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Is FL Studio 11 Better Than Reason 7?


There always seems to be a debate between these 2 applications … which one is better than the other and what not. It's quite sad actually, you'll see forum post 46 pages deep debating. Most of the time the people doing the debating can't even make good music... What so good is their opinions?.... exactly.. So what I'm going to do here is clear the air (hopefully) and give you facts on FL & Reason

Reason Doesn't Support Plugins

That's right Reason doesn't support 3rd part plugins. Most FL Studio users will claim that Fl is better because it can... hmm.. Let's think about what most of the plugins are..

Sampletank – Workstation like plugin.. contains instruments...synths etc

Battery 3- Drum machine, comes with a nice drum library you can import Rex and most audio formats

Nexus 2 – Similar to Sampletank

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Hypersonic 2 – Similar to Sampletank

OK, I didn't list every plugin, you can find more and conduct your own research. These plugins are basically just interfaces that contain extra sounds that you can use IE: Pianos,Strings, Synths,Drums,Pads etc the whole shabang.... So its more sounds that you can use... If that's the issue pick up some high quality “Refills” it's the same difference!

  • Plugins- Have more sounds
  • Refills – Have More sounds

Problem solved!.. Oh wait... here is the most favored comeback “the sounds in the plugins are higher quality than the refills” OK that means you have bad sounding refills. I say this because the stock sounds that are in “Reason” as the SAME stock sounds that are in “Sampletank”. They (Propellerheads) just didn't add the delays and reverb etc. There is a producer over at that is a sound designer for NATIVE INSTRUMENTS and you know what he sound designs with?... REASON...

It's funny I've seen producer who made south music claim FL is better simply because they had access to a plugin that had a certain brass or synth that wanted. They were to ignorant to know that the same sound could be made from any stock sound you just need to apply the settings IE: reverb, delay, compression or even laying up the instrument making your own patch.. anyway lets move on

Fl Studio Is Easier

False! Everyone learns differently and people are use to different things. I found Reason a lot easier to use because it's set up a like a REAL studio. So for those that have used real studio equipment they are going to get the hang of Reason a lot faster than Fl Studio and vice versa. It really all comes down to the person in the end. Some people don't like having to do more than install the program and start making music. They want everything in front of them ready to go. They don't want to have to buy additional things to make the application they already spent money on work to its fullest potential...

Reason Doesn't Bog Your Computer

True/False... It all depends on what kind of machine you have as well as how many units you have in your rack. For the most part Reason is easy on your machine. If you have 2 Mixers, 5 Drum Machines, 5 Loop Players, 10 combinators and each unit has its own eq and compressor.. that's fine. On the other hand if you have 20 different loop players all hooked up in a combinator set as a run patch and 10 mixers, synth units blah etc

that could boggle your machine down some again its really all on the machine. If your making simple music like... Hip hop, Trance, Dnb or any kind of music where you're not using more than 20 tracks you'll be fine.

Now with Fl it can be a different story because the FL Studio has system requirements and then each Plugin you load has system requirements. So I mean you can load up a plugin like Sampletank use 7 instruments, Albino and Battery 3 and you could have your system at 70% heh...So lets convert that over to Reason just for fun.. that's Drum Machine, 7 instruments and a synth unit.. using 6% if that.

More Industry Producers Use FL...

False... now there are some huge hits on the radio that have been produced in FL that's awesome but most of these hits are simple tracks (south) that all sound a like. Now this has nothing to do with the application because the producer can make whatever they wish FL is just a tool for us to use but if you do your research you'll notice that projects that are much bigger than hiphop are being created using reason.. I'm talking sound designing, Film scoring etc. We can stay in the small world of hiphop though. More experienced/seasoned producers are using Reason. 3-4 of Dre's staff producers use Reason.. check the propellerheads site A lot of these producers that people are drooling over that use FL studio made 1-2 tracks and no one has ever heard from them again.... This has nothing to do with the software I'm throwing it out there because some silly FL kid will say “well I hear more producers on the radio using fl than anything else so it must be better” I figured I'd show give you both sides of the spectrum.

So Why Do Most Producers Online Use FL?

