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Futurist: An Idea to Build a Fun Home Rover!

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

From home security to checking quietly on the baby, a home rover would be cool!

From home security to checking quietly on the baby, a home rover would be cool!

My three use cases for the home robotic rover

As a futurist, I often look to the edge of what is possible. However, my goal is to look at possible short-run things. In the past, I shared ideas in my various blogs and publications about ideas I am considering as projects. So today, I want to talk a little bit about an idea I have for a home robotic not sure what you call a companion, an entity, I don't have a really good name for it, but today we're going to talk about my idea for a home robotic rover. I will share three interesting use cases for this new home robotic rover.

Use case one revolves around building on an existing concept of home surveillance or video. It's very hard to burglarize someone's home if there's going to be an image of you available. That is the value of a home video security system. A robotic system can roam around your house between the doors on the level it is, allowing you more peace of mind when you're not home. So use case one is home protection or home surveillance.

Use case two focuses on what today are ROVs and aerial drones do. That is to provide safety someplace that is a little bit more difficult for a human. You can have it all with several hundred feet of a tether and ultimately see 300 feet or more underwater. An ROV goes where it is hard for humans to go without protective gear. Crawling around tight spaces in your house or under your house doesn't require protective gear, but it is nice to see what is under the house before you start crawling!

Use case three of this robotic Rover would be around the concept of home entertainment. There was a product that had a mobile projector a few years ago. It was called a home pod. At the same time, this idea would be similar, smaller with the advances in the projector, and a much better product. Plus, you could integrate with your existing home speakers, and suddenly you have a home theater on wheels!

The last part of this home automation Rover or robotic rover system would be the size. As I mentioned, a home entertainment pod existed; it was very cool and worked very well five the reality was big. The value of such a rover would be its ability to be small and unobtrusive in your life. In other words, you can do other things without moving them. Adding machine intelligence to such a device will allow them to interact with humans in a more scheduled and automated fashion.

The home rover, the future of home (insert use case here)

Rule two would be to have a battery capable of lasting a minimum of four hours. And that would be four hours in a stationary mode running a projector. Based on the overall system, it would need to be smart enough to head back to its charger when its batteries were low. You would also want a robotic arm capable of moving the projector so you could adjust the image up and down physically.

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So the size of the critical rovers must be small enough that it's manageable. The rubber's battery life must be capable of providing services that can deliver consistently for a long period of value. First, of course, you talked about the services the rubber would need to provide: a camera projector and speakers supervising the sidewalk. Now one of the things you can do is have audio speakers installed in the room and have the Rover capable of connecting to those speakers to use when playing a movie. Or watching a TV show or anything else you do with a home projector. You can even do slide shows. The slideshow moves around the room so different people can see the pictures you share with your kid's family or whatever else. You also have to have a microphone capable of understanding noise. There are some noises that the Rover should discard, such as noises that are not relevant. Like the furnace turning out or the water. Turning now, although of interest to note the machine intelligence Rover like this, one of the interesting things you can do is watch for people accidentally leaving sinks running.

Parts of this solution are available today, but only some can do all three. I won't go into the humanoid versus non-humanoid form because this would truly be a Rover with tank treads probably no more than 2 feet long and 2 feet with batteries, speakers, projector, and camera. It should have a 360-degree camera. That allows the camera to see in all directions, regardless of the Rover's direction. The final addition would be a robotic arm that would allow the movement of the projector that works. I decided whatever they needed for the particular location you were trying to view something. I'll end with this last piece, and this would be a boon for remote families on holidays. You could have an immersive family chat on the major holidays, even if you are all in the same fish. Everything is possible today, but nobody's yet pulled it together!

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