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I decided to publish Google Homepage USA review from my good friend Joshua Nestor, who just loves all the current Internet based technology, and loves to write about it, too :)

While some may still concur with the old, familiar adage that "bigger is better," there is something to be said about the simplistic, "less is more" concept of the Google homepage. Compared with its initial inauguration to present time, the homepage continues to maintain a bare minimum display of only 32 words, 19 links and zero ads.

As competitors dwell in a sea of internet homepage frenzy, the Google design remains fairly aloof, yet somehow manages to catch the collective eye of internet surfers around the world! So what makes this infamous search engine's homepage acquire millions of unique visitors per day in the face of such simplicity?

Back in 1999

Back in 1999



Google morphed from a simple, Stanford University search engine research project in 1996, to its current status of being the largest American company (not part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average) as of October, 2007. With over 16,800 employees, they have won international acclaim from loyal followers for their straightforward design and friendly usability. The company not only has specialized versions designed for the USA and the UK, but for Malaysia and other remote countries, as well.

In 2000, Google began offering keyword advertising with simple text based ads that were designed to maintain an orderly page design and to further capitalize on page loading speed. Since its inception, it has acquired several small, start up companies including Pyra Labs (the creators of Blogger), Double Click and the ever-popular, You Tube. To further improve production and services, the company has entered into partnerships with other businesses and government agencies, including NASA Ames Research Center and Time Warner. For the 2006 fiscal year, the company reported a whopping $10.492 billion in advertising revenue and $112 million in licensing and other revenues.

Now in 2008


Current Google Homepage

Google strategically places user-friendly links in various locations throughout their homepage. If you are looking for a photo of your favorite pop star or actor, you can easily find them here by clicking on the comprehensive Image Link in the top left-hand corner. You may even discover an image of yourself on the web, if you dare to search your own name!

If you need directions, to search cities or find a specific business location, you can do so by clicking on the Maps Link. Here you can learn more about adding your own establishment to Maps and how to use this feature on your personal phone. In addition, if you would like to add Maps to your website, you can conveniently and easily do so when you click this link. The advertising option available in this section makes it an excellent link for merchants to visit to learn more about using Adwords for their web business.

Top news information from around the world can be found by visiting the News Link. By adding your zip code to the search bar, you can search local news that is relevant to your own community. Whether your interests include business, science, health, sports or entertainment, stories that top the charts in these fields can be found by searching in this section.


Are you looking to buy a new computer or perhaps indulge yourself with a new car? Find relevant product searches for all your shopping needs when you click the Shopping Link. This section lists a vast array of recently searched for items that consumers are looking to purchase from the world-wide web. Google also provides detailed information to eager consumers who wish to sell their own merchandise through the shopping network and best of all, this service is free!

You can access your Google Mail account from the homepage as well. If you don't have one, don't worry, the company can set you up with one for free. Gmail is known to have less spam, practical mobile access, and tons of free storage space to make your email experience more enjoyable.

The More section provides users with a practical drop down menu that contains a variety of useful options. Here you can have access to valuable tools that can be utilized in every day life! For example, if you love to watch online videos, you can find the latest and hottest Google and You Tube videos under the Video Link. If you want to learn creative ways to make your life easier, be sure to check out the Calendar and Finance Links, where, with a quick click of your mouse you can be on your way to constructing a more organized version of yourself!

The Groups Link can assist you with making new friends and keeping old ones. You can discover fabulous new Blog Sites related to your favorite topic when you surf this section as well. Scholar and Book Search will assist you with ways to increase your knowledge base and the Photo Sharing Link will bring those who are farthest away from you, a little bit closer. Additionally, you can create and share your work online with Docs and organize all your favorite news and blogs in one place with Reader. Many of these links provide users with a tour and video to help you understand how these benefits can enhance your life and bring a sense of order to it!


In navigating over to the far right side of the page, you will notice the first link, iGoogle. This link provides surfers with an option that most are unaware of. By clicking here, you are able to actually create your very own, customized version of the Google homepage. You can add a distinctive theme or incorporate all of your favorite interests together in one place to produce a totally unique homepage designed just for you.

The Advanced Search option allows you to search for a particular phrase, date, file format or other specific information relevant to your search inquiry. If you don't speak English, don't fret, The Preference Link allows you to choose which language you want to surf in, customize the number of results found on a page and block pages that contain mature subject matter.