I'm going to be honest I with you, it's because FL Studio is easier to download..oh *STING!* Fl studio is at most 250megs, Reason is over a 1gig which file is easier to pull down? I'm not saying that ever FL user has pirated their version of FL but I mean just look at the demographics.

Most of the online producers are from ages 15 and up. People that are 15-19 most of them don't have the money for it. OK granted FL is cheaper than Reason but look at it this way. Fl studio doesn't have good stock sounds unlike Reason. So you install FL you see it is lame drums, the synths that it comes with are just OK so after a month or a week you're going to want new sounds. You might hear someones tracks on soundclick or hiphop forums and you contact them asking them that they use. They are going to give you a list of plugins they use. Lets keep it simple lets say someone says “ I use Albino, Nexus 2 and Sampletank 2”

  • Sampletank 2 $100-500 depending on what package you get
  • Nexus 2 $200 ($2,000 if want to include the library of sounds)
  • Albino 3 $180
  • Fl Studio $45-$300 depending on which package you get

So after spending that $200.00 on FL Studio (Producer Edition) do you really think this kid has another $500 to invest in plugins with? Or better yet you think his parents are going to throw that money down? Here is the honest answer to both questions.. MOST WILL NOT. Heck most kids don't have the 200.00 spend on FL alone.

So my point is this stuff is easy to download now I wills ay there are a bunch of free plugins out there that sound amazing but once someone hears something they like 9ie a track) and the producer of that track tells them what plugin they used they will want THAT PLUGIN and 9 times out of 10 its going to be something that's wasn't free. So the beat maker or producer that is inquiring wont even bother trying to find good free ones.

It's even funnier when you see 16 year old kid tells people (on forums or in real person)... “I use Fl for beats and I mix in Sonar and Cubase.. sometimes I mix in Acid” “Nope not making any money from music just yet but I will soon”

Wtf? Why does he have 3 DAWS? Do you know how much Sonar..Cubase and ACID costs? Anyway I'm getting off subject a little.

So Is FL Better Than Reason Or Is Reason > FL?

Neither... there both allow you to make the same genre(s) of music. Same quality same everything its all up to the user and his or her skills. Think of it like this.. If you were in Dre's studio using his gear and his engineers would you be making tracks just as good as Dre?... Probably not but if Dre was using your setup guess what.. His tracks would still knock because it's not what you use its how you use it.

Which Software Is The Best Bang For The Buck?

Between Reason and Fl Studio it's going to be Reason hands down and here is why. Reason comes with everything you need for making and mixing your music. They give you the Samplers,drum machines, Synth units, fx units and gigs of sounds (stock sounds).

There isn't a sound out there that can't create within Reason. When I listen to hardware,plugins or even songs on the radio and I hear a good sound I know exactly where to go in reason to either get the sound or make the sound. This is because I know basic synthesis and I'm smart enough to learn what the little knobs do on each unit.

With Fl Studio... this is not possible see if you heard a nice rich bass one a track then tried to create that in Fl you would come to realize that FL STOCK does not have this capability so you are going to have to go out and invest in some sounds. This could cost you 2-5 times more than what you spent on the FL Studio. You'll survive with a few soundfonts but in the end you are going to be forced to buy plugins that or let your creative ability and music suffer. That's one thing I love about Propellerheads they kept the producer in mind when creating Reason making it so that you can create any sound from their stock sounds.


Korey on February 16, 2017:

Their all the same, Some lack features, but some are for live, some are for scoring movies. Get the DAW for your workflow, It's not about the cost, it's about how easy it is for you to create something you have in your head without the daw getting in your way.

Saiko on September 19, 2016:

I respect all daws but I think FL is best for begginers after u learn ucan try Ableton or reason but in my opinion I didn't liked Ableton cause of its looks FL is easy to use and handly but if u want to show off

Strider on July 21, 2016:

Dear Ghost Producer

"With Fl Studio... this is not possible see if you heard a nice rich bass one a track then tried to create that in Fl you would come to realize that FL STOCK does not have this capability..."

Further you claim:

"...This is because I know basic synthesis and I'm smart enough to learn what the little knobs do on each unit."

So the synopsis of your claim is: With image line synths like Sytrus, 3xosc or even Harmor (ok i must admit, this one isn't directly a stock plugin in producer or even signature edition of fl studio) you can't create nice reach bass sounds because image line synths do not have this capability...

