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Galaxy S23 Ultra - "Ultra Stabilization Mode"

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Samsung promised a new optical image stabilization system for the camera when it launched the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Combining the new OIS technology with video digital image stabilization software, it said, resulting in a Super Steady Mode with 48% less shaking than the phone's predecessor.

Ultra Stabilization

According to famed leakster Ricciolo, the Galaxy S23 Ultra will include a more advanced "Ultra Stabilization" technology, maybe a mix of hardware and software components that will be employed for floating video footage or clearer images.

The iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Pro models from Apple, on the other hand, introduced Action Mode for video recording, leveraging image stabilization to previously unheard-of levels that compensate for every breath and tremor when shooting film.


When there is enough light available, it can also be used as a gimble replacement. It also records in Dolby Vision HDR, though not at the full 4K resolution that the iPhone 14 series is otherwise capable of. When you're in the thick of the action, Apple claims that it "uses the entire sensor with greater over scan and enhanced roll correction to make video seem exceptionally steady."

Thus, the rumored Galaxy S23 Ultra image stabilization might be a reaction to the iPhone 14's Action Mode, or it could simply be a function that Samsung's phone was capable of anyway, but was only given a new marketing moniker, as Apple frequently does.

When we compared the cameras on the iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Galaxy S22 Ultra, we also tested Apple's new Action Mode for video recording versus Samsung's Super Steady Mode on the S22 Ultra.

In a nutshell, both modes mitigate for frame jitters using a cut from the ultra-wide camera, while Action Mode appears to be a bit smoother overall. With the new Galaxy S23 "Ultra stabilization" feature, Samsung might just be delivering an enhanced version of its Super Steady video recording mode.

It might possibly be attempting to promote the function more during its keynote presentation, for people who were unaware that the Action Mode-style option had been available on Samsung Galaxy phones for some time.

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Galaxy S23 camera

With the Galaxy S23 series, a new 200MP primary camera sensor is anticipated to represent the largest hardware advancement. While Samsung's announcement of an ISOCELL HP3 200MP camera sensor would have added fuel to that particular rumor mill, in reality Samsung may employ a customized ISOCELL sensor with 0.60-micron pixels.

Although Samsung's recently unveiled ISOCELL HPX sensor may seem like a strong contender as well, it boasts fewer pixels and a smaller overall size. With Tetra pixel technology, the camera sensor maintains the 0.56-micron pixel size in direct sunlight, enabling the shooting of 200MP photos. The pixel size increases to 1.12 microns in low-light conditions, enabling the user to capture 50MP images. The same pixel-binning wizardry will be working with the 50MP mode on the S23 Ultra, just with a larger virtual pixel.

16 pixels work together to generate one pixel, allowing an image to be taken at 12.5MP in extremely low-light conditions. Despite the fact that this claim has been made repeatedly since the initial 108MP camera, Samsung claims that this technology would enable customers to shoot crisp images in any lighting condition.

In fact, a new camera-related rumor surfaced soon after the one claiming that the Galaxy S23 Ultra will include unique camera features including "Ultra stabilization," which may have been developed as a rival to Apple's Action Mode. Additionally, the special 200MP sensor, which is anticipated to debut in the S23 Ultra for the first time on a Galaxy S-line phone, will be significantly better at taking pictures in low light. As Samsung's flagship phones currently feature a wonderful Night mode in the camera app, any future advancements in low-light performance are anticipated to rely more on hardware upgrades than on image processing techniques.


Galaxy S23 Ultra camera samples

An alleged first camera sample from the 200MP Galaxy S23 Ultra vs Galaxy S22 Ultra's 108MP camera has surfaced from the depths of the Chinese tech blogosphere as if to tangentially prove the rumor about improved low-light photography. If the sample is truly from the S23 Ultra, it is much sharper and more detailed than what the S22 Ultra is able to muster in the same situation.

So, what are your own thought on this. Please shear it with us in the comment section, and I will see you in the next one.


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