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Fix Web Browser Error Message "The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked"

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Quick Guide to Fix Web Browser Error Message- "The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked"

Here Are the Instructions to Solve "The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked" Error Message

When you try visiting any website, you expect a smooth and fast loading, but it's not always the case. Sometimes, it happens that the website loads slowly, or sometimes it even throws an error message. Some error messages are easy to solve, and some are very hard to pick and don't know how to solve. One such error message, "The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked," is not something that's seen often.

"The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked" warning Message


If this error message occurs, may time, regular users can't figure out what to do about it, how to solve it, and it results in going away from that website. However, if your website is showing this error message and you don't want to lose your website visitors, here we have a quick solution for it.

Before figuring out how to solve it, first, let's understand the purpose behind this error message and what causes it.

The Meaning Behind "The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked" Error Message?

This error message is not seen many times, and "The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked" message generally intends to notify website visitors that the website they're visiting is not trusted. They must leave the website for saving themselves from online threats and frauds that could happen through this website.

Here's the Reason Why This Error Message: "The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked" Occurs

Some of the common reasons that visitors face this error message are:

  • Private Key has been compromised, and the SSL/TLS certificate has been revoked.
  • SSL/TLS Certificate hasn't been issued properly.
  • Policy requirements haven't been fulfilled properly, for example, providing fake documents, violation of policy norms by the CA.

CRL & OCSP Method to Further Investigate

To further investigate whether revocation is the issue or not, CRL (Certificate Revocation List) and OCSP (Online Certificate Status Protocol) methods are used for checking what's the present state of the certificate for the web browsers.

Here, CRL gives a list of revoked certificates and OCSP informs regarding SSL certificates issued through Certificate Authorities (CAs).

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Here's How to Solve Error Message – "The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked"

For error messages like this, "The Server's Security Certificate Is Revoked" solution is quite limited because it's not something that happened due to any installation mistake or something else. As the reason is entirely different, some of the things you can do to solve this error message are like:

Check if the installed SSL/TLS certificate's validity date is valid or expired. If it's expired, then it's best to report to the website owner or the admin. On the other hand, if the SSL/TLS certificate hasn't been expired and you're the owner or admin of the website, then contact the certificate provider from whom you purchased the SSL/TLS certificate. At the most, you'll be asked to get a new SSL/TLS certificate or else get it reissued.


The web browsers display error messages, but this type of error is not seen often, and it's not something that any user or admin can get a permanent solution by themselves. If you find this error message, then the only solution is to contact the website administrator, or if you're the admin of the website, then contact the certificate provider.


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