Sounds kinda strange to my ears, especially when you claim you have at least basic knowledge of synthesis.

Dont get me wrong. Iam not a guy who care much about the annoying " DAW vs DAW Culture" in the net, and i subscribe a big part of your statements, but this one is simply not true!

Since Version 8 i work with fl studio and since version 7 me and my bandmates recording and working with reason. I love them both and use to rewire them a lot these days for a theater soundtrack production.

Don't get me wrong, reason is definitive the more complete IN-THE-BOX DAW than fl studio. Unless you buy the very expensive all plugin bundle and even than i found the reason fx plugin deppartment a bit more sophisticated.

Thumbs up for the RV7000 Advanced Reverb!

But to speak for the stock synths: You can accomplish your goals with the synth from both DAWs.

And i am pretty sure, this not just my subjective opinion :)

Keep it up!

Morphinebeats on June 01, 2016:

Okay cool, Each DAW is created differently. I'm using older versions for examples. Reason 3 has great sounds. You can make some great RnB beats or real Orchestra type tracks. Reason has sounds that are realistic.

FL Studio from v3.3, has always been a Dance Machine. Creating Dance, House, Trance, etc type tracks has been FL Studio's main leg to stand on. Just check the sample tracks it comes with. Majority is dance. Reegz has just changed the game with the Hip Hop track.

One user did mention Computer Musics review which I too agreed with as both DAW's are used to compose music, but both have a different approach.

Currently, FL Studio is at v12 and Reason is at v8 (v9 is on its way).

Both DAW's have been pirated and with Torrents floating about, both companies feel the pinch.

However, ghost, your article is not a comparison, its more venting than anything...

I use FL Studio to mix and compose. I've used it from v3.3. There is so many ways to create a reverb or delay. I don't make trap beats, but I make the Vinyl Hip Hop Beats.

In closing... Each for their own.

weDontsayNames on August 06, 2014:

Most kids are jumping on FL hoping to make the dream hit of a lifetime. Not study the beauty of production. They just wanna make some legendary unique trap bangers and pour up sip lean and F hoes but hey I do too and 14 years later I still have not achieved the legendary beat but in our minds we hope to one day get there. (I have made one badboy beat) think it depends how good you are on either program just use both and get a demo of both. Then see what's good. Biggups to all FL and Reason dons. BAP BAP

versy on June 13, 2014:

You made a believer out of me, i got reason 7 i was about to turn it in and get fl but by me reading this I'm keeping reason 7 YOU'RE RIGHT...IT'S WAY MORE ADVANCED, who wants to be a copy cat?

Ghost Producer (author) on July 11, 2013:

People look at Fl Studio as a beginners app (sorry for the typo)

Ghost Producer (author) on July 11, 2013:

That's odd because the ableton community (professionally) is a lot bigger than Fl. I'm not sure where you went looking for tutorials, but there are tons for both applications.

Because look at Fl Studio as a beginners application simply because they don't understand it... that's what it all comes down to.

ud1093 from ? on July 11, 2013:

Have both FL studio and Abelton live started using FL and learnt a lot and found more tutorials on FL studio than abelton

Why do people think that FL is a beginners Application

Ghost Producer (author) on July 10, 2013:

Better would depend on how you like to work. Ableton Live is very unique in workflow compared to the other two applications. Some like it other's don't.

Just depends on you. I'd pick Live personally

ud1093 from ? on July 08, 2013:

FL studio vs cubase vs abelton which is better

Ghost Producer (author) on June 11, 2013:

No problem Petroley

and thanks for the kind words

Petroley from Zenica, Bosnia on June 11, 2013:

Hello Ghost Producer THE MAN!!

Sorry for delay in comment I were in IRO Iran so I could not response to your question. I`m making hip hop, old school kind of instrumentals.

Again, amazing hub bro...keep it up!!!

Greetings from Bosnia!

Ghost Producer (author) on June 08, 2013:

You're 100% correct!

Nka on May 26, 2013:

Well I wouldn't say you can't create the unique sounds in FL studio its just that most people that use FL are too lazy to do that......... As for a rich base I dispute that if you are referring to sub base that can be achieved using sytrus and selecting the default preset and dropping to range between C3 and C1

Ghost Producer (author) on May 04, 2013:

Gotta use what works best for you

Akum Jamir on May 04, 2013:

i use fl so i feel more comfortable using fl only.

