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The Suppression Of Free (New) Energy & Zero Point Technology - The Free Energy Green Movement/Conspiracy

Free Energy at the ARC Building in Hull

Free Energy at the ARC Building in Hull

The Green Movement

There is currently a Green environmental-friendly movement going on in many countries including the UK.

Councils are introducing new legislation which forces tenants (both housing association and private) to recycle all and any recyclable waste or, if they do not comply, face being given a hefty fine.

Solar panels are being installed on road signs and on the roofs of people's houses saving them a percentage of their electricity bills, wind turbines are being installed in many areas and there is even talk of using tidal waves as a way of generating energy.

The general public are being told to use just one 'bag for life' instead of repeatedly buying plastic carrier bags which take thousands of years to biodegrade and are being told to save energy by turning their lights and lamps off when they are not required to be in use and are also being told to switch their television sets off by the plug, instead of leaving them on standby.

Free Energy Disclosure

In the US, ever since 1996, Dr Steven Greer has been collecting testimonial evidence from credible and reputable government and military sources who all testify to the fact that zero-point technology (free/new energy technology) exists and is being suppressed by certain organizations.

It is argued that the oil companies and energy giants that we already rely on, who depend on fossil fuels, are concerned that if such technology was introduced to the general public too quickly it would cause the collapse of their infrastructure.

Greer has collected over 400 testimonies from high-level government and military officials, as part of The Disclosure Project (previously called The Starlight Project), who have testified that they are willing to stand before congress and state, under oath, that what they are saying is the truth, as they believe it to be.

Some of these officials were responsible for having their fingers on the nuclear trigger.

The Green energy movement is in full swing...

Hacking The Pentagon

Gary McKinnon

After hacking into computer systems owned by NASA, US Army, DoD and US Air Force, Gary McKinnon took part in a Project Camelot interview whereby he claimed to have seen many intriguing things during his cyber-expedition.

McKinnon claims he downloaded an image of a gigantic cigar-shaped object suspended above the northern hemisphere of Earth, with geodesic domes above and below.

He claims that the object does not have any of the usual rivets associated with man-made manufacturing and in his opinion is potentially extraterrestrial in origin.

McKinnon also claims to have accessed two folders named 'raw' and 'processed' which contained images.

The 'raw' folder contained original images and the 'processed' folder contained images which had been airbrushed presumably before being publicly released, just as claimed by Donna Hare as part of the Disclosure Project.

Gary also claims to have seen a list relating to fleet-to-fleet transfers and a list of off-world officers who were not assigned as being a part of any military division.

In 1996 NASA officials came forward at the NPC (National Press Club) in Washington as part of Project Starlight (now Disclosure Project) to tell of what they know about structures that had been discovered on the moon and which had been airbrushed out of images.

It was also claimed that NASA had found some kind of base on the back side of the moon where a mining operation was taking place.

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Despite NASA's public imaging of the dark side of the moon showing no anomalies China went on to release images of the base from their Chang'e 2 orbiter.

Russia also went on to independently confirm many lunar anomalies.

The Alleged NASA Cover-Up

The Lunar Anomalies Report

Despite NASA and the White House publicly denying any credible evidence of either an extraterrestrial presence or UFO cover-up, they actually commissioned the Lunar Anomalies Report in the 1960s and hired researchers and scientists to study anomalous activity on the moon over a 3-year period.

The Lunar Anomalies report was made public in 1968 under title document R277 and showed that over 600 anomalous events had been observed between the years 1540 to 1967.

The report even showed that black clouds with violet edges had been observed floating over the Sea Of Tranquility - ex-US Air Force pilot John Lear claims that the moon has 64% the atmosphere of Earth.

The fact that such anomalous activity has been observed on the moon as far back as nearly 500 years ago, before mankind had ever set foot on the lunar surface, asserts the claims that there may very well be an intelligent extraterrestrial presence.

If it's true that there is one other discovered (but secret) humanoid race out there, perhaps even as close as our moon, then it's highly like there are probably others, just as Seargant First Class Clifford Stone claims, therefore his claims of there being 57 species already catalogued by the military do not seem to be so outlandish after all.

Dr Steven Greer:

Also see:


... and it's a very big but, if you'll excuse the expression... there is also something else going on which is of major concern.

Despite the fact that the energy giants are allegedly suppressing new energy technology, they adequately acknowledge that our resources (e.g. fossil fuels) are limited and are running out.

Many of them have now started fracking - drilling deep underground and injecting fluid at high pressure in order to fracture shale rocks and release natural gas.

One minor earthquake has already been caused by fracking in Lancashire, England. However, despite the earthquake which is known to be a result of the fracking, the authorities have given the go-ahead for fracking to continue.

Additionally, Prime Minister David Cameron has recently signed a deal with France to have nuclear power plants installed at various locations all over the UK, including locations where fracking is already taking place.

It is argued that nuclear fission is safe but as my article, Why Nuclear Power Should Be Banned Worldwide clearly shows, there are very real risks associated with nuclear power, some of which are already proven to have had devastating consequences for mother Earth.

