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How to Fix Error Kaspersky: “loading the Application”?

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Question on the Kaspersky forum

I really don't know what the problem is, I am unable to run KIS 2015 programs. It stuck in loading application proccess. please help me.

— ashara - Kaspersky Forum Member

In summary

The guide fix Kaspersky error: “loading the applicaton”. Kaspersky start and remain stuck in the "loading application" screen.

Kaspersky cannot be loaded after successful installation

Kaspersky loading, loading… and loading. It never stops loading

Kaspersky loading, loading… and loading. It never stops loading

1. About error

1a. Kaspersky versions:

Error “Kaspersky loading the application slow” happens in the following version:

  • Kaspersky Antivirus (KAV)
  • Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS)
  • Kaspersky Pure

This error has not happened in KSOS và KESB version.

This error happens in Kaspersky 2013, Kaspersky 2014 and Kaspersky 2015 version. Kaspersky 2016 version, I hope Kaspersky will fix it.

1b. Operating system:

This error is commonly found in systems running Windows Vista,Windows 7 and Windows 8.

1c. Cause of error

There was a problem occurs with the Windows operating system license:

  • You are using an illegal license.
  • Your OS has problems with the certification of copyright.

Picture for Kaspersky Ferrari

2. The signs that Kaspersky is stuck loading

- Kaspersky cannot be loaded after successful installation.

After successful installation, in the first running, Kaspersky announce that “Application is being loaded” and never stop loading.

- Kaspersky loads slowly and turned off for some minutes.

Image of Kaspersky no loading.

Kaspersky loading, loading… and loading. It never stops loading

Notice: This error is totally different from error “turning off while loading for some seconds”. This error is caused by viruses. You can follow the below tutorial to fix it.

Scan virus in Safe Mode using AVP Tool

3. How to fix error loading kaspersky

  1. Download Kaspersky fix tool

    Link download: Download

  2. Unrar file and run Fix_Windows.reg. Click Yes => OK.

Kaspersky 2013 and 2014 version, you only wait 30 second for Kaspersky loading successfully. Then you can enter the activation code and use Kaspersky

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However, in Kaspersky 2015 version, error fixing process happens slowly. You should restart your computer and do something else while Kaspersky loading.

Test virus on Virustotal

Test virus tool "fix_Windows" on

Test virus tool "fix_Windows" on

Video fix error Kaspersky loading slow

You still can not fix the problems?

There are three solutions for you:

1. You can sign up for an account and post questions on the forum Kaspersky.

2. Register an account on My Kaspersky and send questions following the address below:

3. Contact the customer care department Kaspersky:

And select your location.

You don't like Kaspersky software!

How can I safely switch to other Anti Virus software?

If you are tired with a complicated installation of Kaspersky, you can use other anti-virus software such as Norton. Norton is better and much easier to install.

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