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Four Ways in which Technology is Shaping the World

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Four Ways in which Technology is Shaping the World

Global political leaders, experts, and influential businesspeople hold a meeting every year to discuss and find solutions to the different issues the world faces. And one of the major topics they discuss is the way technology has affected the everyday lives of ordinary people. In the modern era, we often get to hear about how technology has done wonders for people. For example, the technologies we use today can help guide us when making decisions. Or they can even follow instructions and execute different tasks.

It is interesting to note that while such technologies, which are known as Artificial Intelligence or AI, have unimaginable capabilities, they are also perceived as a threat to human life. So, when such is the case, we can say that technology isn’t always a good thing. For instance, Facebook has been listening to its members’ conversations, breaching the right to privacy.

Nevertheless, there are still many ways in which technology has helped shape not only the world, but also who we are, or rather, who we can be. So, let’s look at how technology has helped the world.

  • Solutions to Problems

One of the most significant ways in which technology has helped the world is by addressing problems related to science and medicine. There are many problems in the medical and scientific fields which experts thought could never be solved. But with the help of technology, several issues in various domains related to science and medicine can be tackled. When we think about it that way, just 30 years ago, anyone who came in contact with HIV would die of AIDS for sure. But today, however, technological advancements in the field of medicine has led to the condition becoming more manageable.

  • Better Education

Not all changes and implementations of technology are useful. For instance, we may think that technology has changed the education sector for the better, but this isn’t always the case. Today, while technology has several applications in the field of education, these applications are yet to establish a sound link to educational performance. So, technology is yet to see the light of day here.

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While some studies have suggested that technologies such as computers can help students with OECD in their schoolwork, other studies have also shown that people who spend more time with computers tend to show a decline in educational success.

  • Distribution of Wealth

There’s no doubting that technology has indeed made the world more productive. But only a handful have benefitted from it. Various studies have suggested that in the coming years, only the top one percent will hold more than 50 percent of the world’s wealth. So, while technology may be a boon to them, there are many others, especially low-skilled workers, who would be adversely affected by it.

  • Global Security

One of the major issues that technology is addressing today is global security. Advancements in the field of cybersecurity have helped tighten security measures across the world. However, it doesn’t mean that there are no security threats at all. In fact, some of the biggest security concerns arise from technology. For example, various forms of technologies have worked alongside terrorists, supporting them in their operations to spread fear among the people of the world.

Technology may be an angel in disguise for some people. But it can also be a devil for others. So, it is on us to keep a check on the technologies we use in our everyday lives and see that it doesn’t get out of hand. Thus, by keeping ourselves in control, we can be happy and lead a healthy life.

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Nikhil Sharma from India on April 12, 2020:

Very interesting article! Technology has become an essential part of our lives. But it's only on us how we utilize it efficiently without affecting our mental health. We must take care of our digital wellbeing always.

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