Ghost Producer (author) on April 28, 2013:


Great response, I love it.

I'm sticking to facts and if the facts weigh more on one side... That's something I can't help. If someone came in stating Reason was better I'd be throwing out facts discrediting that statement because it's subjective. Thus far, everyone here is been offeneded and backing Fl.

Now let me repond to a few things you're mentioning in your post.

1. I can't think of many software companies out there that don't charge per upgrade except for imageline and maybe the company that created reaper.

2. No one can make you upgrade. I've been on the same version of Pro Tools for years. I've worked in studios that still work on Pro tools 6. Just because an upgrade comes out, doesn't mean you have to buy that. That's the consumer's decision. Can't blame the software company here.

3. The Rack Extensions.... I don't purchase them nor do I use them. Again, no one is forcing you to purchase them, that's a consumer's choice.

4. I'm really confused about your reasonings for not upgrading to 6 after purchasing 5.... It was a free upgrade. Well, let me backtrack that statement. It was a “Pay what you want” upgrade. Propellerheads gave it's users the ability to set their own price. I paid $1.00 and so did a lot of other people.

It was a huge marketing tactic plastered on their front page...I can't believe you missed it!

You didn't need to buy their controller in order to use Reason 6. I'm not sure where you got that information from, but it's incorrect.

Now Propellerheads's standard upgrade price is $130.00. I don't see that as a steep upgrade price unless you're not making money from your music. For me it's a tax write off so....doesn't really mater in the end.

Fl does have free upgrades, but from STOCK it still doesn't give you what you need to create full production (again this is from stock!). If you put money into plugins that's a different story. And if we go by your thought process “spend money on the upgrade” you'll be spending more money on the plugin updates and their patches.

Again you don't technically have to update anything....but people choose to, they want the latest version of so and so and well... Companies will charge.


Ayj on April 06, 2013:


You are claiming subjectivity but constantly arguing the reason side of the argument. Propellerheads goes for the money grab, and for its apparent yet again with another version recently being announced even though the last version is relatively new and comes at a steep upgrade price. So with Reason you are constantly being pushed to upgrade at a significant cost or be behind. The new plugin format they have is yet another costly option for reason users and these plugins are useless outside of reason at this time. I started with reason 2.5 and upgraded to 5 and I felt a little ripped off, and then not too much time passed until 6 came out, and I couldn't justify the next upgrade to be able to do what -pay for an overpriced hardware controller and the ability to overpay for the new third party plugs. FL Studio gives you free upgrades and that is a clear advantage in the bang for your buck department. I support that and the developers involvement in the community of users, even though they can be surly at times - they do listen to and assist their users.

Reason is a fine program and with creativity you can do quality work in it, but after using it for years I just didn't find it's sequencer and workflow very natural. I've been producing since the mid 90s when my track creation process would start with a couple of days of searching for sounds by crate digging at record stores, using rebirth, recording some hardware synths, and recording vocals and samples from the decks - finishing the track in the first versions of ACID. The work flow of ACID was unbelievable when it came out in relation to audio files and you know what reason still isn't where ACID was in 1999 with respect to manipulating audio files and samples. FL Studio took a good deal of time to get to this point as well, but they have been there for years now.

That being said I own both and use Reason to create sounds that would require me learning something different in FL Studio. It is amazing all of the things you can do with either program compared to when I started producing. I find that Reason is a good program to doodle in when I am stuck on where to go with a track I'm working on in FL Studio.- a lot of whether something is better comes down to knowledge and how intuitive it is for the user (i.e., to each their own).

Ghost Producer (author) on February 08, 2013:

@ Maximus

Avid was proven wrong by hackers. Avid claimed Pro tools could only run on it's own hardware. When the hackers debunked that theory Avid came out with a non hardware version. Avid is known for lying I'm actually glad hackers came in and did what they did in this situation.

In all honesty, I have no noticed a difference in quality between the 2. There is however a stock setting for volume. Reason for some reason is known for having a lower output vs what it's meter claims. I know this because there would be times where I'd clip in Reason but when running a side meter I still had headphone before the clip

People always relate louder as being better quality, but I haven't run into the de-tuning issue you speak of in FL.