By choosing Subscribed Links, you can adapt your search to show distinct results from the web sources of your choice. If you don't have a link in mind, you can search the Subscribed Links directory to find one that interests you.

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With the Language Tools link, you can enter a search phrase in your own language and have it translated in the dialect of your choice. Furthermore, the I'm Feeling Lucky Button will take you to the first web page returned for your search query, which according to Google "means less time searching for web pages and more time looking at them."

The Advertising Program and Business Solution Links provide business owners with a variety of enterprising tools to enhance corporate websites and increase their productivity. And finally, About Google will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about the corporation but were afraid to ask, including how to access their blogsite, web store or find a job within the company itself.

As advances in internet technology are revolutionizing the way we communicate, it will be interesting to note if the Google homepage will continue to retain its innovative, minimal design or develop into something that mimics their competitors. Until then, Google will most likely remain the top search engine of choice for the savvy internet user of today.

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Mark Anthony Padayao on July 07, 2015:

II.miss u to all of yuo.

lena on May 07, 2015:

how do you even change your username/password. Don't blame me! I am jus 8 years old

santosh on May 28, 2012:

i m flng vry lcky

Lorna on April 22, 2012:

i want google for my home page

иЛЬДАР on April 19, 2012:


umesh manhas on March 21, 2012:

i want a new page its cul

Allie on March 20, 2012:

Wow they have some cool things

tary on March 15, 2012:


Henry O on February 27, 2012:

i have been trying for weeks to contact google. I just need to tell them that its not ok to shadow and snoop on my searches or such. Please stop tracking me, and please do not use my personal information as part of any of your plans to make money by snooping on regular people..

I would greatly appreciate your just leaving me alone please. Thank you. Henry O

Atray Tiwari on February 17, 2012:

Google is fantastic It is my homepage.

MA.ONE on February 06, 2012:

I LOVE GOOGLE HOMEPAGE on February 01, 2012:

okay, I already know that do I set my gadgets in the OCD order that I require....they are varied, interesting, informative and so me, but I Need to see them in the order that I want...Make the impossible possible for me

Abdi Ibrahim on January 23, 2012:

Abdi,im hero ilik google manny time to be my website and friend,i live in minnesota but sametimes i remember in mogadishu somalia,about weather but not yet a beace.

jordan on January 11, 2012:

i love google it is so great like totally

Kelsey on January 03, 2012:

google is awesome . but to bad i have to use bing to find the right google page i want . it is so dumb . but google is awesome ! :)

ebe otiki on December 31, 2011:

google my home page, google my seartch, I DONT WANT TO MISS IT.

Nana Brown on December 07, 2011:

I don't want a new page for gmail. Give mine back please.

Aslam Iqbal on December 07, 2011:


i like it very much

vickythakur on November 29, 2011:


tamer on November 18, 2011:


faiq raza on November 05, 2011:

i love google

Rosemary Patton on October 11, 2011:

Goggle is a great tool to use for our English 12 Classes

samantha on October 04, 2011:

why are you guys killing whales and everthing in the water

TANVEER on October 03, 2011:


nabawy on October 01, 2011:


nabawy on October 01, 2011:


Alex on September 29, 2011:

i don't know about it?

deepak on September 21, 2011:

google is my blood without it life has no meaning

PRATYUSH on September 16, 2011:


PRATYUSH KOLEY on September 16, 2011:

Google is my life.

Career-Guide from Mars on September 11, 2011:

Google is my best friend!!

They have succeeded in developing their brand value and now the No-1 Internet service provider.

morge on September 02, 2011:

i love google soo much

rudra pratap singh. on August 22, 2011:

Anna tum sanghars karo hum tumhare saath hai.vande mattram-vande mattram,Inqlabb-jindabad,jai-hind.BHARAT MATA KI JAI.

rahmat on August 20, 2011:

google is my life

kaley on August 06, 2011:


Peter on July 27, 2011:

Some body can tell me how hop out of face book completely.

timonweller on July 09, 2011:

I think the simplicity made them more successful as a homepage, however if anyone else did this with a website I don't think it is a good idea based on seo factors..

DANISH on July 07, 2011:


GADEL on June 13, 2011:

I always love to Google. Thanks Misha.

CLAUDIA FUGLIE on June 07, 2011:

Get Google out of my computer I did not order it and I am having problems because your company is on it so take it off

jason on June 07, 2011:

it is so cool i love to search on google

Filomena on June 06, 2011:


I am a google customer and I would like to have google homepage on my computer not yahoo. When ever I change it to google homepage it kept going back to yahoo homepage. Can you please help me.

