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Enslavement by Phone

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In an argument about how stupid people are, a friend of mine rang an 'influencer' . He told her a complete fiction.

An 'Influencer' isn't the 'leading expert' in anything except stupid people. He or She has an army of knuckle draggers who fervently believe everything spewed by that Influencer.

In this case, the 'Influencer' made no attempt to verify what my friend told her and promulgated his 'information'.

As she had thousands of followers even stupider than she is, we sat back and watched sardine tins disappear from the shelves. My friend's hoax was that the oil from sardines is good for the skin.

It was hysterically funny to be on a bus smelling the stinking sardine oil wafting off the skin from so many people.

This led to one of those University level discussions about how people have become so stupid during the last decades.



Where in dystopian novels the 'government' creates some set of protocols which enslave the minds of citizens today, citizens do it on their own.

Everyone has a 'smart phone'. They may not have food on the table, but have a smart phone.

The fear of being alone, which is far more prevalent than realized, has been addressed by the creation of an electronic device which becomes the owner of the purchaser.

People buy their own shackles, pay for their enslavement. And it is the smart phone which owns them.

People can not leave their phones at home, whether they are going to the beach, the shop up the road, the toilet.

They must at all times have their phone near or in their hand. They can never shut off their phone. They can never 'be here now'.

Their phone is their best friend, guardian angel. And they believe everything their phone tells them.

Hence anyone can get on some site, post crap and the crap goes viral. The poster of the crap gains control of what is left of the brain of the citizen.

This was proven by the January 6th riots in the United States Capitol.


Here is a man who is a known liar. A man who has had four different filings for bankruptcy. A man who speaks in a dirty diaper whine, who has never done anything that didn't profit himself, being able to control the minds of Americans.

Thirty years ago, such a possibility was impossible to imagine, (save in the movie Idiocracy). The idea an American election could be thought fake had those in the rest of the world aghast.

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All the propaganda about America and Americans which had made the world 'look up to them' has been revealed as false.

Although not unknown to those who have travelled or been involved in any organization which includes Americans, the world is now seeing the truth.

Filling Posts

In the 3rd world if you are a doctor, a nurse, a computer technician, etc. you are virtually abducted by American (and to a lesser extent, British) 'head hunters'.

As America does not have enough persons with the intellect to be a doctor they go around the world, offering jobs to persons in the 3rd World at such high salaries and perqs that they can't refuse.

As Americans don't want to take care of other Americans, being a nurse in the Third World gets the red carpet.

Flown to America, free, put up in a fantastic house or apartment, free, paid an enormous salary, nurses leave their 3rd World nation for America.

As computer technicians need to have fully functioning brains, able to focus, this leaves out most Americans, hence those in 3rd World Nations are 'abducted'.

To see the mansions these 'abductees' live in, the huge salaries and all the benefits granted is unbelievable.

But that is because America does not have a population of such intellectual capacity that they can fill these posts.


As America has turned into that Idiocracy, it is easy to lead them down whatever path is most profitable.

As most don't have the capacity to reason, they let others tell them what is and is not true.

As they are never out of control by their smart phones, there is no sanctuary where they can go and reason for themselves, if they even have the capacity.

Constantly subject to propaganda; "America is the Best Nation in World", they don't note that other places, for example, Canada, have free health care. That other places have less violence.

As they can't do their own research, they are told by their Owner what is and is not true.

Due to the ignorance of Americans, China, was able to 'invade' the world with their goods and services. One can't enter a shop, be it in Kinshasa or Kingston that isn't jammed with Chinese goods.

Yes, the Chinese goods are inferior, but so much cheaper. Why should a shop owner buy American made jeans which are so expensive when he can get the Chinese version which flies off the shelves?

The America of the 1950s ruled the markets. This continued for about thirty years until China quietly stepped in and conquered.

Of course these are facts which no 'influencer' would know so the smart phone can't tell the holder of the phone.

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