As far as which app is more cost effective without limiting ones creativity that's a tough decision as it's going to be different for everyone. Me personally.. I don't work with artists, I stick to instrumental work and scores. For someone who is recording a lot of audio and vocals Pro tools is going to have the edge... that's where that application shines most.. Still sucks for midi though

So it depends on what the needs are

Maximus on February 06, 2013:

Thank you Boets for your imput.

boets on February 05, 2013:

I use Reason 5 man I love this program, and have a few Refills such as Korg Triton sounds and Yamaha Motif sounds..

Maximus on February 05, 2013:

@Ghost Producer

Thank you for creating this review. One ruthless norm in the music industry is the digital age induced piracy.

The internet has created a great deal of convenience for international connectivity and at the same time a black hole of opportunities for mostly untraceable intellectual property rights infringements.

Recording devises from cassette decks, Compact Disc writers, DVDR to Blu-ray writers, hard drives & flash drives have become a market that became inversely proportional to the success of industries that produce digitized data such as recording companies, the film industry and software corporations.

The major bargaining factor for authorized purchasing of these piratible goods is the moral value of its consumers for the artist's or companies intellectual property. There are some other factors such as convenience, accessorized packaging, full access to support and warranty, product registration for access to updates and downloads. Even with all these in place the modern high-tech client has managed to find new ways.

Who knows maybe the rate at which data is pirated is the rate at which it was planned to be, i.e. movies, music & games. One asks them-selves why Torrents still exists. Why Protools can only run if its soundcard (hardware) is installed and yet Reason and FL Studio don't have similar or effective measures to eradicate such flaws.

Ghost Producer, I would assume that the reason that most of us that have discovered your hub is because we went to Google & searched for "what’s best between FL Studio & Reason" and for this reason I'd like to ask:

Would you say you may have also notices that FL Studio piano rolls gradually detune when you piano roll a beat (not an instrument)? Unless off cause, that process was not meant to be done or has been improved on the latest FL version/s...but I can't seem to imagine a complete track without those natural music scale variation drum-beat and hihat tones. Reasons tonal range for bass beats and instruments alike sounds realistic & not detunably digital.

I must admit I like what you say about Reason's approach for giving all refills on purchasing the app & off-cause the immense sound tweaking capabilities. That said, I acknowledge Helgen's manor of approach to supporting the use of most or both apps without detrimental bias or ruling out the other though fundamentally 'hoping not to speak for myself only' what would you say based on a more professional producer DAWS software requirement checklist, between Reason, FL Studio or Protools would be the most cost effective and creatively limitless? Hoping both Propellerheads & FL don't have their sales affected negatively. Thanks.

Ghost Producer (author) on September 21, 2012:


Thanks for taking time to leave a comment it's much appreciated.

There are plenty of people who use FL stock drums. You also have to remember that not everyone uses synth sounds in their music (minus bass). Claiming that Fl' synths are great? That's a subjective argument. There are some people that love the synths and some people that don't. Everyone has their opinion

I seriously doubt everyone loves Fls EQ if that were the FL users wouldn't be using EQ's like those found in waves or Ozone.

Fl + Plugins over Reason....Sure but Fl stock vs Reason stock.. Not so much.

Please list more if and when you have time.

Carl on September 20, 2012:

"Fl studio doesn't have good stock sounds" This is the worst myth ever. It has poor drum samples but who on this earth uses stock drum samples? Let's look at the VSTs. Sytrus? Probably the most powerful FM synthesizer ever created. The amount of things you can do on it is unrivaled. 3xosc one of the most PHAT software synths you will ever hear. Harmor can be used as a synthesizer, resynthezier and resampler and it has very unique parameters. Parametric EQ 2, everyone who uses this EQ LOVES it. There are more I could mention but I'd run out of space. Fl has some poor plugins though like the fruity compressor but unlike reason you can just get a 3rd party compressor. FL studio knocks Reason out the park and I'm not being bias here, I have used both programs. Reason's sequencer is horrible and frustrating to use and makes FL's Piano roll look like gold (which is it anyway).