Hi guy on June 02, 2011:

GOOGLE IS AWESOME! Especially the pacman one

Stoney on May 22, 2011:

does yahoo have a block aginst Real Player ?

lluvia on May 12, 2011:

nice work ja

Mary K Middlesworth on April 23, 2011:

Trying to get Google as homepage. On top toolbar it comes up blank page. Please help on April 21, 2011:

I am unable to get in to a well functioning account as it seems the password has been changed since this morning somehow. I ned instructions on how to enter a whole new password without repeating the old one, please.

syamasundar koka on April 18, 2011:

I like google it is operating esly andchuging any one web serch get information world wise so i work into google at 5 years

ayazarif on April 15, 2011:

i love the google home page when it changes everyday, like today it's a very nice one, i've been sitting in front of the screen with my cup of tea for more than 10mins moving my curser in all direction to get the balls moving, it's so fun ;).. ilove it. from juju

Lo on March 15, 2011:

I really liked Picasa and recommended it to all. I really dislike Picasa3! I have my own browser and don't want to change to another just to email photos, and I detest the "wheel" which takes forever to download a photo. I will be moving on from Picasa. Don't know where this comment is going...ever try and access a comment line directly to Google? Good luck.

achealcious scarlet on March 15, 2011:

Thanks for making me clear about what i use.

Misha (author) from DC Area on March 13, 2011:

Thanks HRoger :)

HRoger from Online where I can be! on March 13, 2011:

Wow this is really something interesting! The Evolution of GOOGLE's homepage. There couldn't be someone better to explain all this than you Misha, great hub man.

tianna on March 07, 2011:

goggle is one of the best websites to go on if yu wont to lok up any website it doesn't matter

ANZIYA KHAN on March 01, 2011:


PeggyW on February 24, 2011:

this writing is good

Misha (author) from DC Area on February 19, 2011:

Hi Fayya, and thanks for your nice words. Unfortunately, I don't accept students any more...

fayyazattock from attock pakistan on February 15, 2011:

HI Misha how are you doing? it is nice to see and read your well informed articles, i have been here on this hub by searching it in the google search. You have done a marvelous job by letting us know the techniques necessary for the new one's here on hub pages. I would be needing your help and guidance in future, would you mind that? tc bye

Misha (author) from DC Area on February 10, 2011:

Hey, thanks for stopping by :)

iQwest from San Francisco, CA on February 07, 2011:

Thank you for the post, Misha! I must pathetically admit that I simply didn't get the simplicity of Google's homepage in the beginning. With that being said, Google clearly understood their brilliance and now, even for those like myself who were slow to catch on, so do countless millions of users.

sujan_masud on February 01, 2011:

I'm New Came in Google World. It's a Fine & Beautiful. I Don't know Good English.Pls.Help me & just Support me.

Christine from Dublin on February 01, 2011:

Very informative hub Misha thanks. I never knew what the "I feel lucky" button was all about. I never felt 'lucky' enough to use it. Now I know what it is for I will put it to good use.

Thanks again and look forward to reading more from you.

Garlic Angel :-)

Christine from Dublin on January 31, 2011:

Bookmarked for further reading, thanks

Garlic Angel :-)

ANWAAR on January 28, 2011:

dear sir

Cards calling international on January 20, 2011:

Excellent hub! I've been using Google for years, and I think they've realized that in many cases, less IS more. All kinds of flash and sparkle would have a better chance of getting in the way than helping with functionality, and when it comes to trying to find information on the web, getting in the way is the last thing they need to do. Again, great job of highlighting their ability...

Misha (author) from DC Area on January 15, 2011:

IDK Larry, google is known for a terrible customer service. Try to post your problem here , this is the best option I can think about. :)

LARRY BURNS on January 10, 2011:


max on December 29, 2010:

u are stupid and gey

TilenHrovatic on December 28, 2010:

Great hub :)

i am german on November 30, 2010:

wow this was written 2 yaers ago and the latest comments are 7days ago

i4u on November 22, 2010:

Awesome!!! Its really amazing to know how the search engine stands today and before.

kungfuboy from Hong Kong on November 17, 2010:

Like it, useful and honest!

Deborah on November 14, 2010:

Damn, this is still a great hub, isn't it my darling?

jhendor on November 04, 2010:

well crafted hub.

thanks for the incredible info Misha.

