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Futurist: Also Ran Tech That Won't Make My Hot Tech 2022 Column!

I am a long-time Futurist, and technologist. In my career, I have spanned the birth of personal computers, to the rise of Cloud Computing.

Some tech doesn't get the thumbs up

Some tech doesn't get the thumbs up

I am starting my list of hot tech for 2022, there are sadly tech solutions that don't make that list.

As we roll into December, I will start talking about industries and technologies that I think are cool, but I don't think they will be big in 2022. For the most part, these are developing door slowly emerging markets. Today most of these markets suffer from the early adoption curve in the technology space. Part of that early adoption curve is you frankly don't sell that many. You have R&D, planning, and implementation costs, so profit is far in the future, or the first ones sold are very expensive! It is the market reality of being on the cutting edge of cool tech. So without further ado, this is not my cool tactic 2022 column. The focus is a cool tech 2 to 3 years out from the mass market.

Technology area number one is what I believe to be the growing area of the connected Telescope. Now I don't mean telescopes like in the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window.". That was a camera, but you get the concept. In that case, that Telescope (camera) spied on the neighbors. Rather I'm talking about telescopes that look to the sky. But they don't just look to the sky; they also connect to your phone, tablet, or computer. It allows you to take images from that Telescope and share them with other people. Now, you can buy a telescope and a camera adapter and connect your phone to your Camera. But that's a lot more complicated than an all-in-one connected Telescope. You can install an application for stargazing on your phone. Connect the Telescope to the phone via Bluetooth or wifi and then say, show me Cassiopeia. The Telescope automatically points to the area in the night sky to show Casseopia!

Or, if you want, you can take a picture of the Sea of Tranquility on the moon, type and see if the application and the Telescope automatically point and take pictures of the Sea of tranquility. Pending the amount of light pollution around you, you may not get good images. Authors note that if you are close to a city, light pollution will reduce your image quality. Today like 3D printers two or three years ago, these telescopes cost between $2000 and $3000, some a little more. But it's also today a small market. Eventually, I believe the market will get a little bigger, and the prices will come down.

Infrared silphia!!!!

Infrared silphia!!!!

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I Admit the Smart Camera Is Not Going to Happen.

Another market, although it's not necessarily an expensive hardware purchase today, is the area of automotive heads-up displays. These are sometimes called HUDs. The problem today is that these particular technology devices require wire connections. You have to plug into the 0BM port of your car and a power supply. The wires can be a bit much. And when someone releases a product that has a wireless management port device, battery-operated display, I think you'll see that market begin to take off as well. Many car manufacturers include these displays with new cars also. So it's conceivable that the market may never take off as it may simply become well part of your car.

I will slip in a couple of technologies that will not be in the mass market in two or three years. I think their time has come and gonet. The smart Camera and I talked about that a couple of times is an example. I don't believe there will be smart cameras. I believe more and more functionality will move into the Camera on a cell phone, and the digital Camera will slowly fade to black. Another technology that I think might've had a chance for five years ago is now slowly but surely fading as well. And that is a sleeve for your cell phone. Now the sleeve isn't what you think it is, because today there are battery sleeves for every cell phone made. Double and even triple your phone's battery life by adding a battery sleeve; I am talking about radio sleeves. No, not HD or FM AM receivers; you can still find those. These are shortwave radio, either VHF, HAM, FMRS, or the private signals used by police and fire departments. They are sometimes called two-way radios. These sleeves would allow the person to use their phone as a multipurpose device—both cellular signal and Land mobile radio (LMR). The advantage of radio remains that you don't need a cell tower today. But I don't believe the sleeves will find a mass-market position in the next few years. Maybe someday, but not today and, for that matter, not in the next 3 to 5 years.

I want to end with this simple statement. I normally pick between 3 and 10 technologies that I think will be big in the coming year. To do that, I consider 10 to sometimes 30 different technologies either in or coming to the market. I include in my prediction the technologies that I think will be big in the coming year. I have to take off my tech hat and put on a market hat. This column is the first also-ran column. Technologies I considered in making my mass-market list for 2022. So these products are interesting; I think they are slowly going to become mass-market products, but just not in 2022. I'll end simply with the statement that it makes me sad to see the digital Camera slowly fade. It makes me intrigued to see the potential for HUD displays. I think they will be standard in most cars. The connected Telescope is interesting; when the prices come down. I think you'll see more and more connected telescopes in the world. Until that happens, they are going to remain a rarity.

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