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Futurist: The Concept of AI (Machine Intelligence) Pairing

I am a parent, futurist, and technologist. My career has spanned the birth of personal computers to the rise of cloud computing.

The concept of Human and Machine Intelligence working together is interesting.

The concept of Human and Machine Intelligence working together is interesting.

Intelligent machines making human lives easier.

Over the last few months, I discussed several evolving AI or machine intelligence concepts in my columns. I spoke about machine intelligence and adaptation being a biological framework, a component of the theory of evolution but very applicable to how machine intelligence will evolve. Adaptation is simply the process of machine intelligence reacting to its environment and modifying its behavior and composition to respond to that change. I talked about implementing machine intelligence in the short-term and long-term, where the considerations of implementation are critical. I've also talked about that moment when a machine intelligence achieves awareness. That moment when the machine intelligence realizes it is alive and is capable of thought independent of any program. We talked about the ways that I see machine intelligence implemented. Of course, we've also talked about the elephant in the room, that being why people fear artificial intelligence. Today my topic or theme is "How is machine intelligence going to enter and improve human society?"

Numerous organizations are building AI or Machine Intelligence systems to replace human beings. That is the basis of the fear that many people have humans will be replaced by machine intelligence. That is true to a degree. Jobs that cause injury to humans or present risk are perfect fits for robotics and Machine Intelligence today. I would call that a good replacement where we replace humans in roles and jobs that ultimately cost them the ability to enjoy life. The old argument about the critical quality of life is very relevant when discussing jobs that damage the human body.

The areas where Machine intelligence won't replace humans is the one that interests me. I call that concept pairing. Human and machine intelligence work together on a common goal or job. One does not replace the other; the machine intelligence system has access to data. The Machine Intelligence system can then provide that data to the human partner.

Pairing, allows for the strengths of both sides to be leveraged.

Pairing, allows for the strengths of both sides to be leveraged.

Will pairing improve both sides of the pair?

The optimal configuration for pairing is the human decides. The pairing augments both. Humans can use their natural intuition from their interactions with humans. Machine intelligence can provide facts and data around the interaction but further push into the realm of the facts relevant to that particular problem. I have no idea the percentages, but I've long said that people use search engines because they need something. Be it a fact, who starred in the movie strikes, for I need to buy a new dishwasher. People pairing systems the human can certainly ask the machine intelligence to find that information. Machine intelligence will then parse many more web pages in a much shorter time. The good human results in a structured response to the question, how do I do this?

Gary, if it comes aligned more and more now will lead to a more effective system on both sucks. The human and machine intelligence working together will allow for a much broader response to a customer service situation. Research pairings can increase the speed of breakthrough solutions in medicine and other areas. In science, the combinational pairing will give scientists more information about what they seek. It allows for more refinement of the experimentation and process they are using. Eventually, the pairing system can also create a veracity engine. The information provided on the Internet can be run through the machine intelligence system and discarded before it propagates. This information is very dangerous, and a pairing system would support removing this information from access. You could, as the human still override the machine intelligence as to what it is or isn't considering. But the reality is the system and the pairing working together will be able to produce a much stronger vision given what is available.

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Since these pairing systems exist today and as more and more organizations deploy solutions and systems based on the pairing of human and machine intelligence are going to see more and more effective solutions to problems. The other side of this is the removal of people's fear today. As the media calls them, machine intelligence systems, or AI systems, would replace humans in a pairing system. Machine intelligence will augment human capacity. The human will augment the machine intelligence as well. The adage that two brains are better than one applies to machine intelligence and human pairing, making both stronger.

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