Hillary from Atlanta, GA on October 29, 2010:

Nice info Misha. I'm thinking of switching to a Google home page since I'm loving my new google powered G2 android phone

sravan on October 25, 2010:

its great

Ashok Aditya on October 17, 2010:

It is wonderful to have the fun and experience

Luke on October 16, 2010:

Good Luck

sligobay from east of the equator on September 30, 2010:

Thanks Misha,

I am now a follower after your blog interview. I will eventually read all of your hubs but which one is it that gets the most daily traffic? Cheers.

amit madaan on September 20, 2010:

this is the perfect.

mar on September 13, 2010:

I do not even know what a hub is...but I would be interested to find out...

By the way, why is google chrome having very small print on the news...I have uninstalled and re-installed but same thing happens...

marshads on September 10, 2010:

Very very nice

shivani on September 10, 2010:

i want google as my homepage.

roshanara on September 07, 2010:

i love the google home page when it changes everyday, like today it's a very nice one, i've been sitting in front of the screen with my cup of tea for more than 10mins moving my curser in all direction to get the balls moving, it's so fun ;).. ilove it.

Very creative idea....

Prakhar on September 01, 2010:


Misha (author) from DC Area on August 20, 2010:

Hi Masood,

Take it easy, google don't have any power over your life, it is just a search engine :)

masood pervaiz sethi on August 11, 2010:

M/s Google,

Dear Sirs,

With great respect I am writing to put forward the following request in your honour:

A few days ago I read alarming and desperate news that Google is banning reading newspapers online and has done so without taking notice of those who love reading and the only pastime left with them is reading.

You have ignored the people living in the third with meagre income and cannot afford to purchase costly foreign papers. Being a professional librarian, I used to enjoy reading these papers online in my free time but restriction imposed has deprived me of the facility. Not only me but also most of the other living on the planet met the same fate, which is very astonishing and troublesome, rather a mental torture.

I don’t think why the people at the helm of the authority at the Google took such a queer decision as the action will never affect the newspapers revenue because all those who read newspapers after purchase will never relinquish their habit save they are facing very difficult monetary conditions like people in the third world.

This is evident that reading anything online is difficult than the reading it physically. The charm of going through a novel physically is more enjoying than taking the trouble to read it online.

Further there are several drawbacks reading material online one of them is reading online effect eyes badly and those who can afford to buy and read will prefer to continue their habit of purchasing papers. They would damn care reading online.

I think the developers of the idea of free reading would never have thought that Google will one day take such a drastic action to eliminate free reading of newspapers. Instead of doing this Google must have freed other materials also for the benefit of human beings and reading lovers.

So to conclude I can say that the idea behind all this is to hinder the popularity of newspapers and make it troublesome for poor people, students and especially those who are busy in research work.

Hence, I can only request you only to take the decision back and let the people like me to enjoy free reading in the emerging global village.

masood pervaiz sethi

r-42, pioneer park city




shoroukelmontaser on July 31, 2010:

hi im from egypt

rahul on July 28, 2010:


Misha (author) from DC Area on July 15, 2010:

Aww Lender, you made me blushing :) Thank you :)

lender3212000 from Beverly Hills, CA on July 15, 2010:


I always enjoy your hubs, it is clear that you do amazing research before building a hub and then take the time to execute it to perfection with detailed information and relevant appropriate links. I admire your work and have learned a lot from you. Hopefully I can use some of it to improve my own content. Thanks for being a valuable part of this community!

Misha (author) from DC Area on July 11, 2010:

It changed again Dangazzm, and I need to find some time to update this hub :)

brigitte on July 10, 2010:

i like it it is so cooooooooooool

Dangazzm on July 09, 2010:

Pretty cool to see the evolution of Google. I used it in school but never paid attention to how it has changed (children are like that lol) and now am amazed at what they did and how they did it.

Angela Low (Siao Hui) on July 08, 2010:

when will google set up a base in Malaysia? *looking forward* :)

kyra on July 06, 2010:

THIS DID NOT HELP ME ANY!!!!!:@ ...!!!!!!

Misha (author) from DC Area on July 06, 2010:

Thanks Vidushi :)

You are most welcome, Marliza :)

Marliza Gunter on July 06, 2010:

Thanks for sharing.. :)

vidushi on June 23, 2010:

u r really cool misha n ofcoarse a good writer

Misha (author) from DC Area on June 20, 2010:

Mark, try to go to google help forums, this is the place for questions like yours.

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