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No Free SSL Certification in GoDaddy

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Screenshot Of The Godaddy Site Where It Mentions It Is $74.99 for SSL


WordPress Without SSL Certification

WordPress blogging has been something that I've done on and off throughout the years. I've always used Go Daddy hosting. Until this week I've had absolutely no issues with them. I found them easy to access also it is not hard to get customer service via their online chat feature.

I've also managed to be able to fix any issues that I've had with them, to date. So it will not surprise you that I decided to use GoDaddy to host my recent blogs. Having been retired to a life of fulltime parenting. A world minus WordPress and Webmaster blogging for a while, I was behind some of the latest Google updates. SSL Certification and HTTPS are just two of those issues.

Since 2011 Google Have Not Deemed Sites Without HTTPS As Secure

Those very two issues are starting to become very frustrating for me. I found out that for a few years now Google have been making sites that do not display an SSL certification along with a HTTPS web address come over as insecure. In-fact it's so annoying. Effectively, what that does is notify anyone that's visiting your new WordPress site that you are a potential security threat to their device. Lets face it, would you want to visit a site that Google the worlds number one search engine deems as unfit? Of course not!

Starting to realize that this was an issue I of course set about resolving and researching about the scenario. I've heard of SSL certification before. To me it was literally just something that I felt was necessary for online stores or those selling items on their WordPress blogs. HTTPS for me, I had no idea what it was. Naively I jumped into purchasing a domain, linking it to WordPress hosting, and went about building my blog.

The error that led me to discover all of this


How I Realized Go Daddy Has No Free SSL Certification For WordPress Sites

So, as you do I was setting up my blog. Feeling proud of it, asking for friends and family to check out my latest content and offer feedback on my webmaster skills. I got to the stage where I started to want to integrate AdSense to my site. Now back in the day AdSense integration was a lot different. Nowadays Google have created the Google Site Kit application that can be added as a plugin in the WordPress dashboard. It's very easy to set up and step by step instructions are provided

Along the set up process it came to my attention that AdSense was not able to be activated. The reason that it gave was that my site has an adblocker. I googled for many possible solutions but non of them worked. Then in the midst of reading content online, and watching tutorials I found out about the new updates that Google have made with regards to HTTPS web addresses. I also learned that in order to get this type of an address on your URL that you are required to have SSL certification.

Lo And Behold Go Daddy Have NO Free SSL Certification

At this point like you do, when you cannot figure out how to solve the issues I reverted back to my hosting company, Go Daddy. I read a lot of information there inside my account and started online chatting session with an agent. The agent notified me that Go Daddy has no SSL Certification when you purchase a domain and hosting. The HTTPS situation was also linked to the lack of SSL certification and the two are the very same issue. I was notified that if I wished to display and get help with SSL certification to convert it, I'd have to purchase the certificate for $79 a year. An agent would try to help me to activate this in the admin panel section for my WordPress site.

Lucky For Me I Second Guess Things

So, being me I don't really take the first opinion that I am dished out. Call it lack of trust, or lack of wanting to believe that things are going terribly wrong. So I reverted back to good old Google and started to read more about SSL and HTTPS. I came to find out that Go Daddy hosting charge you for SSL certification, whereby other hosting providers off you a simple activation set up inside you hosting panel. This is completely free of charge. You also don't have to faff around downloading files in WordPress to verify the SSL and reuploading the, to the FTP Section in the hosting panel. With other hosting providers.

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Sadly, because I've already paid for my hosting a year in advance, and because I cannot change it right now I have to solve this issue. I found out that there are methods to obtain an SSL certification completely free of charge. Let's Encrypt is a company that offer small webmasters like myself the opportunity to be able to generate an SSL certification completely free of charge minus any of the fees, and complications.

In order to be able to do this however you do need to be able to be a little web savvy. You have to download a file and then upload this to your hosting providers FTP section. I actually did not have a clue what FTP stood for. I have since came to understand it's short for File Transfer Protocol. Why does everything to do with WordPress and blogging have to sound like another language?

The Easy SSL Plugin Inside Wordpress


Go Daddy Have No Free SSL Certification At All

So, there you have it guys, to conclude this you can get free SLL via Let's Encrypt. You will have to upload it to your internal webmaster panel inside Go Daddy. You also sadly need to figure out how you need to get that done. I'm yet to figure it out and there are a lot of tutorials online that offer you information how to do so. I'm yet to be able to find one that I can comprehend however. Wish me luck.

The Easy SSL Plugin In WordPress Is Not So "Easy"

Also, just to notify you guys that I did Google a lot of times to see if there's a way to convert my WordPress site to be able to use HTTPS and have SSL Certification without having to download a file, upload one, and mess around. It did look promising when I watched some guy seemingly put The Easy SSL Plugin onto his site. A tutorial showed him generating SSL and and getting HTTPS without faffing around going to the admin panel in the hosting section. It did not work for me though. I also tried to find other plugins that may allow this and I did play around with some. Sadly, not one offered me the chance to do that.


Go Daddy are one of the most backwards companies when it comes to offering WordPress hosting. It's kind of like day light robbery trying to sell you what many other web hosting companies are offering you totally free and with complete ease. I mean, WordPress blogging is supposed to be easy , isn't it?

If any of you guys have managed to convert your site to HTTPS. Also, get the secure padlock connection displayed with a free SSL certification on Go Daddy, please let me know how!

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