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Enhance Your Social Media Accounts With Multi Factor Authentication {mfa/2fa}

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# Secure Your Online Presence

# Secure Your Online Presence

Why do you need to protect your online accounts with MFA/2FA

  1. To secure your account from unauthorized access.
  2. To secure your account from Impersonation.

How to select the right security verification methods

Each verification method has its own pros and cons, so choose wisely and thus keeping yourself from locking the account.

Phone Number (SMS) :


  • Binding your phone number is handy and easy way to secure your account, as it will be available with you all the time.
  • It will trigger an alert when your online accounts is being accessed..


  • Misuse of your mobile phone may lead to unauthorized access.
  • Be alert with your mobile phone numbers and ensure always that there is no sim swap activity is made.

Authentication Apps:


  • It is best practice to bind your account with Trusted MFA Applications which are available on Google Play store and App store.
  • Export your accounts that is synced with MFA Apps to multiple devices that you own.


  • Unfortunately, if you misplace your phone elsewhere, it might lead to permanent account locking as you might not have access to the MFA App.

Backup Passwords {One Time}:


  • Most of the sites offer backup passwords as option, which can be imported as text file and thus maintaining access to accounts is easy.
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  • Do not store these backup password files in an unsecure place and store them where you trust.
  • Don't store in your PC as it might often face hardware failures and high security risks involved.

Final Note

  1. Do not misplace / lose your phone.
  2. Copy the backup passwords as handwritten books and Secure them properly.
  3. Export accounts from MFA Apps to multiple Devices.
  4. Do not reveal passwords to anyone.
  5. Do not use common passwords.
  6. Do not use same passwords on multiple sites.

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