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Globe WiMAX, Smart Bro, PLDT myDSL: Broadband Reviews

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Broadband Service Offerings in the Philippines

An opportunity to compare broadband service offerings of three major telecommunication companies in the Philippines came from our recent decision to move our family to a town in Laguna, about 60 kilometers south of Manila. I am going to share our experience seeking the fastest way to a reliable broadband service in our area. It might at least give you some ideas on what to expect if you are also thinking of getting a broadband connection here.

Our main priority was fast installation. Reliable connection at an acceptable speed was, of course, a given. We did not simply rely on the advertisements and press releases of broadband service providers. Instead, we first surveyed the experiences of friends and neighbors in the immediate vicinity, since location in an important factor in the availability and strength of signal for wireless broadband services.

Immediately, the two phone companies offering broadband services in the area were eliminated, as both failed the fast installation requirement and the newer phone company failed in customer service as per the experience of those we surveyed.


It then became a toss up between SMART Bro and GLOBE WiMAX, the two main rivals for the top spots in wireless broadband service in the Philippines. These two providers got mixed reviews on internet forums and blogs. From the customer feedback I read, I surmised that the quality of wireless broadband service depends on the area as signal strength and reliability vary among service areas. Therefore, it really boiled down to finding out the experiences of our neighbors, and both SMART Bro and GLOBE WiMAX got generally satisfactory ratings in the neighborhood.

The clincher was the 30-day money-back guarantee of Globe WiMAX, which to us is an indication of their confidence in their technology, infrastructure, and service provision. In addition, the lock-in period was only 12 months compared to 24 months for SMART Bro.

This is significant, as both companies advertised that there is “no pre-termination fee” should one decide to terminate before the contract expires. Actually, this is because you don’t need to pay any additional charges as you would have to pay the remaining months of the contract! Meaning, if you still have 10 months remaining in the contract, the company has the right to demand that you immediately pay the 10 months if you decide to pre-terminate or stop service provision before the contract expires.

This is, obviously, the price to pay for the relaxed application requirements, no installation fees, and fast installation as these companies take a gamble on the initial cost of installation. They are actually assured of either a 12-month or 24-month income from the customers who sign up under these terms. It’s no surprise that you can find people cursing these companies for poor service when they have no way of getting around the lock-in period.

Comparison of Broadband Service Providers in the Philippines


Our Experience with Globe WiMAX

The actual application process was easy, although we felt that we waited in line a little longer than necessary as there was only one customer service representative on duty. The representative was accommodating and assisted us all the way. To avail of the 30-day money-back guarantee, we had to show financial documents or pay the first month at PhP 995. Choosing the latter was the most expedient for us, so we complied as this can be refunded should we be not satisfied with the service.

As promised, Globe WiMAX’s contractor came two days later and even contacted us ahead of time to set an appointment on a Saturday. This was a step up in customer service for utility companies in the Philippines, as most used to get around to installation or repair on their own sweet time.

We were on high spirits as the contractor’s personnel started their work immediately. However, in trying to install an antenna on top of the roof we hit a snag. The owner of the apartment we’re renting does not allow installation of anything on the roof for concerns about safety and structural integrity. Even so, the installation team tried out an antenna on the roof to test for a signal, and we were disappointed to find out that we’re on a “dead spot” for Globe WiMAX signal. Dead spot? Yes, even if houses a few meters away have very strong and reliable signal, it’s no guarantee that you will get the same. Tough luck! They tried all possible directions for the receiver as there are supposedly two sources (towers) in our area, but to no avail.

Getting a Refund from Globe WiMAX

The team leader told us that they’d make the report and then a Globe customer service representative would contact us about the refund. After a few days my wife was instructed to go back to the GlobeServiceCenter where we made the application to fill out a form. Interestingly, she did not get her refund on the same day she filled out the refund form; she had to wait for another call and had to go back to the service center! When told that it would be so much hassle to go back for another trip, the customer service representative said that the refund money was not available. She then apologized and asked that we wait for her call in a few days to inform her when the money would be available.

I am not sure if the requirement for two visits is a deliberate attempt to discourage refunds or Globe’s system for refund just needs improvement. The money is obviously always available at their service centers as majority of transactions are bill payments. Although the money was available after a few days, it was only after almost a month that we got another chance to go back to the center.

Our Experience with SMART Bro

Our second choice was SMART Bro. The application process was also straightforward but the waiting time in the SmartServiceCenter bothered us a bit. It didn’t pay for us to be there shortly after opening as the frontline representatives were not the first to report! As indicated in the table above, there’s no installation fee for Smart Bro, but we had to pay for the first month upon application. We were assured that we’d get a refund should a problem arise during the installation.

The SMART contractor’s installation crew was outside our gates the next day! Now, that was fast! They also informed us ahead of time that they were coming. We immediately told them about the restrictions in installing anything on the roof. So they tried to look for alternatives and eventually found a place that gave the receiver a good signal.

SMART Bro’s standard options for installation of their fixed wireless service antenna:

  1. The receiver must be on top of a 10-feet iron pole to be installed on top of the roof, securely braced. The pole’s length may be extended up to 20 feet should it be necessary to acquire better quality signal.
  2. If it’s not possible on the roof, a stable wall such as the side of a building can be used with the antenna pole braced securely and the receiver on top of the pole.
  3. If the antenna has to be installed on ground level, the pole must not exceed 20 feet.

Anything other than these standard set-up options is considered substandard and therefore not acceptable.

We already knew that the first option is not available for us, so the installation crew attempted to find signal on top of a small structure housing a pump within the compound. While it can be braced and secured on that structure, the receiver got no signal.

They also attempted to install it at ground level but no signal was received using a 20-foot pole, which is the maximum length for this option.

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Finally, they tried the second option, affixing the antenna to the wall of the resort hotel adjacent to the compound that was accessible to us. This time the signal was good and the pole and receiver could be installed securely. However, the owner of both the apartments and the resort hotel did not approve of the plan, reasoning that the hotel is a separate property and that installing an antenna across the two properties is not acceptable.

Whew! You can just imagine how disappointed we were, especially since we saw SMART Bro as our last option to get connected to the internet in our new place. The contractor’s installation crew was also disappointed. Their leader explained that their company is paid only if they have successfully installed a connection. If they resorting to a substandard setup, they would get into trouble as customers would eventually complain about the unreliable connection.

With so much disappointment, we stopped our efforts to get a broadband service. It took another week or so to try out PLDT’s myDSL promo with bundled landline and Watchpad. I reasoned that if we applied immediately, the two to three weeks estimated by PLDT (or at least one month according to nearby PLDT customers) would fly by.

Our Experience with PLDT myDSL

Compared to GLOBE WiMAX and SMART Bro, PLDT myDSL had more forms to fill out and documents to present. The documents were required because I availed myself of the one-year free PLDT-to-PLDT calls nationwide. After submitting all requirements, I forgot about it as a defense-mechanism for the expected long wait.

It took another week for a customer service representative to visit the house for the required on-site inspection. Since I was not in the house during the visit, my wife found out that the representative could have visited much earlier if our paperwork had not been misplaced. It seemed that the apprentice who received my application documents placed it on the wrong pile! That mistake cost us a few days of delay.

The representative said that the service would be installed within a two- to three-week time frame. We were, of course, expecting the worst.

Friday of that same week (the inspection happened on a Monday), the contractor installed the cable and gave us a sneak peek at the service by showing us how to access the Internet even before we got the dial tone for the phone line. It was, of course, a most welcomed gesture as they knew that most new installations are primarily for the broadband internet connection and the landline is secondary (or really unnecessary, as the Philippines has one of the highest numbers of mobile phones per capita in the world). The next day, I received a call from the same contractor to give me our new phone number and telling me that I could now try to set up my router.

It took me two more days to finally figure out the settings needed for the router, but we were already surfing the net since that Friday when the lines were installed. It took another three days for the Watchpad to be operational. I found out that after installation an internal audit is necessary to get everything in place.

