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Getting the Most out of a 350 Million Users Audience: Twitter Targeting Tips

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With over 350 million users, Twitter has become one of the primary sources of conversions for marketers and businesses. While the simplistic social networks make a great method to engage in conversations with the audiences, it is obvious that plenty of businesses try to actually come up with a profit. Twitter ads add to this marketing campaign, regardless of the personal experience. Growing followers is all about planning, whether it comes to choosing the right advertising tools, defining the audience, deciding on a budget, and measuring results.

Defining the audience is by far the most relevant feature in Twitter's campaigns. Classification criteria is quite diversified and may go into more directions.

Targeting actual followers

Interested in targeting people based on their interests? This option works best for those who are active in a small or precise niche. The campaign is based on others' followers, as well as the patterns in their preferences. Automotive heads tend to follow car-related people or businesses, just like vegans focus on recipes and famous people who adopted this diet. Such interests may inevitably put your business among the main recommendations. There are a few helpful tips and phases to go through when not sure where to start:

  • Using the feature to identify new and relevant followers
  • Developing personalized Twitter list regarding the followers
  • Considering current customers with direct campaigns based on private messages
  • Tailoring the campaign to access fresh customers
  • Researching keywords and hashtags
  • Keeping an eye on the competition

Targeting interests

Different people have different passions. In order to set a campaign based on personal interests, marketers need to come up with the perfect customer profile. What would the ideal client like? What about their most common hobbies? There are over 375 different categories regarding interests. Of course, this targeting solution is more diversified than the one based on followers. It simply targets a wider audience.

Targeting language and location

Interested in marketing the campaign toward a particular area? A more focused campaign can be customized with the language in mind, as well as the geography. A local business is less likely to lead to conversions when “suggested” to people who live in other parts of the world or even different parts of the country. Twitter allows individualizing the campaign in the smallest details, which means that marketers may also focus on nothing but the zip code only.

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Targeting men, women and both

Some services are specifically directed toward a particular gender. Some fields or industries may also go in one direction or another. Cars and parts are mostly focused on men, while cosmetics tend to be more popular among women. Some other businesses can be even more specialized, whether they are medical, beauty-related or educational.

Exploring tailored audiences

Tailored audiences work by some simple operating principles that both newbies and professionals can understand. Practically, the ads can be targeted according to user IDs, phone numbers, email addresses, handles and mobile applications. Years ago, marketers did not have access to so many deep options. Instead, they were limited to interests or specific keywords. Both these campaigns could generate an impressive conversion rate, but they could not be used together, so the targeting capabilities faced a lot of limitations.

Tailored audiences target two categories of people – current and potential customers. Advertisers are free to direct their campaigns toward people who they already know or people who are already in their newsletter lists. But according to Twitter, the best outcome occurs when the campaign hits potential clients and fresh interactions. There is one major requirement for such a campaign to be successful – collecting enough information from the optimal sources, only to identify the right audience.

In the end, Twitter marketing campaigns have never been more specific. Choosing a campaign must be done with personal goals in mind. Targeting the right audience is also part of the process. Over the past year, the social network has seriously improved its marketing capabilities in an attempt to keep up with its competition. Such things can only make advertisers happy, especially since campaigns are extremely easy to setup in one direction or another, depending on the actual objectives.

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