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Futurist: The Value of AI (Machine Intelligence)

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

Machine Intelligence may be the new frontier. But it may just be a rinse and repeat situation.

Machine Intelligence may be the new frontier. But it may just be a rinse and repeat situation.

AI has many positive things it can do.

I've talked many times about the impact of what I believe to be the misused term Artificial Intelligence in my column here. I prefer that intelligence be something we understand as existing. Any human-created machine intelligence would be machine intelligence. For example, I've talked about the effects of autonomous cars. Why I think that will probably change driving when it is ready. I also have had discussions on the various concepts of machine learning and machine intelligence that is state-sponsored. Not that states inherently try to do the wrong thing; rather, the limiting reality of state-sponsored machine intelligence will be a machine intelligence focused on the function that the state wishes to happen. However, I'm curious about the fact of what machine intelligence will do for the world around us for myself and others. So my thesis for today is the value of machine intelligence, but I want to preface that with the future state value of machine intelligence, not the value of today.

The initial area where I see machine intelligence having a huge impact on the positive is that of medical diagnostics. First, medical groups and government agencies must integrate medical data sources and collect medical data for all humans. Additionally, at some point, for machine intelligence-based diagnostic systems to be effective, we will need a digitized view of your genome (DNA). The Machine Intelligence would be able to Understand the now and the potential impact whil\e building drugs designed for your Genome (DNA). I perceive the future probably 5 to 10 years from now. In fairness, it may be a little further out. If there are kiosks that you go to or log into online and input your current symptoms. The system will have access to your medical records securely! The medical intelligence system will be able to look at your present symptoms, known issues in your area, and the symptoms and give you a rapid diagnosis. Then the system would hand you off to a human doctor for confirmation. But it would allow you to quickly begin to ascertain the urgency of what you need to do. That is value one that is probably, as I said, 5 to 10 years away.

Autonomous cars are another value proposition of machine intelligence; it is also more than ten years out for the completely driverless car system. The value proposition at that point is going to be significantly lower insurance rates. You will be able to work on your commute, reducing the wear and tear as someone heading to work. The other day I heard a person say we would have flying cars before autonomous cars. The problem with flying cars will be identical to that of terrestrial-based cars. If you have a human behind the wheel, the variability of their reactions will always be the problem. My grandfather always said if you had a patch of ice, you turn with skid initially to gain control. But not all people do that, as evidenced by the many accidents on icy roads. I can tell you from personal experience that turning into a skid one evening on an icy patch of road in Bloomington, Indiana, actually allowed me to control my car and not have a collision. So again, autonomous cars are all the second big current value of machine intelligence about ten years out.

The value of Machine intelligence is the partnership with humanity.

The value of Machine intelligence is the partnership with humanity.

My dream is a partnership between Machine Intelligence and Humanity.

In the first case, a doctor will verify the analysis of the machine system, and in the second place, a driver will sit in the driver seat and be able to take control of the car if such a situation is required. The advantage of machine intelligence driving is that it will stay hyperfocused, and a human only has to be hyperfocused for a short time. It is much easier for the human brain to kick in and do that. The other advantage in my last one for today will be the advantage of machines doing monotonous and dangerous work instead of humans. These would be tasks that cause repetitive injury over time or jobs that ultimately require low pay due to the nature of the functions. For example, autonomous Apple pickers and cabbage pickers would be of value. Independent cotton pickers would significantly change the cotton industry. A machine-driven system run by machine intelligence would reduce the need for human intervention in the agricultural world. Not particularly jobs that we ultimately would want humans to be doing. They involve constant and precise repetition machine is much better at that.

My three examples involve improving human life. I believe machine intelligence has the capacity and capability to do. Do I like the current company and government drive in machine intelligence today? No, not I think we need a place where the innovation rises rather than the innovation being pushed from the top down. The top-down machine intelligence push does make me a little nervous. So the existence of state-sponsored machine intelligence does make me a little nervous. The first three examples I gave personally, I believe, are 5 to 10 years out in all cases, but all three will benefit humanity. That is my personal goal for machine intelligence systems that ultimately benefit society. I believe machine intelligence deployed as a partner with the humans around it will eventually help the humans who work with it. But I also think that machine intelligence will deserve the same treatment as humans as it evolves. I don't want to end up with the sky net system from Terminator being a reality.

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