The PLDT customer representative gave me an option to text PLDT HELP and send it to 77171 for immediate assistance and a representative will call back to assist. Note that this service is only available for SMART pre-paid and postpaid subscribers as PLDT and SMART are actually sister companies.

Setting Up Watchpad

Watchpad's customer service representative was very helpful and patient assisting us, as it took us about an hour to make the feature work on my computer. Why that long? Beside the need to upload certain drivers, install them, and restart the computer, it also took us a while to discover that the account number given to me, which is needed to register, was wrong by one digit.

So after 17 days from filing the application requirements, we have everything set up, which is actually within the two to three weeks estimate of PLDT. We’re now ready to write again and publish online, make and receive calls through our phone line, and watch the following channels for free through the via Watchpad: CNN, National Geographic Channel, CNBC, Go Shopping Channel, Pinoy Box Office, Animax, TBN-Word, Living Asia, Channel V Philippines, Cartoon Network, E! Entertainment Channel, History Channel, Biography Channel, Crime & Investigation, Splash, and RCTV.

Watchpad is significant for us as we do not have a television set in the house. The kids can only watch an hour or two of TV on the weekends. So now we have the option through Watchpad, and the kids especially like the History and the National Geographic channels.

Final Thoughts

Looking back, our biggest disappointments occurred because we prioritized fast installation. Now that we’re more or less on track with our online activities, I remember that we used to have a DSL (broadband bundled with landline) service provided by Bayantel in Davao City and we were satisfied with the service for two years. We were paying about the same monthly fees as our current PLDT myDSL subscription. The difference perhaps was that Bayantel, being a new company then, promoted their products and made good with customer service with fast on-time installation and assistance.

PLDT myDSL has provided reliable service so far. It’s still too early to tell, but I am so thankful we decided to go through the search despite the hassles.

This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.


nash2 on September 23, 2014:

Smart is the worst internet provider.. 2mb they say? yeah sometimes.. but mostly hmmm.. the payment is consistent 999/mos, the internet is bullshit.. if you haven't payed 4 2 mos this company calling at you that you must settle your bills or else you will soon be disconnected.. am i right? smart company is only sucking our money but the services is sucks.. go to hill..

flor.. on July 29, 2014:

hi poh,gud pm..i hav a plan moving to samal island garden city davao.!.ano po magandang connection magait ko dun?next month i will be moving to davao na kac..kailangan ko kc my connection kc yung partner ko frm u.k.kaya kailangan ko may net..please give me any company,but in good connection..please reply me.thnx

IAN CRUZ on July 20, 2014:

Anong connection ba ang maganda sa dasma cavite area.. I need respond Thank you so much guys..

cd on July 18, 2014:

What an incredibly helpful article. Thanks so much!

kaye on May 14, 2014:

Got a bad experience with globe...nag apply ako ng lte bundle with wireless approve ito at nag install sa bahay noong april 8...nagamit ko ang internet mabilis naman kasi 3 mbps inaplayan ko but 10 days lang ngstop na..yung landline promise nila iaactivate after 2 day wala naman. Tawag ako ng 211 hay naku 1 month yun walang nagawa. Tumawag ako sa sales office na inaplayan ko halos ma dismaya ako ng sabihin puno na daw at di na ako mabibigyan ng service haaaayhaaay kakainis...ipupull out daw ang mga nainstall at irerefund ang nabayad namin. Pesteng hassle binigay ng globe sa akin!

dane on April 27, 2014:

in first month nakaboost ang speed nyo. in MM try bayantel.

ace on March 20, 2014:

ano ba magandang internet company sa malolos city

Junjun on January 12, 2014:

Nagpakabit kmi ng Smart Bro Canopy for 3 ISP's para sa shop namin,takenote you subcontract nila kasama ang ahente eh tinuruan pa kami para malagyan ang amin shop ng tatlong samartbro canopy plan na 2Mbps DAW bawat isa,for the first time,ok ang signal,for single PC usage lang,kaso nun ikinonek na ito sa router,aba sakit na ng ulo,wala ng signal,sabi nun technician plug/unplug 15 minutes,then sinunod nmin yun,tatlong oras na kmi nagplug/unplug wala prin nanyari sa tatlo namin smart bro canopy.nagpadala nanaman ng technician wala din naman nanyari puro pinging lang ginagawa at papalit palit ng IP's.kaya lang kami nagpakabit ng 3 Service provider gawa nga na walang available na DSL,ska yun mga ibang plan ng smart wireless.Ngayon for almost 3 months na nakatenga yun shop namin,nawawalang na kami ng PAG-ASA.tinry namin iparebate or refund yun connection namin sa Smart company,aba sagot ba naman nila na pagdatin daw sa refund sa PLDT na raw tungo namin.weird muntik na ako tumalong sa tulay...Sana mamatay na lahat ng taong walang utak sa mundo at walang kunsensya...

elder on January 02, 2014:

cno may kilalang ahente dto apply po ako ng net

helpers on December 17, 2013:

Globe Broadband is reliable and fastest so far..

Shieldwolf on September 08, 2013:

Share ko lang sa mga Smart WiMax User and other ISP Users. Ganto ginawa ko para materminate ko ang napakabagal Service nila. Una, check nyo yung internet speed. Pano? Accessin nyo itong website na ito. Dito nyo malalaman kung nakukuha nyo ba yung pangako nila na 1MBPS or 2MBPS speed. Sa unang 2 Linggo .80 MBPS and speed ng internet ko. Not bad for 1MBPS na kinuha ko pero after nun biglang naging 0.15MBPS. Imagine from .80 naging .15BMPS na lang. Para kang bumili ng 1KL Chicken tapos bibigay lang sayo e 1/8. Parang tanga lang db? Screenshot nyo yung test from after ng installation para may proof kayo na eto yung speed nyo nung pagkainstall sa inyo. Sympre papogo points muna sila, ipapakita nila sa inyo na mabilis ang internet nila. Pagnawalan kayo ng internet, open nyo ang command prompt sa All Programs nyo then try to ping or Dyan nyo makkita kung intermittent yung line or wala talagang connection. Sreenshot nyo lahat yun tapos magsend kayo ng screenshot ng mga issues nyo sa Customer Service nila para Documented. Inabot sakin ng mahigit 2 Mons bago nagreply and tumawag ang Technical Support nila. Sa kasamaang palad hindi pa rin nila naayos ang problem ko. Kaya I decided na i-paterminate na. Aba! Need ko daw bayaran yung 1 yr dahil yun ang nasa contract. May karapatan tayong ipaterminate yun dahil hindi nmn nila nabibigay ang Service na gusto natin. Malas lang nila dahil Advance and knowledge ko sa Sytems/Network kaya kahit anung paliwanag nila e di umuubra.

naurice sabido on September 27, 2012:

why is it that even though i already paid my bill they keep on calling to disconnect my line? i think the billing and collection department need to coordinate more.

dcworkz16 on September 12, 2012:

kainis ang globe nung nag aply aq sabi nila may promo daw sila na 1299 my kasamang pnone at 2mbps daw wimax din sya ......grabe naiicp ba nila ang panloloko nila sa tao kaya ni hindi manlang umaabot ng 100mbps ung conection q......un pala hindi naman pala talagang 2mbps ang conection ko kundi up to 1mbps lang at technician pa nila ang nag sabi nyan samin totoo daw wala daw silang pedeng ikabit sa wireless internet na 2mbps un pala pakana lang to ng mga agent hay grabe kayo nag babayad kami ng pang 2mbps samantalang up to 1mbps lang ang kaya ng net ko...........

yeah... on August 03, 2012:

dont try witribe internet..problema lang...

smga22 from Dhaka, Bangladesh on June 25, 2012:

Nice hub and got lot of information.

jkgbgigikl on June 03, 2012:

nyetang smartbro yan ayaw iterminate contract ko sobrang bagal naman ng connection ko sayang binabayaran ko...GUYSSSS WAG NA WAG KAYONG KUMUHA OR MAGSUBSCRIBE SA SMARTBRO KUNG AYAW NYONG MAGKAPROBLEMA.....SAKIT SA ULO......BETTER TO READ COMPLAINTS


