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Freelancing Is the Best Choice for Stay-at-Home Parent


Why Freelancing is the best choice for stay at home parent?

Freelancing is flexible

Freelancing gives you freedom

Freelancing has a lot of things to offer


Why Freelancing

Making money without leaving your family is important. that is the reason why freelancing is the best choice for stay-at-home parents. I personally experienced working abroad for 8long years away from my loved ones. In that 8years… I never had a chance to celebrate Christmas or New Years’ or even my birthday with them. Yes… I was able to give them everything that they need and at first, I was happy, proud, and feeling accomplished. I feel like I’m really a good provider. Then one day. Things change when my daughter told me “Mommy Please come home

In this present time, parents sacrifice a lot for their family. Some are really working for long hours just to make sure that their income will be enough. Others choose to work overseas with the hope that they can earn more than what they are receiving in their own country. While others are depressed for the reason that they need to stay with their kids but at the same time they need to make money for a living and this realization helps me to be more inspired because I believe that I’m not alone in this journey.

I started to search for some articles, posts, jobs, that will give me an idea of how I can come home for good, and still earn money. I found a lot of home-based jobs. and to be a freelancer is the best choice for me.

WhyFreelancing is the best choice for a stay at home parent

First, Freelancing has a lot of things to offer.

This is just up to your skills and what you love to do. How did I know that? It’s all because I invest in learning. I found this academy that helps those who wanted to start their Freelancing business and in that course, you will learn what are the skills, tasks, a niche that you can offer. such as Virtual assistance, Social Media Management, E-commerce, Email, or Calendar Management. Lead Generation and a lot more. When you already know what you can offer. then it’s time to master your chosen skills and apply them to Online Jobs. Don’t worry you will find a lot.

Second, Freelancing gives you the freedom

Freelancers have the unique ability to choose not only the niche that they can offer but also the clients they work with. In Freelancing, you can also work with many clients as long as you can manage all the tasks that were given to you, while still having time to do the things that are also important to you.

Lastly, Freelancing is Flexible

Aside from choosing what skills you can offer and choosing the clients that you wanna work with. You can also choose to work full-time or part-time. You have all that flexibility to make all those decisions.

My only tip for you is...

You should know your passion and master it. What you love to do. Then, take a step. Just one step. Because one small step is better than waiting for a big step that will never happen. That is the reason why I took my one small step. I enrolled in FVA wherein I learned How to become an effective and reliable freelancer and so far this journey has been amazing.

I never thought that my simple love of posting on social media, writing content, and Email management would help me to have financial freedom. I am now enjoying the Deloville Freelancing journey.

Allow me to share new freelancers who are now enjoying their journey in freelancing.

  1. Syd Suitos – ESL Teacher | General Virtual Assistant
  2. Richard Clanor – Virtual Assistant | AutoCAD Draftsman
  3. Irene Suniga – General Virtual Assistant

Feel free to visit their profile. Be inspired and get excited as you explore their home page, portfolios and services that they can offer.


Invest in Learning. Use technology to learn things that are really in demand. Know your passion. Master your skills. Start making connections. Start taking your first step. Then one day you will realize how that one simple step will change you and your whole family amazingly.


Irene Suniga on March 06, 2021:

Good Job Sister, love it.

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