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Futurist: How Do 5g and the Enterprise Resource Triangle Come Together?

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

The Enterprise Resource Triangle is a tool for building applications.

The Enterprise Resource Triangle is a tool for building applications.

A friend asked how do 5g and the Enterprise Resource Triangle come together?

I wrote two recent articles about the advent of 5G being more than simply getting movies faster to your phone. And the other is about the enterprise resource triangle concept, which I developed to explain the modernization of applications. A longtime reader friend sent me the following question; you brought up the point that 5G is more than delivering a movie to my cell phone but that I want to quickly deliver a one-gig movie to my cell phone. You also talk about the three-headed monster that you call the enterprise resource triangle. What I don't see is a structured linkage between the two. Well, I guess the answer to that question is, let's build a structured linkage between the two. So without further ado, the linkage between the available bandwidth on a mobile device, 5G, and the enterprise resource triangle.

A quick refresher for those people that haven't read either of those two articles, the argument I made in my 5G is more than just delivering a movie to the cell phone; I talk about the reality of what that means. From an enterprise application perspective, one of the limits has always been the amount of available bandwidth for mobile users. What 5G brings is basically in many areas, not the entire country yet and probably not the entire country for a very long time, but for a good chunk of the country, what it means today is equal to wifi speed anywhere. Wifi is normally inside an organization's buildings. From a security perspective, you want wifi limited to the building. Wifi isn't of value in the parking lot other than making it easier for a hacker to hack the network. 5G, on the other hand, is everywhere, and while the hacker can be on the same network as the user is a little harder for them to hack the cellular network. It is possible but harder. With private 5g, the organization can say only the known IMEI Sims can connect to the network. That allows even great security.

But that is available anywhere without the organization having to build out a huge wifi network is the value of 5g: that, and the ability to have a one gig file delivered to your device in seconds. As we think about the enterprise resource triangle, which we will talk about next, it makes everything different. So why do you care that 5G lets you move the movie to your cell phone easily, over the air, anywhere? It simply opens the door to having a massive amount of data available anytime you need it.

5g can be in your pocket, or on the window!

5g can be in your pocket, or on the window!

A simple way to integrate the three components of your organization into your applications going forward!

Reviewing the enterprise resource triangle (ERT) is simply a way to look at how information moves in the modern enterprise. ERT is a way to consider an organization's assets before and during the development of new applications. ERT also applies to the process of upgrading or improving existing applications. By utilizing the ERT, we can build and deploy solutions that won't require changes the day after we deploy them!

Mobile applications are different than applications written for laptops. First off, the applications are different because, in most cases, people are willing to have less capability in the mobile application. Most people use less than 30% of the features of Microsoft Word. But many users use nearly 100% of the features of Microsoft Word on a mobile device.

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The mobile version of applications often included the most used features. That concept of a bite-size application, coupled with the enterprise resource triangle, gives you a path to building applications in the future. Consider where the user is ending up or the destination. Consider how the user is going to get there or the landscape. And finally, consider what devices that user is using to get there. So the linkage between 5G, the newest network protocol available for mobile devices, and the enterprise resource triangle are simply the applications. The ERT gives us a framework to build and deploy enterprise applications. 5G lives within the enterprise resource triangle as a delivery modality for information. Yes, Batman returns on your cell phone.

The beauty of the enterprise resource triangle is it doesn't matter what your development environment is. It fits. It quite simply fits as a simple way to evaluate the disparate pieces that put together the puzzle of application management, connection, and of course, utilization. Remember back to the concept of bite-size applications, which mobile devices prefer. You don't want to see and 10,000 line Excel spreadsheet on a mobile device. So while 5G is a component of the concept, landscape, it also brings its partner in crime devices. 5G comes in two distinct formats. Simply it can be a mobile device that has a 5G sim in it. Or a 5G puck is sitting on the window of your home or office. 5G now having 5G home and 5G business available. The puck is replacing the cable or fiber cable that previously brought the internet into your home.

So the answer to my friend's question. Ultimately 5G fits inside the enterprise resource triangle. 5G represents one of the landscapes an organization has to consider in building applications of the future. 5g and wifi 6 are available now. The reality is wifi's seven and 6G are slowly beginning to move from concept to standard. They are not a standard today, neither of them, but sometime in the next five years, they will become standards. Building applications with the ERT allows you to replace any component without rebuilding the entire application. I'll end with the simple statement of how 5G and the enterprise resource triangle coexist. 5G is part of the enterprise resource triangle landscape.

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