Lifeless on May 22, 2012:

Smart bro is quite reliable. I've been satisfied with their connection for 3 years. We are even able to use up to 4 connections at the same time(With a router). But smart also has some faults. Sometimes their satellite dish is moved by the wind or by birds that some connections cannot connect during 10:00-5:00. This has happened to us twice. We complained via phone yet nothing has happened even when they promised to send a team up their dish. Then afterwards we complained in one of their centers in SM Marilao. The next day our problem was solved. Their land line customer service isn't really reliable. It is always better to complain in personal because when you complain without being there the person your complaining to doesn't really feel threatened since your not even there. If you complain personally then the one your complaining to will think that your problem is really serious since you came to complain in person instead of just sitting in your home and using the phone.

myle on May 03, 2012:

Tga CalooCan City Ako Near Caloocan City hall & My Nag Alok Samin N Globe WiMAx..My Tga CAlooCan B D2 n NeGative Din FeedBAck s Globe Wimax??Wla P q Experience S BroaDbanD nila Pero S Globe Prepaid Grbe KAkaLoad mo Lng Kht Di GnGmit NauuBos Ang Load...Wireless Broadband GAmit ko d2 s location Namin,una Ung Smartbro Mabilis Pero Lagi my Problem Minsan Di MakaConnect s Internet So LAgi Aq 2mtwg s CSR,deN my NgBigaY sakin ng GloBe Tattoo MinsaN merOn Minsan wla Pu2nTA kp S TAbi Ng BintaNA pra MkaSaGAp ng ConnectiOn..den NgyOn Sun BroadbAnd Gmit Far Mabilis pwerA U Tube..

Pldtisashit on April 24, 2012:

Hi guys..

Share lng ngayon kc parng ang bagal ng pldt my dsl wla nmng big issues or problems dati... Last april 17 pansin ko biglang bumagal.. Kaya we decided na humanap ng ibang ISP... Btw meron po bng ipa png nkaranas ng slow connection lately sapldt my dsl? Ok rin po baun connection ng globe dsl(not the wimax) kc un iba daming negative comments sa wimax... I mean what do you expect:)) mas mgnda pag dsl... Kesa sa wireless:))

randomramts on April 15, 2012:

got something to complain about?


mrleolee on April 10, 2012:

sinabi pa.... ang mahal ng bayad globe(tattoobroadband)sunbroadband at smartbro. ok lng sana kung mahina makakapag-open ka pa ng website. pero totally wala di ka makapag open ng website... "connection was reset" "check your coonection network" tapos tawag ka sa hotline nila magmumura pa... punieta nila...... irereversal daw wala nman mga hampas lupa sila gahaman sa kanila lng......aboloy ko na sa kanila yun...... masmaganda pa sa ibang bansa kung ano binabayaran mo na speed dun yun ang ibibigay na speed yun talaga ang gagamitin mo. di tulad dito P999 per month 3.5 seed daw lol puta di nman 0kbps to 10kbps lng putaaaaa tala mga 3 network na ito...... my injustment daw intire phi wala nman improvement na nararanasan sa network laks nila manluko na tao pagkapera lang at makakuha lng ng subscriber......

TaKashi on April 08, 2012:

hi...share ko lang experience ko sa smartbro....SUCKS!!! poh connection d2...hayzz...yan lang prob ko at tyaka maganda sila makisama sa customer..!!

Lhyne on April 01, 2012:

Cguro nga po depende sa location natin ang mga ISP...dahil sa lugar namin ngayon nakasmartbro kami mahina din ang signal hindi talaga nila binibigay yung MBPS na dapat sau.. b4 we tried GLOBE at ganun din sya...super slow... ang d pa namin nasubukan ang PLDT here sa Phase 10 ng bagong silang...and wish ko lang sana magka PLDT d2...kasi we triend pldt for how many years sa QC and ok naman sya lalo na sa online gamings...kaya ang problem minsan sa mga locations sana sa mga GLOBE dyan limitahan nyo ang mga subscriber na nagpapakabit sa inyo hind yung para lang kumita kayo para d bumabagal ang mga connections namin at bigay nyo ang dapat na speed ng internet namin dahil nagbabayad kami sa inyo... gusto nyo lang magpayaman ng magpayaman hindi nyo naman mababaon yan.... WISH q lang may SMART at GLOBE employeee na makabasa ng mga comment namin... sa ibang country nga sagana sa access ng internet eh...

erwin@ on March 30, 2012:

globe nakakainis gamitin kasi maganda kpag una pero habang natagal bumabagal 6kb/s tapos tapos bigla tataas ng 9kb/s tapos ayon wala 0kb/s nakakabuwisit tapos kpag nag youtube ako lagi nalang buffering tumawag ako sa kanilang hotline at nakausap ko at ang sabi pa sa aking ng kanilang agent ay bka raw sira yung gadget ko. Pero hindi naman naka ilang palit na ako na ganun pa rin walang kwenta manluluko.

dsolved on March 28, 2012:

naka smart bro ako now... pero malapit kami sa tower ng smart bro.. pero minsan mahina pa din.. or nawawala ang connection pa din.. haaayyy...

abel meneses on March 26, 2012:

gusto ko ng internet connection..... 09296097820 can you help me?

vinski on March 14, 2012:

hayyy.. dami ko na nabasa bad comment sa globe well im using globe wimax for more then 2 years now, pero hanggang ngayon e sumasakit pa rin ang ulo ko sa globe na yan, walang choice e, kailangan namin ng internet pero ayaw naman magkabit ng ibang network dito sa lugar namin, di daw abot ng signal nila, 1mbps ang pinangako nilang speed pero kadalasan 250 to 300 kbps lang ang download speed pag nag speedtest ako, minsan namang umaabot sa 700kbps pataas pag mga bandang 12am na pero madalang pa sa patak ng ulan sa tag araw,pero sa karaniwang oras talagang anapakabagal, at ang mga bad experience ko sa costumer service e di ko na isusulat dito at sobrang hahaba na.dahil a day after pa lang na maikabit sa amin yung walang kwentang globe wimax na to e nagsimula na rin ung complaint namin sa globe at yung bad experience namin mula dun sa ahente nila hanggang sa mismong opisina nila dito sa amin sa cabanatuan city na personal naming pinuntahan nung magkaproblema kami at hanggang sa costumer service nila pag kami ay tumatatag at may complaint, kaya sa mga gustong magpakabit ng globe e cge try nyo lang, wag lang sana maranasan nyo yung nararanasan ko sa globe, gaya nga ng sinabi ko e wala lang choice kaya hanngang ngayon e eto pa rin ang gamit ko..

jack on March 13, 2012:

so in summary..anong malakas...smartbro..(at may maraming perks pa..) at pldt my dsl..( want to ask your opinion too about smartbro's

purple on February 19, 2012:

Right now I'm looking for better DSL providers to replace our PLDT MyDSL. With this I'm considering the speed, inclusions in the bundle and the price of it.

I just want to share that just last year, 2011, I had Globe wimax connection when I was still studying and staying in an apartment in Laguna. The first few months of their service was okay until such a time when it just became terrible! There was even a time that the modem had to be replaced 7 times in 1 month and there's no exaggeration to that. The next month I decided to the cut the subscription because of the crappy internet connection and the hassle of calling their customer service almost every other day.

On the otherhand, our net provider at home (Rizal)is PLDT MyDSL. It's speed (Bundle: Landline + internet 768kbps = Php1,300) was okay since we only use the net for emails, FB, Twitter, etc. We seldom visit youtube and when I download series or movies in utorrent, it would actually take days before the download completes which is not a big issue for me. I can put up with that. We've had this connection for about 8years now and we the only connection problems we had was when there's rainstorms, which is acceptable and understandable because of the signal interruptions due to heavy rain.

