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Effective Brainstorming with Tech

A musician/writer, a compassionate human, and over a decade of IT experience, Paul hopes to help the world recover - one article at a time.

As the technology world emerges, so should all, but not all can adjust. With too many options, most are confused about how to use them. I’m Paul, your local Tech Guy. Either you’re working from home or in the office or anywhere in the world, I'm here to help you become Technology Productive!

In this tech recipe for today, let me show you the effective brainstorming with tech. If you’re looking for some free alternative tech ingredients below, you may click here to learn more.


Let's Start!

Brainstorming is a stressful exercise in any organization but is often the Firestarter of many breakthroughs enabling organizations in becoming good to great legends that make a history of a lifetime. The problem is, when using the wrong method or tools, many great ideas might be overlooked or forgotten or ignored.

With that, the solution to effective brainstorming is to simplify the steps using best practice methodologies with the right visual tools. How to do it? Read on below.


  • 3 Simple Steps
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  • Ayoa
  • Miro


3 Simple Steps

1. Capture The Ideas

At the first stage, you need to get everyone’s ideas round-robin. That means you need to focus on quantity instead of quality. No one should be allowed to open any discussion or critique at this stage. With that, it’s best to think out of the box & fill the box as many as you can – don’t limit your ideas.

2. Debate The Ideas

The next step is where you need to stay focus. You can start by categorizing the ideas into groups & break them into subgroups. Start the discussion & critique without being judgmental or use 3rd party person (like a celebrity) & start asking like “What would Bill Gates do?”. You can also use the SWOT analysis or GAP analysis or Six Sigma’s 5 Why, at this stage to encourage the debate.

3. Select The Ideas

Once done, it’s time to select the ideas. You may remove groups or subgroups which you think may not be relevant or duplicate or similar or deferred for now. And to make your life easier, it would be best to get visual tools. There are a lot of mind mapping tools out there & below are my personal top 3 choices.

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Top 3 Mind Mapping Tools


If you intend to conceptualize an idea, then this is the right mind mapping tool for you. You can simply drag & drop notes, files, images, videos, or links to its’ whiteboard. You can also invite your friends to do a real-time collaboration.



If you’d like to get things done by automatically generating your final ideas into tasks & manage them accordingly, then this mind mapping tool is perfect for you. It even transforms your Evernote into actionable tasks as well. And, also provides real-time collaboration features & even integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, and Google Contacts making it possible to bring the collaboration at a higher level, and automatically syncs your projects to Google Calendar.



If you’re looking for an all-in-one complete mind mapping tool, then this is the perfect tool for you. With this tool, you’re able to do user stories, customer journey maps, app wireframing designs, app roadmaps or sprint planning, and retros. It integrates with Dropbox, Box, Google Suite, JIRA, Slack, Sketch, OneDrive, Zapier, and more making it the most collaborative mind mapping tool in the market. The best thing is, it has a freemium version or free forever license.


In A Nutshell

An effective brainstorming with tech means to simplify the steps using best practice methodologies & best mind mapping tools available in the online market.

This tech recipe just guided you on how to effectively do a brainstorming session. Collaborative creativity with a brainstorming session is just a part of the solutions to increase productivity. And in mind mapping, there are more solutions available including other productivity solutions out there, so I need your help.

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