by Google. However, it mentions 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM on the one screen they can still view.

You probably already know what we're going to say here: The Pixel 7 has precisely the same specifications, but it also comes in a 256GB version. For comparison, the Pixel 6a has merely 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage.


Do you recall the Pixel 7a? The person told me through text message a little while ago that Google had remotely locked the phone. At least this new information helps: LPDDR5 RAM of 8GB and 128GB

We should be skeptical of this leak, but it remarkably resembles a Pixel 7a. One setting screen displays that name, which could have been changed, but the phone's overall look doesn't nearly like any Pixel model currently on the market.

For instance, the camera block appears to be a little lower than on the Pixel 7, while the lens's shape is a little different than on the Pixel 6a.

With this release, Google may hurt sales of the Pixel 7 if these rumors turn out to be true and the two phones are quite similar.

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Released Date

Despite this, there are still a few aspects that may change, such as the screen size and the cameras; nevertheless, if the Pixel 7a is much less expensive, it might still be difficult to sell the Pixel 7.

However, as the Pixel 7a isn't anticipated until somewhere in the middle of 2023, the Google Pixel 7 will have been available for purchase by that time, and the Pixel 8 will have already been released. Google may thus not be very concerned about a new model undercutting it.

However, if the Pixel 7a isn't priced competitively, it could struggle on its own. After all, the Pixel 7 will probably be much discounted by the time this phone releases, so we may discover that the prices of the two phones are comparable, or perhaps that the Pixel 7 is the less expensive of the two.



The Pixel 6a experienced the same issue, costing more at launch than the Pixel 6 was occasionally available. So perhaps Google won't make the same error twice. The Pixel 7 is still one of the greatest Pixel phones, but if these reports are accurate, the Pixel 7a may even surpass it.

Online reports about the Google Pixel 7a have resurfaced. Recently, the design and display details of the Google smartphone featuring a pure Android experience were revealed. Now that the RAM and storage information has leaked, India's launch has also been. Pixel 6a will be replaced by Pixel 7a. Let's examine every piece of information we have regarding the upcoming Google Pixel 7a.

Google should soon make the Pixel 7a, an Android smartphone in the higher mid-range, official. On Twitter, it appears that the phone's availability in India has been verified. The precise release date for the Google Pixel 7a is still a mystery. Nevertheless, Google may introduce the smartphone to the entire world in May at its yearly I/O conference. At the same event last year, the search engine giant unveiled the Pixel 6a.

When Google will make the Pixel 7a available in India is unknown. However, the business may market the mid-range Android phone in several countries, including India. Naturally, Google hasn't officially verified any information on the Pixel 7a.

A short video that surfaced earlier this week purportedly showed the Google Pixel 7a's camera module, which resembles that of the Pixel 6a. The mysterious Google-branded smartphone has an oddly symmetrical screen with a punch hole in the center, which was probably for the front-facing camera.

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