The thing is there are no freebies with PLDT MyDSL. I've heard from friends that they are given phones or hard drives, etc after 1year subscription to other internet providers. But I'm not sure if I want to risk disconnecting our 8year tenure in PLDT myDSL just to take advantage of the freebies other companies offer. Besides, PLDT MyDSL's internet connection in our home has so far been very good. With the reviews I have been reading for Smart and Globe broadband, I don't think I want to discontinue my PLDT myDSL service anymore.

Domeng on February 13, 2012:

I haven't tried Smart Bro or Globe WiMax but so far, our PLDT DSL serves us well. I get about 900+ kbps per 1mbps connection. Stable din ang connection all throughout the day. If you are on online gaming or looking for the MOST stable conneciton, go for PLDT. Oo, maraming kailangan na requirements pero sulit naman ang connection. You will have service interruptions once in a while and when you call their customer service hotline, yes, they may have a bad if not worst customer service, pero atleast ginagawan nila ng action yung problem mo.

I assure you that I am not a PLDT employee, I'm just a VERY satisfied PLDT customer.

ericpolc on February 11, 2012:

late ko na nabasa mga comments dito...had a problem with my d PLDT dsl bagal and laging walng connection kaya pinaputol ko..kanina nag apply ako ng smart canopy and bukas install sa haws...good luck to me....siguro pag di ok di ko na lang din babayaran monthly hanggang ma pull out yung connection ko :)

shyrel on February 08, 2012:

Hi to all..ipapaterminate ko sana globe broadband dsl ko plan 1,999 kc aalis na kami sa apartment na tinerhan namin.. pumunta ako sa office nila and ask kung pwede mapaterminate...sabi ng girl pwd and i ask how much the termination fee..sabi sa akin bayaran ko lang daw ang 2 months..sabi ko ok babalik ako bukas,,nung bumalik ako ibang girl naman nakausap ko sabi ko magpapaterminate ako then she check my account then sabi niya babayaran ko 9,000k plus..i was so shock kala ko 2 months lang ng bill babayaran ko..sabi niya u need to pay the modem that is 5,000k plus. i did not expect na bayaran pala yung modem. umalis ako at di ko binayaran...kala ko 2 months lang ng bill. anyone here knw kung talaga bang babayaran ang modem? at bakit 5k? subra naman sila.

HALA_BIRA on February 05, 2012:

HAAAAYYYYY,,,,NAKUH....Tlaga pagganito ang comment ng lahat madaling intindihjn nayn mga tol....making final decision wd its kind of connection ay hindi madali pag walang perng involved got it,, it means hindi at talagang hindi mawawala ang sakit ng ulo natin negusyo kasi rin yan ang I.S.P. base sa Pinas natin. Kaya stratigically competitents company wins..dapat decision making always be bright tayo dyan when you go on,,transfer ngayon reconecting bukas pag putol na may babayaran pa...mga walang hiya ssssssssssssiiiiiiiiiillllllllllaaaaaaaaaa....

kanduley on January 24, 2012:

Grabe ang service ng globe SM Baliaug . After failed installation (dead spot daw, refund ko na lna daw). Punta ako sa globe SM Baliuag for refund. After filling up some forms , tatawagan na lang daw ako pag available na yung pera (WHAT ? walang pera) that was december 27. After three weeks balik ako sa office nila , shit wala pa rin daw (anak ng buwaya) sabi ko babalik na ako sa saudi , ipapakuha ko na lang sa mother in law ko. Magiwan daw ako ng ID copy and authorization letter. My mother in law went back yesterday ( Jan 24), awa ng diyos, wala pa rin daw pera (marami daw nag rerefund).Grabe 1000 libo lang hindi ma i refund !!!!!

akubudoy on January 07, 2012:

ay tama kayu kaaaaaaaasar talaga globe wimax s unamy bumisita png techcian ktpos ng 1month wla n cla pkialam, nkkainis p sgnal bgal, snbi n opis nla gnun daw tlaga cgnal ay kaaaasara talaga

nathan on December 11, 2011:

I think we all realized smart home products and home automation would be big day, but maybe not this popular. Check out for some cool information.

jonel on December 01, 2011:

nag apply ako sa globe imax puro disconect inaabot ko. mabilis sia pag my signal pero laging nawawala .... na bubudtrip na nga ako lagi ako natawg sa talk 2 globe ako nlng nahihiya....... dapat pala nag pldt dsl nlng ako.... busit tlga

helpingjay on November 29, 2011:

even Wi-Tribe nakapag-try din ako gumamit same lang din sa iba company ang experience ko... gamit ko ngayun pldt and I am searching ano mga company na nagde-deliver ng pldt bills along Quezon City & Caloocan City area that's why I see this hub. Binasa ko comments nyo and nagpost na din ako hopefully makatulong. Thank you...

helpingjay on November 29, 2011:

Based on my personal experience lahat ng internet service providers na ito dito sa Pilipinas maging purely internet or internet with phoneline ay pare-pareho lang mabuti at okey pero once nagkaproblema ka sigurado mauubos lahat ng pasensya mo. Nasubukan ko na po lahat yan malaki na rin ang nagastos ko marami na ako inaway, marami na rin oras ang nasayang ko sa pagcoordinate sa kanila every now and then. Pilitin ko man habaan ang pasenya ko talagang nasasagad naawa na rin ako sa mga CSR ng mga ito dahil alam ko may mga procedures din sila sinusunod gusto man nila ako tulungan limited lang ang pwede nila gawin at access nila. Here comes the problems sa service nila either phone signal, dial tone, internet access, downloading, uploading, bills delivery, file attachment for emails, disconnection, reconnection, credit adjustment (kung kelan nagbigay ng credit adjustment lalong lumaki ang charges) pati na sa pagcoordinate at pag-follow-up sa kanila napakahirap sad to say tulad ng marami wala ako magawa aside from magtiis sa ganitong serbisyo na binibigay nila kesa naman sa wala kelangan ko po kasi.

Payo ko lang po sa mga nais magsubscribe either sa globe, smart, pldt or even suncellular, UNA, mag-survey po muna kayo kung alin ang pinaka-okey ang signal sa lugar. Magfocus kayo sa signal importante po ang signal para makagamit kayo ng service na i-a-avail nyo. Yun ibang problema po magagawan naman ng paraan ang importante may signal na masasagap sa lugar nyo. PANGALAWA, sa pagkuha ninyo ng kanilang services dapat malinaw sa inyo ang inyong contract.

At kung kayo po ay magkaproblema wag magdesisyon agad na ipahinto ang kanilang serbisyo. Ang dapat gawin makipag-ugnayan kaagad sa hotline number or business center nila (mas mabuti kung pareho) at kung walang action or hindi malinaw sa inyo at may palagay kayo na ang inyong karapatan bilang subscriber or customer ay tinatapakan narito po ang pwede ninyong gawin:

1. Makipag-ugnayan sa National Telecomunication Commission (NTC) ukol sa tamang pagpa-file ng complaint. Maaari kayong tumawag sa "ospac with tel#(02)921-3251" para sa complaint and kanilang email address ay "" Mas mabuting tumawag muna kayo para malaman kung kanino dapat i-address ang inyong reklamo.

2. Lahat po sila ay corporation maging ang mga accredited courier nila maaari rin kayo magtungo sa Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)kung sa palagay po ninyo ay may nilalabag sila, ang office po ng SEC ay nasa Ortigas along EDSA. Lahat po ng legal na corporation ay nakaregistered sa SEC at hindi sa DTI-Department of Trade & Industry

3. Kung sa tingin po ninyo ay may ginagawang mali ang mga company na ito upang mabawasan or lumiit ang taxes na binabayaran nila ipaalam nyo po sa BIR ganun din sa City Hall. Gagawa po sila ng audit investigation kung sa tingin nila ay kelangan, ipaubaya napo natin sa kanila ang pag-response ang mahalaga naipaabot natin ang sa tingin natin ay syang dapat.