They already know that these resources are limited and they know the risks associated with them and that solar and wind power is becoming more widespread, yet instead of embracing it they are opposing it and enforcing us to rely upon limited resources that could, potentially, have devastating consequences.

If they embraced new (free) energy technology they would still stand to profit and benefit from it and they know this but the need for change in infrastructure and industry would be financially impossible to implement in such a short space of time.

The world is too heavily dependent on the current infrastructure as it is already and so the implementation of nuclear power and fracking continues but, as we all know, it's not just about money - it's also about greed and power.

Whilst these energy systems are being implemented and factories pump out fumes into the atmosphere, as heavy duty vehicles continue to pump out carbon monoxide on long journeys, as the energy companies carry on with their fracking and building of nuclear power plants, the general public are ridiculed and are being dumbed down as the authorities tell them to switch off their light, turn their television off by the socket and stop using plastic carrier bags...

... yet the companies continue to manufacture plastic carrier bags when there is no need to even use those materials in the first place. Instead of using alternative materials and making the bags more environmental friendly they are now charging money for them.

The industrial revolution was the best and worst thing that ever happened to us.

Zero-Point Technology

According to the seemingly highly credible and reputable government and military officials who have testified as part of The Disclosure Project, it's not just solar and wind energy which can be considered to be "free" energy.

Their claims are that certain corporations have taken part in black projects whereby they have covertly developed zero-point anti-gravitational technology which has been kept from the public.

However, many of the officials who testified as part of The Disclosure Project were Air Force pilots who claimed that this very same anti-gravitational technology was responsible for all of the objects which had been sighted by credible witnesses and picked up on radar traveling in excess of 12,000 miles-per-hour and making sudden right-angle turns which defy the laws of physics as we know them; UFO's, as widely reported - pandora's box was opened.

Once you begin to consider this fact you are sucked into the entire world of conspiracy theory - HAARP technology, weather modification, FBI files, alien bodies, etc.

Gary McKinnon, who I have previously written about in my article Hacking The Pentagon, is a UK citizen (and sufferer of Asperger's Syndrome) who was sucked in by the conspiracy theories and hacked into computer systems owned by NASA, US Army, US Navy, DoD (Department of Defense) and US Air Force in search of the truth.

In 2002 Gary was arrested by the UK's High-Tech Crime Unit in what is now known as the biggest military hack of all time.

Many of the participants of The Disclosure Project conveyed their concern about the use of nuclear weapons and in particular, concern about taking them into space. Greer has always maintained the claim that some of the objects, or UFO's, are of extraterrestrial origin and that governments have covertly attained such technology and reverse engineered it in black projects.

Despite the US's attempt for over ten years to have McKinnon extradited whereby he would have had to serve up to sixty years in a federal US prison, it has recently been announced by Home Secretary, Teresa May, that Gary will not be extradited.

Once this had been established it was then announced that neither would Gary be facing charges in the UK - Gary McKinnon is now a free man (and is still somewhat of a hero amongst the UFO community - he was simply trying to do the right thing for humanity).

Despite the beliefs and claims of The Disclosure Project participants, several documented UFO incidents such as the Brazil Para UFO 'Invasion' and the Cash-Landrum Incident are known to have caused damage to the health of witnesses, who had been exposed to ionizing radiation - a result of nuclear power.

However, it is also alleged by The Disclosure Project participants that some of these objects have taken part in the shutting down of many of our nuclear weapons facilities which were often at secret locations.

So, are these objects really zero-point technology or are they nuclear powered?

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that UFO's often land for maintenance before taking off again and then exploding.

Is it really wise to deem such devices to be safe?

The Disclosure Project seems to be more focused on opposing the weaponization of space whilst claiming that the presence of an advanced extraterrestrial civilization is reason enough to stop using such weapons, yet according to certain incidents that have occurred, the zero-point free energy technology which they claim exists and is 'free energy' may actually be nuclear powered and could be capable of causing severe damage to the health of nearby witnesses.

Greer has always maintained the claim that the aliens are not hostile. However, considering that they are allegedly shutting down our nuclear weapons installations what's to say that their methods of attack, if any, are not insidious?

Are they intentionally disarming Earth so that we are incapable of retaliation should they decide to attack?

Or is it perhaps because they don't want to inherit a planet overridden with radiation in the future?

Are we being deceived?

When Mikhail Gorbachev was interviewed on CNN and asked whether nuclear weapons should be banned in space his wife stepped in and said "No, I don't think we should ban nuclear weapons in space because of alien spacecraft."

Did she mean that The Disclosure Project are using an artificial extraterrestrial presence to present a case for the opposition of using nuclear weapons in space?

Or did she mean that we need to use nuclear weapons in space to protect ourselves from alien spacecraft?

Her statement is ambiguous.

We must consider that because The Disclosure Project is such a high-level operation it's inevitable that the project would be targeted.