Ghost Producer (author) on July 27, 2012:


Yea it's what I do for a living. I'll let you know once I have something up. PM me on here and leave me your email

Ghost Producer (author) on July 26, 2012:


Yea, it's still a war these days. People often forget that the tool... is just that.. it's a tool. If you make good music in 1 you can make good music in the other.

I mostly do a lot of jingle work and film scoring (mtv/bet/vh1 couple film companies etc). Yea I remember Mtv music gen I just purchased my mpc 3000 when a friend brought that over. I thought it crazy (just the idea of moving in that direction)

Helgen on July 25, 2012:

Found your page just simply because I just wanted to hear opinions these days out of the blue about Reason and FL these days. I remember back then it was a war. I was on hiatus with music for a minute, but I recently came back to sampling and chopping things I been hearing since I'm into older foreign movies and just old movies in general and can't let such good old music rest without being reused in beats. I used to do electronic music, but I was born into hip hop, and I love all music genres these days as I'm older and even have children and such. But when I want to get into the music grind, I really do use what I need to, even if it's using an iPhone with an audio recorder app and just record background ambiance and throw that in a beat. These days I'm doing sampled oldies into beats and kind of lofi/experimental beats, and I'm fucking loving them nonetheless what software. I guess as you get older, you forget the hate and utilize all that you can when you need. Heck, I remember when MTV Music Generator came out for Playstation 1, that was the cheapest audio production suite out if you didn't have a PC like I did, and I had insane audio hook ups to it. I used to create shit to record onto it.

Ghost Producer (author) on July 25, 2012:


I feel you! Software makes life so much easier. I still pull out my hardware units from time to time though. Less options and keeps me focused on things.

Helgen on July 25, 2012:

I was typing and still am on an iPhone haha, but I'll definitely check out the app. As for the previous, I think fl is used more also because you can download the demo and basically have the full version minus saving the projects and it's a bit cheaper. I did give up on reason because I did use it about 6 years ago to be honest, a bit before YouTube was popular or barely up and running, but I wouldn't mind giving it another whirl. I have hardware as well but I keep coming bak to fl studio for the easy peasy sequencer haha.

Ghost Producer (author) on July 24, 2012:


Yea, a lot has changed in Reason. ( as well as Fl). a good deal of what you're mentioning (that you couldn't figure out) is gone over in the manual and now on youtube videos (5-6 years now) Again this is not a review software vs software nor is this a debate on which software should be used. I'm just stating facts. Someone pmed me stating that Reason is pirated to and not to slam FL users. Again I'm just stating facts!. i'm pull statistical data from the major torrent sites and FL was downloaded 7 times more than Reason was.

I don't see why people think i'm discrediting either software. If people read they'd understand that.

I appreciate the time you took to reply to this hub. I'm not sure if you're on a PC or mac but if you get a chance (if you're on a mac) check out the application WAVE Editor (it's lovely).

Helgen on July 24, 2012:

Im not goin to get into reason because I've used it, and while it closely resembles real hardware, I'm making music virtually so I may want a virtual feel to it... Hence I use fl studio. In fl, I use almost all free plugins to their highest advantage. Synth 1 for synths (can program just about any sound imaginable with slight experience,) Ambiance for reverb, I use fl's built in effect with tweaking for mastering and delay and so on, and use Edison (built in sampler) for on the go slicing and sampling from mp3s, wav etc and I can set the loop points in the playlist at anytime on a sample. I'm not exactly sure what reason can do anymore because last time I used it, it was pretty behind with fl in terms of productivity, but in fl, I can do everything right in it on the fly. I use audacity sometimes (another free software) for fine slicing samples, but I can do that just good with waveform in fl playlist. I like the fact in fl I can right click anywhere and get a menu for what I want to do in that region like if I right click on a waveform in the samples menu on the panning, I can set it up to use an effect there and be able to layout points where I want that effect to kick in from one menu (though sometimes it draws a map so to say where to go next, which is still easy.) I never knew how I could drag my own samples in reason, for example, throw down some drums I either had or ripped and just throw them on a sequencer and trigger them either threw a piano roll or through a drum sequence... Always stuck there. Fl got the pattern sequencer already there in a stacked form which is a lot more user friendly, and you can right click to go to a piano roll for each sample in the sequencer to make them unsnapped and free form throw down how you want. I think this review was too biased, and not fair to one another. I feel you don't need anything specific to make music, heck I used to record sound effects onto a tape player in the late 80's and make sounds with a dual tape deck to later record them with a line out to my tape recorder, and I always felt you just need good samples and a good sequencer. Fl felt like the best sequencer to me and it's so much more now.