4. Kung makikipag-usap tayo sa telepono dahil sa problema mabuting gumawa ng complete record ng pakikipag-usap: buong pangalan ng ating mga nakakausap (tanungin natin), petsa at oras, ating mga tanong at pahayag, ganun din ang kanilang kasagutan, solusyon at pangako. Makatutulong ang ating record or list sa pagsasampa ng reklamo.

Tandaan po natin lahat ng gulo ay pwedeng maayos, walang masama kung magreklamo tayo sa tamang paraan. Kung magrereklamo tayo panindigan natin at wag mahiya or magsawa mag-follow-up. Pahalagahan ang ating karapatan bilang mamamayan. Let us be a good citizen at mahalin natin ang ating bansa dahil atin ito...

rAnDz on November 23, 2011:

In my own experience... I am from Davao City, subscriber of PLDT MYDSL almost 5 years now. But after 4 years I think, I am experiencing losing internet connection every time its raining. I called customer service several times almost 1 year but the problem still insisting. Technicians are kinda repairing the wires here in my house, changing the telephone because there's a static sound of it. But the problem didn't solved! In my own conclusion, no ISP is best here in Philippines! All of them are one! They're just grabbing our money out for their personal interests. All customer service are suck! We can't claim against them because the owner of these ISP are relatives of some politicians. All I can say is Philippines is may be one of the worst country!!! Not just the ISP but also our government!!! TSK3...

DesertFoxQ8 on October 30, 2011:

Btw, kahit umulan ng malakas at bumagyo, hindi nawawala ang connection ng Globe Wimax namin. Depende pa rin sa lugar at lakas ng signal. Palaging "full bar" yung connection namin.

DesertFoxQ8 on October 30, 2011:

Nuong nasa Makati pa kami, Globe DSL na kami and its very reliable. Very seldom na ma-disconnect. Nang lumipat na kami sa Ponticelli Hills, Bacoor, Cavite, nagpakabit kami ng Globe Wimax last June 2011. Since that time, wala kaming na-encounter na problema sa connection nya at consistent naman ang 1 mbps speed.

pinky on October 22, 2011:

ilan beses aq 2mwag s smart compny ng wimax smart maayus cla mkpg usap peo hnd k nmn a2sikasuhin punthan ng bahay mo...ilan beses q n rn pumunta s smart compny nla kinausap ung staft ng smart cnsbi dd q dw ns2got twag nla peo nsagot q nmn mga cnungaling tlga ung smart..ilang buwan n aq wlng internet lgi aqng pbalik blik s compny nla..umayos nmn kaung mga tga smart,maayus ngba2yad ang mga tao snyo tpus hnd compl2 serbisyo nyo...sayang lng bnbyad snyo...

taeking on September 19, 2011:

haha, parang pinagtanggol ha, anyways, naka wi- tribe ako d2 sa marikina, dati swanget sya kasi may cap ung usage, ngyn wala na syang cap , ang problema ko lately putakte, bglng humina ung signal ko, ang sisite nakakapag garena pa ko dati , ngyn pag nag gagarena ako , bumibitaw sya , tumawag ako sa mga csr nila pero plug un plug lng daw gawin ko, ang siste nga kasi dating oks , ngyn di na, bkit bumibitaw pag garena grrrr!!! sa browsing ok pero sa streaming , kamote. mas mabilis npa you jizz kesa sa you tube

krap on September 12, 2011:

yeah, right.

Michael Amancio on September 06, 2011:

There are 2 types of broadband, Wired and Wireless. Within the three ISP, i guess only Smartbro doesn't have a Wired Broadband. Globe Wimax is the only Wireless Broadband that offers VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). It means that you can have both internet and telephone service at the same time through wireless connection.I suggest that you apply for a Wired broadband with Globe or PLDT because wired broadband are more stable than wireless broadband and if there is no Globe Broadband or PLDT myDSL service in your area, then that the time that you should apply for a Wireless Internet Service with Globe Wimax and Smartbro

Michael Amancio on September 06, 2011:

Smartbro and Globe wimax, for your information, are Wireless Broadband. It means that it only depends on transrecieving site signals. While PLDT myDSL is a Wired Broadband Connection. DSL means Digital Subscriber Line.

DSL is a wired connection from your home to ISP (Internet Service Provider)whom will connect you to the WWW (World Wide Web) Kuha mo????

Girlie on August 30, 2011:

Hi im from far for me ok ang internet connection namin using the Smartbro. Pero meron talagang times na wala akong internet connection..pero after ilang hours nagbalik naman. Ok din ang internet speed namin. And like others complaints pangit din ang services nila sobrang nairita talaga ng mama ko sa kanila. Anyway, may tanong ako sa lahat...talagang pangit gamitin ang GLOBE wimax?? ita-try kasi namin un xa kung ok dito sa location namin. i hope u can help me guys. :)

supersonic on August 30, 2011:


grabe sa bagal.. ilan beses na ako tumawag sa customer service sa sobrang bagal pero wala sila action.. itatanong nila aNo daw speedtest ko eh di nga mabuksan ang kung magbukas man "Try Again" Connection Failure.

kaya wag na kayo mag DIGIHELL.

ambs on August 10, 2011:

Don't get GLOBE, dati..nagbukas ako ng computer shop din kumuha ako ng business plan sa globe(512kpbs = 4.5k), mabilis naman, pero nung 11 months na, biglang bagal, then nagtiis ako ng 13 months, din biglang may lumabas na bagong Globe Plan(1.5mb = 2.5k lng!), so pumunta ako sa mega mall sa globe center, then nagpadowngrade, sabi saken wala daw SLOT..(so fine..), nakalipas ng 2 buwan, bumalik ako, at ang sabi wala paring slot(GrrrRr..), so every 2 months bumabalik me ang sagot ay wala parin daw... nagtiis ako ng 2 yr's... then nagdecide nako isara ko na ang shop at ipadisconnnect ang plan ko sa Globe, nung pinapadisconnect ko na plan ko, biglang sabi ba naman,(Sir baka gusto nyong idowngrade plan nyo sa mataas na speed na internet connection at sa mababang halaga..)

SHIT tlga noh? kya masasabi ko DONT GET GLOBE!

pulubing_gala on August 01, 2011:

wala napaka panget ng service ng globe kahit na laging puno ung signal ko at halos ilang metro lng din ang layo namin sa tower nila eh ilang araw lng ang matino kaya sa mga nag babalak mag globe eh wag nyo na po subukan wala din mangyayari sa una lng yan maganda may mas malapit na tower samin ung smart sana kahit papano mas ok eto. eh sa pldt kasi di nman namin kailngan ng landline kaya sana hopefully eh maging maayos ung pag papalit ko ng isp.

megumi on July 28, 2011:

very nice hub, helpful talaga.. Just bought a new PC and I'm rooting to for globe sana kasi may refund however after reading most negative comments about globe, mag smart bro nlng ako.. hay i hope everything will be fine coz I'll be using it for my online job.. thanks papa sez..

ra on July 27, 2011:

i've tried smartbro and globe wimax and both suck! maganda ang connection pag una kaso they accept so many subscribers and eventually mago-overload towers nila so bumabagal or totally nawawala signal, especially sa mga medyo malalayo na tulad ko. I was one of their first customers dito sa arayat so dapat naman sana mas priority nila yung early patrons pero hindi eh!

Melvin Lloyd on July 13, 2011:

Thanks for your concepts.

len on July 08, 2011:

share ko lng experience ko with digitel, 3 taon ako ngtiis s dsl nila, but this has gone too far, npakabulok ng service nila, mraming pagkakataon n nwawalan ako ng internet for weeks, yes sometimes 15 days, ang ms mhirap p, i have to call a lot of times s customer service nila, everyday n wla akong internet, so bgo nila m-address ung issue, 5 days, 8 days has gone without internet and landline. last week, i was temporarily disconnected coz i have a 1 month past due, pti landline ko disconnected nila. i was in disbelief kc d nila ako informed n disconnect nila ako, i thought i was having the usual problem, so i settled the bill the following day. their personnel told me that my connection will be up in a matter of 3 hours. pero umabot ng 8 days bgo nila maayos ung temporary disconnection ko. and eto p, prior to that, nwalan n ko ng internet and landline for 7 days bngo nila ako i temporary disconnect.they give me a lot of headaches. minsan naisip ko, ano kya mabuti gwin pra tigilan nila pang-aabuso s knilang costumer? i mean, mgrebates man sila like khit mwlan k for half a month ng internet and landline, abutin lng ng 150 pesos. puede kya to ma-address legally? wish ko lng sna makaabot to s mga mambabatas, i mean, dehado mga customer s gnitong sistemea, pag byaran ng bills, ang galing nila tumawag, pero pg me problema, kunin nga nila number pero d nman nila ako kinokontak. useless din.

