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Google Heart: Googles Valentines Day Hearts Search Homepage: I Love You


Google Heart is Google's celebration of Valentine's day. Google Heart is Google's Homepage that takes the place of the Google Classic Homepage. If you want to see the Google Heart search page before Valentine's day then you have come to the right place to find out how.

Valentine's Day (St. Valentine's Day) comes around on February 14th. It is an annual commemoration and celebration of loving affection and companionship which was instituted 1,500 years ago by Pope Gelasius I.

Traditionally it is a time when lovers (and suitors) express their love through flowers, chocolates and Valentines (greeting cards). The Middle Ages is the time that it became associated with romantic, or courtly, love.

It is now a time when Google celebrates all things to do with the heart, affection, love and greetings cards.


In order to find the Google Heart Search Homepage all you need to do is either:

  • Type "" into your browser, or
  • Add "/heart/feature_cons.html" to the end of your local Google URL, for example at the end of or to give: or

Any of these will give exactly the same Google Heart search homepage.

In the meantime you can order your chocolates online!


So, why go to the Google Heart search page?

Well, firstly it's good fun, and we all need some fun sometime.

Secondly you can find ways to say "I love you" in various languages.

And thirdly, you can search for a Valentine's Day greeting card - which as always is a necessity if you do not want to be in the dog-house for the rest of the year!

Or fourthly, purchase a Valentines gift that is a little different for the lady you love.

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Google has long been creating celebratory Homepage creations with special graphics. This is their first animated graphic for Valentine's Day, a holiday that commemorates and celebrates love and our search for happiness with a loved one.

The java applet was especially developed for the occasion by Ken Perlin.

Try clicking the heart to see what happens. Or drag it down to the bottom and leave it for a few seconds. All the love in the world will be available to you!

Or try clicking any link to the right to order your roses fo your loved one!


And what about finding out "What makes our heart jump for joy?"

The bouncing hearts applet has been produced by Ken Perlin, a computer graphics expert.

The heart is an example of "improvisational animation", a method for allowing animated characters to come to life and respond to your actions.

Or, you could always just forget about Google and buy a special heart in jewelry for your loved one.


You should enjoy the bouncing hearts. Share it with your friends.

And since it shows loving greetings and "I love you" in many different languages the best person to tell about it is your loved one. They could always keep it as their homepage for the rest of the year, just by saving it as a bookmark or typing in the URL extension shown above.

You will be helping them find whatever is their heart's desire - what could be better for Valentine's Day?


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