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A software developer who loves to design eCards and write poetry in her free time. It's wonderful to help others express their feelings.

In the recent past, I’ve developed a frenzy for fonts. I've always had a thing for typography, and loved the magic that’s created with letters in calligraphy, but my current interest is quite new. I’ll give a big chunk of credit for this new addiction to This website claims to provide to the best fonts for designing at an incredible price. And trust me, you can hold them to that promise. They will not disappoint you.

Enhancing the Canvas of Our Imagination

Amazing Bundles!

Amazing Bundles!

The Carefully Crafted Bundles at Huge Discounts

The individual fonts they provide are amazing. They are all definitely worth every penny — all those beautiful swashes, ligatures and alternate glyphs can easily make a graphic designer drool all over these fonts. Then there are bundles — this is where the magic begins. Each bundle they design is so carefully collated, with fonts that are somehow related to each other via their design purposes, and yet entirely different. But off course, nothing that good can last forever. The bundles expire after about a month, and if you don't purchase it in that month, you will miss the boat. You can continue to see the bundles in the expired bundles section. This is probably their attempt to make you desperately jealous of what others might have got. This can make you avoid missing that deadline next time.

The individual fonts still remain available, but you get awesome discounts if you buy the bundles. And download links to all the fonts you purchase remain available to you for life, in the Purchases section. (You have to be logged in to access them.)

Helpful Tutorials

For those who don't know about script fonts, the term “alternate glyphs” above would have read like a riddle. Along with a font's standard character set, script fonts come with alternate characters to add beautiful swashes and alternative styles. This makes your design look really awe inspiring. Of course, one should not overdo it. Using these alternatives can be tricky, but don’t worry, the good folk at Font Bundles have got our backs covered; there is a section for tutorials which help a lot with the usage technicalities of fonts with different software. They keep adding new tutorials and update old ones to help their customers.

These tutorials not only help with the usage of fonts with general purpose software like Microsoft Word or special purpose graphics and vector software like Inkscape but also with specialized device software like Silhouette Studio, which helps the designers to create magic in the world of crafting and scrapbooking.

They also have an excellent collection of video tutorials featured on their YouTube Channel. I've included a couple of tutorial videos below, they are pretty good at simplifying otherwise daunting, confusing steps to get our work done.

Example Tutorials from YouTube Channel

Categories, Freebies and Licenses

The fonts at Font Bundles have been divided into categories — Regular, Script, Logo, Foreign, symbols and other fonts. We already discussed the Swash filled goodness of Script fonts a bit, but these other sections are also worth the designers' attention. Most of the fonts are PUA encoded, so they are fully accessible to all with each of the numerous glyphs available in Character Map, or Font Book on Windows and Mac respectively. This essentially means that you don’t need any special software to use the alternative glyphs, it can be done with all the standard software that’s already installed on your system.

Now, let’s talk about the coolest part — Pocket-friendly stuff. The irony is, the real pocket-friendly things should demand no relation with, or shall I say, no reaching out to your pocket. You got that correct, we are talking about freebies. All similar websites lure the designers with some kind of free stuff, but ‘Font Bundles’ is unique. That is because there is no asterisk tagged complicated license stuff. There is no catch really, but do remember that a font is free for just one week. This Free Font of the week comes with a premium license, which means you can use it for commercial purposes too.

Social Media Strategy, Contests & Referral Programme

It gets better, though. There is a Facebook group which is dedicated to their customers, and they keep posting promotional pictures and links, along with some really great contests where you can get a chance to win their current font bundles, or get additional discounts on the already heavily discounted packs of stunning fonts. The community there is fabulous too. All beautiful creative minds, after all, they are continually inspiring and being inspired, and they are always helping each other. The support is terrific, as Facebook testifies with a “Typically replies within minutes” badge on their Facebook Page.

Recently they launched a contest for Pinterest, where users had to pin their current bundles to win. This is a very clever strategy for igniting the interest in their brand on Social Media, as their content is clearly Pinterest Friendly with the fonts’ launch images by the Font Designers, gorgeous artwork as a usage example of fonts and exquisitely designed banners for promoting the fonts bundles. They inspired me to create two new Pinterest boards, namely Frenzy For Fonts, and Alluring words -- Typography. On Frenzy for Fonts, you will find all kinds of great, unique fonts curated by me. And "Alluring Words" is, as the name suggests, featuring fascinating Typography that their creators would be proud of.

There is a referral program as well, where sharing links to their products on your website, on your blog, or on social media, can help you earn a percentage of the sales — the process is described on “Share and Earn” page on the website.

Facebook Page, Group & Contents

Contest posted on Facebook a while ago

Contest posted on Facebook a while ago

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Presence on Pinterest

A Fascinating Collection of Boards

A Fascinating Collection of Boards

One More Thing - Flexible Premium License

Just like a grand Apple product introduction, I would like to mention “One More Thing”. This is especially alluring for me as an iOS Application developer. These awesome people at Font Bundles give amazing flexibility with the license under which they sell/distribute the Premium fonts. Not only can you use the fonts for all your personal and commercial projects flattened in the background, but you can also provide the fonts with your Applications - condition is, the font should be ‘compiled’ and off course shouldn’t be distributed as a standalone ‘otf’ or ‘ttf’ file. I just love this additional advantage. In fact, due to this, I avoid purchasing anything elsewhere because licenses can be so restricting, it starts to get frustrating. So, next time if you require a beautiful font to be included in your app, you know what's the best place to look for it.

Conclusion - Happy Typography

While designing eCards, stuck with all the built-in fonts on my Mac, I often felt a drought of new fonts which could help me express my creative thoughts better, and in turn help people express themselves better. I’ve purchased a couple of bundles from Font Bundles and now I feel flooded with these beautiful fonts around. There are fonts that will be perfect for wedding invitations, fonts that will blend beautifully with greetings cards for all occasions, fonts which will add the required x-factor to photo-quotes and the list goes on. So, check them out, and happy typography to you.

Are you also a Font Fanatic?

Tutorial for making a foiled card using Glyphs

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Anusha Jain (author) from Delhi, India on January 20, 2019:

Thanks a lot for stopping by and for your kind words. I am glad you got to know something new. Fonts could be very useful for authors like us, who need to create images for our articles every now and then. We could definitely make use of these beautiful swirls and swashes. Sorry for replying late, and thanks again.

Mohan Babu from Chennai, India on January 05, 2019:

Hi Anusha. I never knew there is so much to know about fonts. My usage of fonts is very basic as I do not know much beyond a Calibri or a Times New Roman font. After seeing your article, I know I should start improving my understanding of fonts.

Anusha Jain (author) from Delhi, India on July 17, 2017:

Glad you found it helpful. As I've mentioned, they give great freebies every Wednesday (Friday at DesignBundles - their sister concern). As authors, sometimes we're looking for images which would look great with our articles. In my experience, we don't always get our perfect 1000 words worth related and/or symbolic image. So, it's great to be able to create one with some text embedded - these fonts give it a real professional look. Here's an example, I've started a parenting website a while back, and for an article called, "Shall I tell your mother?", I just couldn't figure out what picture should I use. So I created this:

using one of the fonts I got from this website.

Thanks for stopping by Bill, really means a lot :)

Bill Holland from Olympia, WA on July 17, 2017:

Very helpful. I've never heard of this site. I will go check them out immediately.

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