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Getting Started on IG: A Beginner’s Guide to Instagram Marketing

If social media platforms were celebrities, Instagram is definitely the Kim Kardashian of them all. Flashy, showy, glitzy, celeby, and very very addictive too. You breeze in to see one picture and before you realize it you’ve spent hours scrolling through feeds of pictures.

As far as social media marketing mediums go, Instagram definitely takes the cake as the champion of them all. A major power player in the realm of social media marketing platforms. Especially for eCommerce, influencer brands, and businesses that are visually focused. With millions of users who are literally addicted to the glitz and glam of the platform, the engagement level is as high as you would expect and more.

Instagram has grown and keeps evolving with new features in the bid to stay dynamic and capture the markets that other social platforms try to cater to. With this came features like Insta stories, Insta live, and more. And these features add to the magic tools you can use to create a great marketing strategy for your business on the platform.

In this guide, I would attempt to list some great Instagram features and how you can optimize them to create captivating content and more engagements for your feed and stories.

What is Instagram Marketing?

Instagram marketing is the art of using Instagram to promote your business and create awareness about your brand or enterprise. Instagram marketing has revolutionized the marketing space. The rise of the social media influencers began with the coming of Instagram and created a whole new niche that involved making people who became popular by growing a following on the platform into celebrities.

With the rise of the Instagram influencer celebrity came the rise of Instagram marketing in all its forms.

Instagram due to its visually appealing mode lets people, brands and businesses build a following just by creating great content. According to studies, there are over 1 billion active users on the platform, and it is a great medium for entrepreneurs to build their visibility.

To get started with marketing on Instagram, the first step is to create an Instagram Business account.


How do I promote my business on Instagram?

  • Use hashtags to make your content easier to discover
  • Use Contests, challenges, and giveaways as a strategy to create more brand awareness and engagement you’re your followers.
  • Interact with your followers by responding to messages and comments.
  • Publish Stories and Reels.
  • Work with Instagram influencers that are both in and out of your niche to broaden your visibility scope
  • Launch Instagram ads
  • What is the best way to use Instagram for marketing?
  • Instagram is capitalizing on the eCommerce-focused crowd of its Audience and optimizing its platform to service these needs with eCommerce features like stories.

Why use Instagram for marketing?

Instagram is the best platform for small businesses to run small marketing campaigns. It has great reach, visibility, and a diverse audience that is highly engaging. The platform also makes it easy for customers to interface with brands and patronize businesses.

Also, lots of studies have stated that building a good following for your brand on business on Instagram can help translate a substantial amount of that following not sales.

There are studies that show that more than 10% of social media users shop on Instagram and most Instagram users follow at least 1 business page.

Instagram has embraced the eCommerce side of it and so with Instagram ads, you can also get great results with high engagement and sales. The Instagram algorithm is known to work based on interests and location.

Some Instagram Marketing Strategies and Guides.

Here are some great tips you can implement to build your Instagram marketing strategy and set your brand up for success.

  • Optimize your Instagram profile
  • Create your content strategy
  • Use Instagram hashtags
  • Publish Instagram Stories
  • Go Live
  • Set up an Instagram shop
  • Run an Instagram contest
  • Work with Instagram influencers
  • Use Instagram ads
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1. Optimize Your Instagram Profile

To start using Instagram for marketing, you’ll need an Instagram Business account. If you already have a personal Instagram account and do not wish to create a new Instagram account for your new business or venture, you can convert your personal Instagram account by simply switching to a business account on the app. Here’s how to do it:

Go to Settings on your Instagram profile and switch to Professional Account.

Select your business category and tap Done.

After setting up your business account, update your bio and contact details. This is a way to optimize your profile and get you ready for the visibility you want.

2. Clickable hashtags.

This might seem kind of redundant because hashtags are generally clickable. Adding a hashtag to your profile makes it easy to find for people who search that hashtag. Just like a post. It can help your visibility on Instagram’s algorithm. Use hashtags in your posts too. They make your content easier to find.

3. Create your content strategy

Plan your Instagram content around your targeted audience and study your analysis as you execute it. Instagram has one of the most active and engaging users among all social media platforms, and each user is estimated to spend at least 28 minutes daily on the app. This is a great way to ensure that most of your followers and audience spend time on your profile and are interested in what you have to show.

With great content and great results, you can track your audience interaction and activity on your post, and this gives you more insight into what you should be doing more or less.

For types of content you should post, you should look at your competitors in the same niche and study what your target market/audience who are already engaging those competitors want, it would help you to streamline your content towards creating what they want in a better way.

4. Publish Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories were added to Instagram when Snapchat came with the disappearing videos feature and was a big rave for the youngsters. Instagram added the feature in its dynamic way of capturing other social media market shares by giving users what they find endearing in other platforms. The stories became and hit and then Instagram saw the disadvantages and improved on this to create Highlights as well for longevity.

Highlights enable you to curate important videos or pictures so your audience can easily find the stars of your show.

5. Go live

Instagram Live Stories have become of the most popularly used features of Instagram and a great feature for brands too. With Instagram live you broadcast straight from your phone and engage your followers and audience in real-time. You can use it to host Q&As, interview influencers, etc.

6. Set up an Instagram shop

With Instagram you can now add product stickers and tags which lets users tap on a product in a story or post or story, get more information about the product and follow the link to the site to purchase it.

7. Run an Instagram contest

Instagram contests are one of the more popular and highly successful marketing strategies on Instagram. Contests are a hit because everyone loves to win stuff. Free stuff would always be in vogues.

Contests are engaging and there are different facets to it like contests requiring users to tag friends, this has the snowball effect of increasing engagement as tagging friends would result in them tagging more friends and this gives you more visibility, contests require the audience to follow, this helps for follower growth and is best in the long term as these followers become audience that you can appeal to with your posts, contests about leaving comments are good for engagement as well, phot contests are more participatory, builds active user experience and engagement.

8. Work with Instagram influencers

This can be one of the best Instagram marketing strategies. Influencer marketing can help for wider reach faster. Influencers build huge engaged and active followings, and this can be a great marketing platform for brands and businesses to build an audience and instant likes for their products.

9. Use Instagram ads

According to Instagram statistics, about 25% of Instagram shoppers buy directly from Instagram ads. This makes it a great medium for advertising.

Instagram offers a lot of opportunities for businesses and brands to build and engage customer bases. I hope you can find your magic tool on this list.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Loretta Osakwe Awosika

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