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Futurist: More Postive Impacts for Machine Intelligence (Ai)

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

Sometimes it is not the limits of what you are doing, but how you are doing it!

Sometimes it is not the limits of what you are doing, but how you are doing it!

More Positive things that AI/MI can do for the world!

As promised last week, I will continue my series of ways AI will be positive. The very name AI makes me nervous as it is an intelligence created by humans and is likely to begin or appear similar to human intelligence when it first appears. In the future, the intelligence created by humans, machine intelligence, will become artificial because it will no longer think like humans. But I think that is far in the future, so right now, focus on the positive aspects of machine intelligence AI's positive impacts on the world in the short term. I am limiting these potential value propositions to no more than five years. I can say, looking for positive impacts for Machine Intelligence hasn't been hard. I have found many. Now the issue is that I don't want to create a book; I want to create a futurist post!

The first positive impact I see of Machine Intelligence in the future in medicine. For the most part, this solution is a future state. It may be more than 12 to 18 months out from initial testing. The system is simply an integrated diagnostic system for medical professionals. What does that mean? It is a concept where we couple a human doctor and diagnostic machine intelligence. What is a diagnostic Machine Intelligence? It is a system designed to take all the different inputs from the patient. The MI/AI can be attached to patient records, diagnostic systems, academic journals, and many more sources of information. The Machine Intelligence can then provide a range of what's possibly wrong with that patient.

The Machine Intelligence system would present information to the human doctor. The human doctor would now have a point of basis or beginning point in further exploration of what is wrong with the patient. The advantage of the machine intelligence system is that over time can add new information continuously, even to the point of real-time medical data devices. That way, the human Dr. has a framework by which they can diagnose and work with the patient. In this way, we take the ability of a human to extrapolate and build upon what is available and the ability of the machine intelligence to take in all the diagnostic information and apply that to the known illnesses that that particular symptom applies to or cut out several avenues that don't need exploration. Integrating this with real-time medical information like heart monitors, blood sugar monitors, and so on will empower the doctor and machine intelligence. Effectively this will make medicine a more powerful tool for solving people's problems.

Right solution ends up with the right output every single time!

Right solution ends up with the right output every single time!

Machine Intelligence can help us by gathering data...

Another extremely interesting and positive impact will be in the area of simple traffic lights. Artificial intelligence or machine intelligence connected to all of the lights in the city has a much bigger view than a human would be related to managing and moving traffic in the town. The simple act of modifying a red light so that people sit for a little bit longer in the short run, knowing that that will speed up their overall commute radically, would be significant. The fuel and time savings alone would justify the expense of building an integrated machine intelligence system managing the stop lights of the city. We could apply that intelligence to optimizing public transportation so that it also would benefit more people more effectively—another great example of how AI can change the world positively.

One last positive impact of machine intelligence is as an information gathering system. Starting in the US in 2016, the concept of fake news became important. With an information gathering system, we can sort through the trash and eliminate some of the more outlandish ideas shared on the Internet. Curation allows people to have a consistent, structured view of information. Pick your favorite search engine and take a look at the results returned. The search engine doesn't matter because, in reality, what you get back is likely not what you seek. Or what you are looking for will be way too how in the search results. Companies pay their information at the top of the results list. But also, there are simply a lot of posts about a topic that is not always relevant. The machine intelligence system and machine learning algorithms could quickly sort and present relevant information to you. Of course, the reality is you don't want to be censored by something you are unaware of, so it would present you with the option do you want to see your pure church search results for you want to see the curated search result?

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There is an old Chinese proverb, oh, to live in interesting times. The rise and spread of machine intelligence are extremely interesting. Produces a lot of fear, and fear is a very normal human reaction to change. Most of us don't like change when it applies to us. We favor change broadly sweepingly until it's directly applied to us. But, considering the powerful and positive impact that machine intelligence can have on the very lives, we lead ultimately is a good thing.

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