Ghost Producer (author) on July 20, 2012:

Truth right there

Ghost Producer (author) on July 20, 2012:

I'm actually not attacking or favoring either application. I never claimed one was better than the other. I only explained why people cater to both apps. Please read before commenting

Ghost Producer (author) on July 20, 2012:

Ill be looking forward to your site

Shine on June 28, 2012:

Man you re just blabbing about. Iv been producing for bout 3yrs now and i can combine synths wit anythin i want and i wil get that sound i want. Creativity and understanding matters. U re just attacking fl and from the look of things i knw u re using reason. Fl is easier for beginners and is user friendly. Only thing why profesional producers dnt use it is because they dnt support hardaware. Reason compared to fl? Dude dnt compare.I have work to do right now. G2g. wait. Reason 5 is good bt fl 10 is five times better

Docwells on May 23, 2012:

I use reason, been doing so for a long time so it's easy for me. I too was swayed by all the producers using FL like Afrojack and other producers who make beats for Lil Wayne, Rhianna and such. I think that tends to color some of the thinking of young producers(even old ones, he he)into thinking "hey, that must be what I need to make industry quality beats", but the fact is you can make a hot beat on either one, it just happens to be easier for me to navigate Reason because of my experience with it as I'm sure someone who grew up with FL will feel more comfortable with that. I like trying different programs just to keep it fresh, I even have an old beat up ASR I still mess around with from time to time. I say use whatever you're comfortable with and whatever works for you. "The shoe that fits one pinches another" Carl Jung

zoom on April 17, 2012:

i also have a computer! !!!

Robert H Mensora on April 13, 2012:

@ Angus,

The software is only as good as the person using it. Tracks I make it Fl sound the exact same in Reason.

The software can't make you do anything

great hub btw

Angus on March 22, 2012:

Reason makes me write uninspired tunes. Everything that comes out of FL is bangin.

Kyd Wonder on March 03, 2012:

I'm a reason guy. Switching over from hardware to software was an easy transition with reason.. Great read and I agree with all your points. coming soon.. lol had to plug myself!

Krystal on February 12, 2012:

Eastwood can you please construct a tangible sentence?

Ghost Producer (author) on October 25, 2011:

^ Now that's not really nice to say.. What makes it a joke? It gets the job done and I think that's all that really matters in the end

free sound kits on July 23, 2011:

Fl studio is a joke

Ghost Producer (author) on June 10, 2011:

What kind of music do you make Petroley?

Petroley from Zenica, Bosnia on May 26, 2011:

Studio Headphones@ You are probably right, I prefer FL Studio because I work with it about hmm...forever and I will keep working with it :)

Greetings from Bosnia

Studio Headphones on May 26, 2011:

What's complicated for one person might be easier for another. I caught on to reason within minutes everything is drag and drop the wires are connected for you . You just have to load the sounds hit record and play very simple

Petroley from Zenica, Bosnia on May 26, 2011:

Reason is more complicated then Fl Studio. FL Studio is awesome music making software but Reason is definitely much more advanced!

Great Hub..keep it up !

asian lamp on May 14, 2011:

That's a really good mag. I've been ordering them for like 3 years now

David on May 11, 2011:

Very interesting and honest. Music Mags such as "Computer Music" say the same thing, now I know why. Thanks.

cyber sequencer on April 26, 2011:

Homie it hit the nail on the head with this article for sure

DSH on April 18, 2011:

"Wtf? Why does he have 3 DAWS? Do you know how much Sonar..Cubase and ACID cost"

finally someone comes out and says it

Battery Powered Thomas on April 16, 2011:

Good information. I passed on Reason because it didn't accept plugins but the way you break both of the programs down it makes perfect sense.

Ghost Producer (author) on March 27, 2011:

Thanks Fam

liam on March 27, 2011:

Reason 5 is the business, well explained prod.ghost

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