The 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center took place just four months after The Disclosure Project conference at the National Press Club in Washington in May 2001 - the perfect way to distract the public so that the powers that be can continue to suppress such technology and information perhaps?

The Disclosure Project participants were trying to make clear the fact that such a covert group exists and is responsible for the suppression of information - it certainly makes sense.

However, further investigation into the Disclosure Project shows it to be highly suspicious. If there is any truth to the Disclosure Project then it makes sense that there would be an attempt to discredit and perhaps even infiltrate the project.

Consider the following:

After the official Disclosure Project conference had ended Sergeant First Class Clifford Stone was asked by a member of the audience to describe the alleged entities.

Stone described them as being humanoid and bipedal with telepathic abilities and went on to claim that by the time he left the military in 1989 the military had catalogued as many as 57 species of humanoid extraterrestrial.

Woah... wait a minute... what?!

57 species?

Now that just seems too impossible to accept even if it's true... and why was this disclosed outside of the official presentation?

Was this question a plant?

Has Mr Stone perhaps been misinformed or deceived?

Stone's answer completely blew the Disclosure Project out of proportion and seemed to discredit the whole operation.

We must consider that the Disclosure Project is a sure-fire target for disinformation, misinformation and obscuration of the truth.

On the other hand, we must also consider that the military may have their own agenda or that Mr Stone may simply be telling the truth as he believes to be.

Could it be that the whole Green energy and free energy movement is being used as a cover for much more sinister plans?

By Sparkster

© 2012 Marc Hubs


Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on January 19, 2013:

Thank you Anonymous Reader

Anonymous Reader on January 18, 2013:

This really is a stunning article, so many questions are raised. Very controversial and very interesting.

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on January 02, 2013:

I have just found an extremely enlightening article at NASA about the emerging possibilities of generating energy. Here is a quote:

"Zero Point Energy

Zero Point Energy (ZPE), or vacuum fluctuation energy are terms used to describe the random electromagnetic oscillations that are left in a vacuum after all other energy has been removed. If you remove all the energy from a space, take out all the matter, all the heat, all the light... everything -- you will find that there is still some energy left. One way to explain this is from the uncertainty principle from quantum physics that implies that it is impossible to have an absolutely zero energy condition.

For light waves in space, the same condition holds. For every possible color of light, that includes the ones we can’t see, there is a non-zero amount of that light. Add up the energy for all those different frequencies of light and the amount of energy in a given space is enormous, even mind boggling, ranging from 10^36 to 10^70 Joules/m3.

In simplistic terms it has been said that there is enough energy in the volume the size of a coffee cup to boil away Earth’s oceans. - that’s one strong cup of coffee! For a while a lot of physics thought that concept was too hard to swallow. This vacuum energy is more widely accepted today.

What evidence shows that it exists?

First predicted in 1948, the vacuum energy has been linked to a number of experimental observations. Examples include the Casimir effect, Van der Waal forces, the Lamb-Retherford Shift, explanations of the Planck blackbody radiation spectrum, the stability of the ground state of the hydrogen atom from radiative collapse, and the effect of cavities to inhibit or enhance the spontaneous emission from excited atoms."

Here is the link:

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on January 01, 2013:

Or the big question is what if it is a prophecy they know will come true because The Powers That Be are already aware of these life bearing planets and are communicating with the species that live on them.

According to some sources the secret Military Industrial Complex have already identified 57 different species of EBE's. This of course begs the question why are they holding back and the answer is very simple . . .

Control, once you open that door TPTB will no longer be able to control us with Money, Resources and War.

They will become obsolete and they know it, that is why they have suppressed this knowledge for so long, they like living like Kings and don't want to give up their control.

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on January 01, 2013:

It does doesn't it? Just imagine how much money will have to be spent to accomplish such goals while children continue to starve in third-world nations... yet if the technology really exists it could benefit all of humanity. Could they be fooling us into believing they are manufacturing 'free energy' technology to continue to secure funding which is actually used for the manufacturing of nuclear/space weapons and simply trying to get us to believe that they are helping mankind by doing so?

Hmmm. So many questions!

FitnezzJim from Fredericksburg, Virginia on January 01, 2013:

One of the more interesting predictions for 2013 is that science will confirm the presence of Earth-like planets in other star systems that are capable of supporting life, according to our understanding of what is needed to support life. A natural conseqence of this will be attempts to actually seek out that life, confirm the statisticians predictions that it exists, find the civilizations that they have built, and eventually build our own ships so we can visit where we believe no man has been before.

Sounds like Star Trek, doesn't it?

Marc Hubs (author) from United Kingdom on January 01, 2013:

Thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it. This topic springs off into so many areas and raises so many questions, as you said, that I thought I was going to end up writing a book about it!

somethgblue from Shelbyville, Tennessee on December 31, 2012:

Thoroughly enjoyable read which of course raises many questions, certainly TPTB will use an means possible to further their agenda while discrediting the common mans concerns!

We the People MUST continue to publish this kind of stuff until it becomes common knowledge!

AWESOME articles, well done!

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