HustlerOne on July 01, 2011:

lmao! i share the same peril with you guys XD yung isp ko smartbro din, smartbroken.. napakabagal hindi na ako nagkaroon ng mabilis na internet speed day and night, rain or shine ang bagal 10kps-60kps? geez its not worth paying for.. eh kung sky internet kaya? share nyo naman experience nyo about sa sky internet kung meron man..

jay on June 28, 2011:

anu po ba mgandang ISP dito sa Bulacan,Malolos?

naka Globe wimax ako ngaun at planning to chenge my ISP next month..

any idea kung anu mas mgnda? Smartbro or pldtmydsl?


chinodavis19 on June 22, 2011:

i've already unlocked my smartbro stick... but unfortunately i have the same problem with the connection.. either Smart or Globe... to weak... 80 kbps is the highest i can receive... anyways i do understand the situation... its because i'm in a remote area...

Jed on June 18, 2011:

hahahahaha parehong pareho kami ng experience ni "ngd". For 1 month palpak ang connection ko sa PLDT myDSL, when the connection was alreadty stable I asked for a rebate. Lo and behold, they only gave me a P60 adjustment on that particular bill. 1 month of poor service = P60 rebate. My PLDT connection in Sampaloc sucks. I'm going to change my dsl provider as soon as this horrible contract ends, and that would be 2 months from now.

ngd on June 14, 2011:

Been using pldt dsl for years & their connection sucks! Laging nawawala ang connection at pag tumawag ka sa helpline aabutin ka ng syam syam tapos sasabihin lang sayo mag papadala daw sila ng technician at ang ipadadala nila na technician ang gagawin lang eh plug unplug ang cable line tapos! tapos observe daw...hello! ang mga tech support walang kwenta pati na rin ang mga technician. sayang lang binabayad sa kanila. pldt does not live up to customer's expectations. buti na lang nabasa ko din to & I would not risk trying globe then. mag tya tyaga na lang ako siguro kahit bulok ang serbisyong binibigay ng pldt bwisit.... yun lang share ko lang...

Yukie on May 23, 2011:

I am using Wiitribe right now. Ok naman sana sya mabilis kaso nga may cap.So after a few gigs of usage babagal na. Ung signal naman medyo pahirapan kung gs2 mo na 5 bars tlga swertihan lng tlga. My contract will end next month i plan to transfer to smart. What do you think is better yung canopy or ung Wimax nila? Thank you!

Roberto on May 13, 2011:

Pero Smart bro na USb gamit ko ngayon, kasi pinahiram ako nang relative ko, pero pag binawi na, Mag glo-globe ako agad dahil maganda signal dito, at may globe team na naglilibot dito minsan para makakuha pa nang maraming costomers.

Now, I'm suffering here with 7.2kbps nang smart bro usb(location siguro ang problema), hay! tyaga lang muna,

@Papa Sez What can you say About sa 5mbps na internet Na sinasabi ng isang ISP sa TV, Sky Cable ata yun. I'm not Sure.

Roberto on May 12, 2011:

I believe na location, ang problema natin pagdating sa mga ISP, kasi maayos naman ang Globe dito sa amin, almost lahat ng mga Kapitbahay ko dito Globe ang ISP, and works fine, normal lang Tama lang ang speed, pero hindi talaga maiiwasan ang pagkaslow, pero minsan lang

-I'm not defending Globe here!

Carlo on May 06, 2011:

This an open letter>

To the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company (PLDT) Management:

My PLDT telephone is a short distance away from your service offices; nonetheless, I may call it a real long distance because of my complaints that were not being heard and have not been acted upon. I have complained the very poor service through your call center several times but to my regrets, it was on the contrary to my expectation, and what is bad became worse.

Your billing is chaotic and disarrayed: I received bills that your office found out to be questionable and needs a look-over. It came out to be a real question so your office fixed the problem; still the problem remained with me when after paying my due, but unfortunately when I was a little late paying on time for the subsequent bill, my DSL connection was cut off not giving me notice of what would happen that jeopardized some of my works that need the internet. For more than a month without DSL connection but with the telephone still being used, I was billed the amount of the DSL which was already been cut off. Wonder after wonder, I found out from your call center that your policy is to demand payment for the service that has not been used (making an example of the cut off DSL).

There is no debate of the kind of policy you create. It is your concern and the way you make something out of it. The only question I ask is: Is your policy which was conceptualized and promulgated within the walls of your room need not be relayed to your customers so that in a situation that arises (such as what happened to me), you just slap the policy unto the face of your surprised customer and extend your open palm to him?

Some ensuing questions would arise: How long would the burden on us customers remain suffering the verdict of your policy? Is there anything the PLDT management could do to alleviate just a speck off us sufferers? If the management could not amend a certain policy which has something to do customers, is there some way to inform end users of such guidelines instead of touting promotions (Pacquiao fight)and commercial products? It would be some comfort to think if you do.

Thank you very much.

Carlo Dacanay

edcel on April 22, 2011:

bobo lahat mga network connection d2 sa pilipinas.. takte sa ibang bansa umaabot ng 10mbps ang pinakamababa.. tas d2 sa pilipinas 6mbps pinalamataas nila tas ang mahal pa 6k/month

shit.. ayusin nyo naman mga internet connection holder d2 sa pilipinas. laki laki ng kinikita nyo.. ayaw nyo ayusin ang serbisyo nyo..

Papa Sez (author) from The Philippines to Canada on April 14, 2011:

@Anonymous - yes, there's a lot of those "false" advertising going on...things/services that they cannot deliver. As consumers we should exert our right to protection against such bad marketing practices.

@Abbie - our PLDT myDSL bundle 1299 is giving us satisfactory performance. Better to ask your neighbors/friends in the area about the performance of PLDT & Smart Bro. Signal strength & reliability is important for the latter.

@nimuel - please send your complaints directly to smart. You can find the links in the article. Thanks.

nimuel esguerra on March 21, 2011:

paki ayos naman ng mabilis ang facebook sa wimax ng smart antagal ng nagloloko eh

Abbie on March 17, 2011:

Nako! I've been using PLDT DSL 999 for years na. And last week pa ako sunod sunod na araw hindi nag cconnect, ilang beses last week, 3 days straight, pero I never bothered calling PLDT kasi naman, wala sila matutulong sa problema, kung ano ano sinusuggest kasi nila na solution, mali naman. Kaya iniisip ko kung magpalit ng ISP provider.. Di naman pwede Destiny at Sky kasi di pa umaabot service nila sa areang to. BTW, Tandang Sora Quezon City to. Naisip ko kung Smart bro na lang. Which is better kaya?

Anonymous on March 15, 2011:

I've tried smart home broadband and globe broadband. Globe really sucks. Wala silang tinamaan na magandang connection. Smart is a very wise choice. Dati 384kbps lng sila pero super sulit na. what more ngaung 2mbps na. I haven't tried smart wimax. plan 999 nila up to 1mbps lng. eMag home broadband ka nlng. kaya lang what are the cons of WIMAX? and what are the pros of Home broadband (canopy)? Pldt is the best choice if your location is applicable to it. Pero kung hindi I highly recommend SMART Canopy or even WIMAX. ung mga bagong sulpot na internet service provider, untested at unreliable mga yan. There is no need to try for them. Check out nlng mga advertisements nila... puro pabango na hindi naman totoo.

na cut na ung Globe wimax namin. Very Good Indeed. Now it's time to go for smart wimax

Papa Sez (author) from The Philippines to Canada on March 14, 2011:

Indeed, those speeds are just pitiful E. Jelaine. As recommended in my newer hub on this topic, stationary types of connection is better for bloggers and those moderate to heavy users of the internet.

