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I got a new notebook.

Being on a metered connection I didn't instantly perform my usual 'resolution'. This 'resolution' consists of immediately downloading an obscure browser and consigning the pre-loaded trash to the cornfield.

Using my preferred browser, I download various malware protectors, system cleaners etc. as well as another obscure browser which grants me extra options.

I have done this procedure for many years. 'Unknown' browsers are far less hackable.

After all, why would a hacker develop a program to hack into a browser 'no one uses' when he can design one which slices through those that 'everyone' uses?

Getting the new notebook, just for intellectual curiosity, and assuming my 'prejudice' against pre-bloated software might be unnecessary, I tried to use Edge; or as I now call it, Bilge.

Using Bilge

I was unprepared for the load of advertisements and their interference in my browsing. The effect on operation is amazing.

Never having used Bilge (Edge) in RL I could not be prepared for the onslaught of trash I was not accustomed to.

The ignored browsers that I use have automatic ad blocks. When I click on a TV Show, it runs. I watch the program without distraction.

With Bilge, even getting the show to begin is a set of closing ad after ad... and to be honest as I closed the third, I shut down the new notebook, returning to my old notebook. Using one of those obscure browsers, I watched the show without distraction.

Having never used 'Name Brand' browsers, I was shocked by the flood of ads and interference that users of these browsers are accustomed to.

Name Brands

In cyber-space I shy away from Name Brands. In most cases they are inferior and it is just the hype which pushes them.

It is not that this Browser is so good why 'everyone' uses it, it is the swamp of advertisement, the shilling and that it comes fully bloated on the computer.

The belief that if 'everyone' uses it provokes the assumption that it must be the Best, not that it pays sites to promote it.

Further, the belief is that the other browsers are obscure because 'no one' uses them is deliberate. They are not 'inferior', in most cases, superior.

The fact the ignored browsers are superior is unknown save to those who use them.

Although it is the same with many products, the internet is the most glaring example.

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What is touted is rubbish, what is not touted is superior is standard.


I watch movies and television programs free online. I pay nothing to see them. I join nothing. I go to the free site, make my selection, and sit back and watch.

No interruption, no advertisement, just the show.

Everyone else pays for this service or that one, and has to wait until the service they pay for airs the movie or show.

As I go to bed early I watch the show the next day, not thirty minutes after it aired.

It is not just Free or unknown Browsers which make up my 'diet' of applications.


Double Free

From the earliest times I have searched for and used various malware detectors and system care applications which are free.

I download them from the 'Net.

It is usually my second action on getting a new computer; download obscure browsers, then various applications. All free.

What I notice is that one of the 'tricks' of those applications one pays for is that the 'service' is always requiring more financial input.

The free ones upgrade and advise you download the upgrade.


How To

You do a search online using the word 'free' in search term.

You will be surprised by the assortment of free applications which suit your needs.

You download which ever gets your eye, you give it a try. if you don't like it, delete. Outside of time, it costs you nothing.

Often you'll find a couple you like and use them. You will use them with the shock that they work better than what you previously paid for.

For that is the overwhelming truth.

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