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New Facebook Page Badges - Complete Page, Active Page & More

Susannah is a Digital Marketer (MMktg) who has over ten year experience in Social Media, SEO and creating viral content.

If you're a regular Facebook business page user with admin rights, you may have recently seen a new feature appear while using Facebook on the mobile app.

This feature involves a series of badges which can be earned based on how well you run your Facebook page, including your level of completion, activity, and responsiveness.

Currently there is limited information available from Facebook about the rollout of these badges, but they appear to be a more streamlined replacement for some previous rating features, such as page response time

We've identified four badges that are currently available, and had a look at what they mean for you and your page.

How to earn the new Facebook page badges

This feature has yet to roll out to all Facebook pages, so if you're not seeing any of these icons, don't stress; they're on their way.

Currently, these badges only appear to be visible to page administrators and only while using Facebook on mobile.

The badges will appear as small icons underneath the page name on mobile, and page administrators will receive a notification once badges have been awarded.

Do these badges offer any additional benefits?

Currently, the new Facebook page badges are only visible on mobile to logged in administrators of the page. Unfortunately, this means that they currently aren't visible to page visitors, so don't offer any additional way to promote your page to your followers.

At this point, badges are just a way of letting page owners know that the way they're running their page aligns with Facebook recommendations. If you're earning these badges, you're probably also running an active page that users enjoy engaging with.

At this point, the badges don't appear to offer any additional benefits.


Complete Page Badge

One of the simplest badges to earn, this icon only takes finishing the Facebook page setup tutorial.

  • Add a business name and description
  • Upload a profile photo and cover photo
  • Set your call to action button

Once you've completed these steps, you're on your way to a page that will introduce your business to new page followers.

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Active Page Badge

Another easy badge to earn, this one involves posting regularly on your page. It's a good idea to post at least 2-4 times per week, so most active businesses should find this is quickly added to their collection.

As yet, there's no clear guidelines on how regularly a page should be posting to earn this badge, but we recommend not using this as the only reason you post!


Very Responsive Badge

Do you respond rapidly to customer messages? Unlike the previous response rating, this new icon is a simpler way to inform users that your page is in fact rapid in responding to queries.

If previous Facebook responsive ratings are anything to go by, we can expect the first message a person sends a page, or the first message after a 24 hour break, to be eligible for this rating. Previous iterations of this required the following:

  • A response rate of 90% or more
  • A response time of less than 15 minutes

Active Community Badge

Is your audience regularly engaging with your page posts? This badge will show the world that your followers love your content (or at least have an opinion about it.)

As yet, there are no clear guidelines on the level of engagement required to earn this badge, and the weighting of likes, comments and shares.

Further questions we have about Facebook page badges

Although this seems to be a fun new feature, there are very few details about how these icons will work moving forward. Here are a few questions we're waiting for answers on:

  • Will these badges be visible to page visitors, or are they only for admins?
  • Other than the current four, are there any other badges in the works?
  • Will badges soon appear on desktop as well as mobile?
  • Will badges be used to gate any rewards or benefits for pages?

At this point, it's a waiting game to find out how Facebook plans to use these, but we're excited to find out more. Let us know in the comments if you've received a page badge, and if you've noticed any other fun new Facebook features.


Peg Cole from North Dallas, Texas on September 13, 2021:

Interesting new feature for Facebook. It might be a good reason for me to start using the mobile app since I have a couple of pages out there. Makes me wonder why HubPages removed our badges since it seems like a good way to engage readers' interest.

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