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First Detonation: America Forced Us All Into a Nuclear Arms Race

I understand, it seems unbearable to face and accept terrible truths about scientific experiments and war crimes.

4D is Linear Construct like a Penta-gram, Penta-Star or Pentagon linear form.

The Pentagram is a Luciferian devil worshipping concept of PAGANISM.

The Pentagram is a Luciferian devil worshipping concept of PAGANISM.

Binary Code, IS Duality. Oppositional Destructive Forces.

ART is an abbreviation for ARTIFICIAL.

Artificial, is inorganic-, a simulation-, a facsimile, a copy or duplication or clone or drone or 'mutation'.

Basic concepts of competitive duality or unnatural oppositional forces which conflict and decay are: "Binary Code"-.

— Claudine Chaboyer Vanderbilt

TRINITY: Damaged Atoms, Displaced Particles, Modified Polarities, Distorted Dimensional Reality.

Trinity was the religious terrorist criminal intent, scientific and tech conspiracy to split the Thermal Atomic Particles of Men Y, and did indeed split men's ATOM where they used the unstable decaying flammable elements of Uranium and Plutonium plus yellow Sulphur in the detonation of the bomb explosive which bonded a white quartz crystal to the clock device.

The Trinity destruction was conducted by her majesty's Royal Navy Army at 5:29 a.m. on July 16, 1945, as the first detionation of the invention named the Manhattan Project. The Fat Man and Little Boy bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan, were also constructed with similar materials, order and assembly. The assembly lines plant of weapon construction was directly under the areas of the Chrysler Building and New York Library.

Ottoman Empire State Building and the Chrysler Tower is apparently presently leased by investors of the Dubai Saudi Arabia Mecca Site Clock Tower which had secret backing from the historical aggressors of the Big Ben Clock Tower in London, England which there is quite the replica at the City Halls in downtown Frederiction, New Brunswick, Canada.


Why is the 4D Cube of salt sodium cinderblocks at the center of the Mecca Clock Complex trail cycle lit up by so many spot lights day and night? Do you feel dehydrated to death?

Do you have a Soul?

Why is it, everyone's house looks like a square with a triangle on top?

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Why do condos pile people side by side in exact duplicate suites row on row?

Why are huge cube apartments divided into small cubicles so many are confined?

Why are all skyscapers and city towers confined square offices and cubicles?

Why is it people sit and stare at Televisions for hours? A Square.

Why listen to nerve deafening frequencies like radioactive radiation wave boxes?

Everyone carries a walkie talkie pager tracker device called a Cell Phone Square.

And why is everyone so bonded to a device, like a phone or square computer?

No, Ottoman Empire Secrets Here....


MARS: The Constantime & Isabella Ropes of Wax, Iron & Star Trek War Machine Looper


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