Thanks for dropping by.

Empress Jelaine on March 13, 2011:

i use globe tattoo brodband for 2 years ive already expirience that sometimes the connection booost my download speed to 150kBps its good, but more often the connection fails to 10 - 30 kBps

Papa Sez (author) from The Philippines to Canada on February 22, 2011:

@nancy & LeanMan- I know the frustration with services in the Philippines. That's why I have learned to adjust, including lowering my expectations. In fact, I blogged about dealing with poor customer service of telcos

and made an open letter to telcos as a hub

I don't know what else to say.

Papa Sez (author) from The Philippines to Canada on February 22, 2011:

@Joshua- yes it can work for you. But make sure that the signal is stable as assessed by the installation team. Huwag pilitin kung hindi at ikaw din ang poproblema sa huli.

@kumag_09- yes location is an important variable, so I advise friends to ask around the neighborhood for performance of specific telco & product/service. Of course, you'll get to confirm it during evaluation prior to installation.

Tony from At the Gemba on February 19, 2011:

I hate internet access in the Philippines... Moved here back in October, started out trying to use the dongles and so forth to achieve my connection, forget it - smart/sun/globe tattoo, none worked well enough to download a hubpage in less than 5 mins! Being a whole 1Km from our nearest big town and tower(s) was just too far!! (Near to Bacolod)..

Tried to talk with people in Smart/PLDT and Globe, applied for their various services only to be told (after a week or two) that none of them had service so far out for any option and no landlines...BUT we had people living close by who had internet connections through Globe Wimax and Smart so how can they say there is no service?? Basically it comes down to the fact that the engineers do not want to work outside of the main towns!!

However after a few months of messing around and getting no where through the official channels we found an engineer to talk to - who for a FEE managed to install the Globe WiMax for us..

It worked fine for the first couple of weeks, then loo and behold our signal strength has dropped, the connection cuts out every 10 mins or so and the engineer does not respond to calls....

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!! NOT!!

nancy on February 16, 2011:

wel ung cnvi ng isang costumer tma un?ok ung mga 3months n gmit ko umg globewimax?nag k bill me ng dec to jan?ngyon ung due ko is feb5?1 p lng ng feb disconnect n me?svi ko bkit?tpos ni re connect?my pay dw un?svi ko bkit ko pay un?svi pag dumting n lng ung accnt ko?ung re connect nga?nku po inabot ng 2wiks bgo me nag k internet?kung d ko p svhin at kulitin s phone?d p me puntahan at svi ko n mg p disconnect n me?e2 meron n nga?buraot nmn?pinlitan nga ng modem?ang bgal nmn ng net?hay nku po?pg e2 gnito p dn?mag plit n me ng net tlga?kunsimisyon?

Joshua on February 12, 2011:

i think i will go for the second option (Smart Bro). the only problem on your side is the restriction of installation to the roof on your apartment which is very bad on your side. but if you have your own house i guess smart bro antenna can be installed in any part of the roof.

kumag_09 on January 21, 2011:

hindi naman cguro....kyah lang cguro bumabgal connection

becoz of location....

Papa Sez (author) from The Philippines to Canada on January 07, 2011:

@synth & alex, now telcos are required by NTC to give the minimum broadband speed, instead of just the maximum...which have been taken advantaged by marketing people with the claims of "...up to 2MBPS", etc. Read about it in the following link

@cherry- we also didn't get our refund immediately from Globe WiMAX after the installation failed. Globe required Mama Sez two visits to get the refund.

synth on January 03, 2011:

kalokohan ung globe wimax.. 1mbps un skin. after 3 months ok nman, karaniwang 700kbps to 900mbps un speed kpg day time. kpg mdaling araw 1.3 mbps ung peak. kso nun nagbagong taon, naiba n din ung speed. bwicit. 20kbps nlng lgi. grr.. pano ba paterminate to?

cherry on December 25, 2010:

i happened to drop by at smart's booth about their wimax promotion last two weeks ago, of course was excited about the service they were telling me. i paid the 999 amount. im using internet for a living so i cant afford to have delays as im like everyone else will lose sum. it took almost one week of waiting for the wimax installation , which is bizarre when i was told will only take two days. i keep sending messages to customer service and would always say sorry for the inconvenience. so just before they sent out the wimax, i have it cancelled already. guess what, they were hurryin like hell to send someone out for the installation. apparently i have it cancelled then and asked for a refund.. --- was told to wait for a week for the refund to be releashed though..they got easy bucks for it but cant even give my money back right then! mga kupal! well, i should say, i have read blogs all over the net about it and that saved me from their poor service.

alex on December 24, 2010:

wow! deplorable service! we were with pldt as well and their custmoer service is really gross! rubbish! kept complaining about the drop outs issue that were getting with the internet and we were always told someone else will check it , phoned them almost evry other day to follow up on the issue. of course nothing happened! it took us three months of waiting hahaha anyhow they have the modem replaced but still getting the same issue. whew! i worked for a company about internet troubleshooting--- and i realized whenever these people are not getting the services as promised they can go to ombudsman and report the bad service and guess what --these people are getting good fortune if found to be true. now for all of you guys who have been promised of the rubbish service then do the same. im leaving phils and have my account disconnected with pldt already . globe and smart are offering garbage services too.

Papa Sez (author) from The Philippines to Canada on December 22, 2010:

Thanks all for sharing your experiences...and we hope to get more feedback both good and bad about your internet subscription.

@siopaoman- all these would eventually boil down to customer service, on top of quality connection (speed & reliability) of course. Philippine companies, in general, have a lot of catching up to do in terms of customer service.

Let me point out some strategies I employed to lessen my stress dealing with PLDT's poor customer service. Here it is -

siopaoman on December 21, 2010:

hi, have you guys tried digitel? ok naman ang broadband speed nila. 1mbps is around 1.2K php so ok na. medyo mahina lang talaga around 12noon to 7pm baka sa traffic. pero relatively ok. but my friend who has tried pldt and digitel says the pldt connection is faster (dunno coz i haven't tried pldt yet)...

wala ata lock-in ang digitel kasi sabi nung nag-install, magbabayad ka lang ng extra 2 months if you want to have your service terminated. ok na din.

ang problema ko lang naman talaga sa kanila is yung pagdating ng bill. there were times na napuputulan na lang kami bigla kasi di pa kami nakapagbayad ng two or 3 months.

may tumatawag naman to tell us that we have to pay the bills pa but the thing is, di naman dumarating yung statement sa bahay. i have made a complaint already, telling them that we need the actual bill kasi malayo kami sa mga service center and we rely on the bayad centers lang. tapos ang lame lang na isasagot nila sa akin na "we'll file a report and we'll check on that". tapos tumawag later, sabi sorry po sir, nagka-problema po sa courier. so, tatanggapin ko ang sorry mo na lumobo na ang bill namin kasi di namin mabayaran dahil nga di dumarating ang bill? di naman ako nagkulang na kulitin sila sa customer service hotline nila to tell them na we still don't have a statement.

all in all, ok sila except sa customer service. though mabilis magrespond ang mga technician nila pag minsan.

Globe on December 04, 2010:

I hate Smartbroken and Globulok. Dati akong SmartBro, sobrang bagal ng connection hanggang sa nawala na internet connection. Pinapuputol ko na pero pinababayad pa ako ng remaining months kasi nga locked ng 1 year. Binayaran ko para lang matapos na, nung nagbayad na ako, sinisingil pa ako ulit ng isang buwan kasi kumain na raw ng isa pang buwan yung connection ko, e 6 months na akong wala internet. Di ko na binayaran yung sinisingil nila hanggang sa may dumating na lang sa amin na tech nila at kinuha antenna. Sabi sa amin nung tech, dapat daw di kami nagbayad kahit yung 6 months.

Next Globe naman. 1 month testing, kapag daw di ok, refund ang bayad, kapag ok naman, locked na 1 year. 1st month ayos no problem kaya ok na ako. After 1 month, eto na, sobrang bagal, mabilis pa dial-up, minsan naman wala internet. Bale sa loob ng isang linggo, mga 4 days lang may net, pag meron na, sobrang bagal. Minsan bumibilis pero mga 15 minutes lang siguro kada linggo.

Ngayon gusto ko na paputol, kaso may termination fee na 2,500.

Kung titingnan nating lahat, niloloko nila tayo, pero wala tayo magawa. Bakit wala silang pananagutan sa panloloko nila? Kapag di tayo nagbayad dahil nga wala namang dapat bayaran dahil wala nga net, e tayo pa ang may pananagutan. Parang mali ang mga customer na niloloko kapag pumalag. Malinaw na malinaw na lokohan ito at kawawang kawawa ang mga taong nabibiktima nila. Sana makita ito ng mga kinauukulan.

obi one kenobi on November 19, 2010:

PLDT service sucks.... we have been 25 years subscriber of their Land line service after ondoy we were disconnected for 2 mos after a year of dispute we were beginning to be disconnected month after month they said that were have 2 months balance... (this is after a year that our dispute was still on the computer (they said that this usually goes away after a year) and true enough it really gone away .... our dispute was remove from their system...) so we have to pay for that F 2 months.... is it fair to pay for the service.. you didn't have...... GO ON PLDT continue to DO STUPID things like these...... and you will be HISTORY..... I SAY HISTORY.... now that land line isn't important anymore..... Ang galing din ng 117 nyo..... sige nga try nyong tawagan ang sarili nyong service call center... kung hindi masira ang araw nyo..... Goodluck sa mag PLDT subscriber... kung ako sa inyo mag hanap na lang kayo ng iba

Switching to smart on November 18, 2010:

Ampy panu un after ka mawalan ng connection me nadating pa ba bill sayu?ok lng ba un? di ba mag dedemand pa cla na bayaran ung 12 months.. ako din kc 3 months ung bill ko sa globe di ko naman ma avail ung speed nila so i planned to apply in smartbro,

globe brokenband on November 16, 2010:

mejo ok naman kapag mga gabi na or madaling araw ang connection ng globe wimax d2 sa bulacan.

mejo badtrip lang kasi mnsan tgal bago mag karon ng internet tapos paputol putol pa connection every 4 hours taena kakabadtrip. kapag naputol to . mag smart bro nalang ulit ako...

kaso halos lahat ng kapitbahay namin nka smart bro . bka mag ka agawan sa signal kasi sb nila nakaka apekto din un.

kathy on November 13, 2010:

wang nyo try ang wimax..grabeh super hina ng connetion..d kasi ako nagbasa ng review beforehand and ang parents ko nagpakabit ng globe so nung nakabit na kahit ipa terminate pa namin babayaran pa rin hay grabeh bumili na lang ako ng usb ng smartbro mas mabilis pa ang connection nila...

christian on November 10, 2010:

wi tribe ang connection ko pero i found out na during peak hour para akong nakadial up connection, and beside poor signal din sa amin, i think there something to do with the location, siguro kung ililipat yung location ng modem baka gumanda ang signal pero how about the peak hour talaga sobrang bagal kahit sana 50% pero wala talaga parang 10% lang sa download speed required ang nakukuha

Tim jordan on November 05, 2010:

Ok ba smart wimax

marlonduba from Philippines on November 03, 2010:

Hi Papa Sez - nice article - that should give everyone some ground to start and choose. enjoyed this hob. Regards.

Papa Sez (author) from The Philippines to Canada on October 31, 2010:

Thanks everyone for your feedback. We really need to let others know about our experiences- good and bad- so they can make informed decisions, esp. with the 1-2 year commitment (required lock-in period). Napakahaba nito if one is stuck with a bad service.

@oscar duyor- thanks for bringing my attention to wi-tribe. Unfortunately, we are not in the stage of trying out a new ISP. But I encourage others to post their experiences with wi-tribe and other ISPs para magkaalaman. :)

Ampy on October 30, 2010:

Hi guys! share ko lang experience ko with GLOBE & SMARTBRO.. Una ko naging ISP ang GLOBE.. At first 2-3 months okei ang connection nya.. download and upload speed is unbelievable!! but after dumaan si typhoon ondoy.. My God! Naging unstable na ang connection ko.. Plus GLOBE doesn't have a reliable company reps when you try to call them.. Walang kwenta sken ang lock-in period.. So hindi talaga ako nagbayad for almost 3 months, kase hindi ko na naman nakukuha ang pinangako nilang speed connections.. After nila ko putulan.. Nag switched ako sa SMARTBRO.. pero before that, nag conduct muna ako ng survey from our neighbors.. A friend of mine told me that.. "Kung nasa manila ka.. dapat talaga mag smartbro ka.. coz malapit tayo sa base station nila.." So agad akong nag apply ng plan999 nila, na merong 24months lock-in period.. Nakaka 8Months na ko sa SMARTBRO ngaun.. Ang naging problem ko lang talaga sa kanila ay yung everytime na umuulan or nagkakabagyo ay nawawala ang connection ko.. But the very next day.. Everything's back to normal, as they promised. Hindi ko nire-recommend ang SMARTBRO.. depende kase yan sa area nyo.. or kung paano kayo mag maintain ng pc, like clearing of cache and cookies from sites.. download speed ko? 1.12Mbps to 1.20Mbps!! Night and Day.. Yung iba na nagbabalak mag GLOBE.. sayang ang pera, badtrip pa ang mga CSR nila..

reviewer on October 24, 2010:

i hate globe after ng lahat ng narinig k frm my classmates grbae muntik na nila ako maloko buti na lang i asked my classmates first

oscar duyor on October 19, 2010:

Base sa mga nabasa ko eh wala pala tayong matinong ISP dito sa Pilipinas. Isa na lang ang natitira at yun ay yung Wi-tribe kaya lang may lock-in period din pero pwede 6 months, 1 year or 2 years saka yung bayad para sa internet service depende sa consumption ng consumer. Meron silang flexi-plan. Eto yung website:

Pakireview naman tapos post po kayo ng comment kung okay naman. Thanks!

Keeper on October 09, 2010:

Dont trust Globe broadband!! ang bagal promise kung maitrtry nyo lang naku po......HATE IT!! nawawala wala din ung icons at logo's kagaya ng Facebook yung logo ng facebook pag nag online ka ang sama nga eh..

joy_10 on October 06, 2010:

never try globe wimax....or better yet wag n magkainternet...magtyaga n lang s net cafe..

patrick on October 02, 2010:

im a PLDT user, my only problem is that during daytime, i usually get disconnetd to my online game.

and yes, they have a poor customer service, it would take me minutes before someone will entertain my call.

i also tried smart bro and wala naman ako masyadong problem with them. we just need a landline so we switched to PLDT

haven't tried GLOBE but im planning to sana, ung wimax, but since ive read some rave comments, thanks but no thanks na lang.

Arjay on September 15, 2010:

iv been using PLDT sa Bulacan and its been almost 4 yrs now at mas madalas p masira PC ko kaysa sa mawalan ng I-net access. sa Globe naman, this ISP sucks, dont even try to subscribe to them unless gusto mo sumakit ulo mo ng 1-2 years ^^ there was a time n wla ako internet connection for more dan a week, katakot takot n phone calls and ginawa ko wla nangyare!

john on September 01, 2010:

gusto na namin pa terminate broadband connection from smart after 4 months kasi di na namin kaya magbayad pero willing naman kami magbayad ng termination fee but according to smart we have to pay the 20 months balance otherwise they will take legal action.hay naku! ang batas sa pinas palaging nasaside lang ng mga mayayaman. buywsit!!!!!!!

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