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Easy-to-Use Writing Tools to Become Better Writers

I write about my experiences in using free software tools to encourage writers to become better writers.

Writer's Tools

You try your best to write better and still end up making these common errors. A struggle with writing has caused me to feel this way and to write this way.

Did that make me a better writer?

Writing is from the heart, a passion you yearn for, to begin with on a topic and to research it with enjoyment, but not to imagine writing as a burden. However, you and I see fit for writing online it doesn’t always encourage us.

You write and put words together to make sense of it, and to draw in readership, but this causes you frustration.

Are you really writing what you enjoy about a certain topic?

A skill that isn’t for everyone. If you work on your writing skills for a few hours per week you may, or may not see improvement. You can write for as many hours or the least amount of hours in the week and still feel discouraged writing.

Writers put pen to paper before typewriters began changing the way writers put the stories in books. Before that, going back in time, people used other tools such as papyrus, or clay to write, wood slate, and parchment, and pens such as the reed pen used in documents during the early times dating back as early as 800 B.C.

Reed pen derives from Reedsy, a website for writers.

Writing began centuries ago, and has been written on walls of caves and has evolved as we have in time. Writers in this modern day have choices of tools and have time and the place to write out their thoughts.

Writing Tools

Reedsy Book Editor

I found this tool to be one of my best choices. It is free to use and is an online word processor. As you write your book is automatically formatted. Your drafts are saved as you write and the manuscript has a professional appearance.

This motivated me to write and to have my work published without a doubt. I found Reedsy Book Editor allowed me to instantly typeset the manuscript to EPUB and that is what I wanted for my books. The print-ready PDF files are right there for me.

My writing habits are about having to be disciplined, productive, and to be inspired to write. For any project I began with, I felt good about writing daily and at a certain time of day.

For me, the morning works best to focus and achieve whatever I want to write about. I need to analyze what to write to ensure there are no repetitive patterns. It is not easy to do this when writing a draft. I look into my other writing samples and see if any repetitive sentences or language is there that I have missed.

The experience allows me to get familiar with writing, and to identify the uses of words and their correct texts. This shows me to be a master and avoid using too many clichés.

What do clichés do to your writing?

Clichés leave your work as less authentic and with no life. Your work is forgotten by readers.

The most common words in the English language are identified when using Reedsy Book Editor. A wordy text is identified making your writing sound and look perfect. Whether you are writing articles or a book be sure to be motivated by your ideas. Every beginning and an end must be part of what you think and want for your readership.

Focus on the personal issue of your work and on the crucial text that you are describing to an audience. To become a better writer you need to require the skill and passion for what you do in sharing your work to an audience.

Writing Tools

A draft is a free tool. This book writing software keeps track of your words as you type daily and emails you reminders of your word count. If you do not want to know about the reminders you can turn notifications off.

The writing tool is similar to Google Docs and tracks the changes in edits. Also, you can make comments on the document.


A free software, if you do not want to pay the price for Microsoft Word LibreOffice is a good choice. I find LibreOffice easy to use and has many file types: Such as doc., docx, els, xlsx, ppt, and pptx files. You can set LibreOffice to automatically check your spelling as well.

Tools for systems

Milanote is a free tool or a basic plan of $12 can be an option.

You can use this application for organizing ideas, your research, and the outline of your manuscript. This is an easy-to-use application and is creative. The software is for writers to collaborate their texts and match it with what they have on their minds. A writer's tool that matches what a writer thinks.

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Ulysses costs $5 per month or $40 per year. You can try the fourteen-day trial if you can afford that price. The writing tool is like Scrivener, it has comprehensive programs, and organized features.

You can organize your ideas into a full-length article or novel. There you have functions of bookmarks, a distraction-free typewriter mode, and text enhancements. These features allow you to write a blog post in an ultimate tool.


A writing tool for you to become a better writer. It costs $45 or you can try the thirty-day free trial. I don’t prefer these options. Scrivener allows writers to organize their ideas into an actual book or script. You can research whatever you are writing with this popular tool.

What makes Scrivener and Ulysses different?

Two programs are different in their functions. In outlining, writers will find Scrivener a good tool to work with. Writers can pin notes to the board in chronological order. The templates are for fiction writing, essays, and screenplays, including comics. It is versatile and is used as a cork board.

Ulysses has an interface that is simple.

If you are using this tool for a priority list, then it is the one for you. Bloggers use Ulysses for having their work published on the platform example, WordPress. Writers find it hard to get into gear and to write all of their ideas and thoughts in a well-organized manner.

What are Productivity Tools?


A fee of $7 for the full program. Ommwriter is the tool for you. To reach your goal this tool could match your purpose.

Think and write with Ommwriter.

This program satisfies your needs and is distraction-free. The in-depth focus of words is ideal. It has minimal basic functions for writing and is enjoyable to work with. The full-screen mode doesn’t have any disruptions and the creative process is easy-to-use.

To Doist

To Doist has a basic plan free or pay $4 per month. You can create to-do lists. Tasks for a week can be reviewed and prioritized. All important tasks can be assigned to others if you have other goals to meet on a daily basis.

Editing Tools

Grammarly and ProWritingaid Tools are useful for writers. Both writing tools can be installed for spell check and will proofread your work. Grammatical issues can be resolved as you write. Certain words are picked out and you can reword that sentence.

Cliché Finder is free.

Use Cliché finder to brush out your writing. You can use Cliché, but try to use it for a purpose.

Workspace tools

Livescribe Pen cost $100.

You can use Livescribe via Bluetooth. Livescribe pen transfers what you write to your device. It transcribes your voice notes into digital documents and is a perfect tool for the workspace. The process is to transfer your words to your computer. It creates an appealing environment and encourages you to enjoy the process.

Writers Tools and software


Writers tools to become better Writers

10 Awesome Writing Tools

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Very informative article Devika. I had always wanted to try Scrivener as it sounds like a great tool for writers to organize ideas .Thanks for compiling this valuable information.

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Thank you for sharing this useful information.

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I work without tools. But I will try some or all of them. I have bookmarked this page to download and check the tools on my computer. Presently, I am using mobile phone. Thanks for sharing this information.

Personally, I feel that a writer should have his own style and syntax. I am afraid these tools may turn my writing mechanical.

Peggy Woods from Houston, Texas on May 17, 2021:

Thanks for mentioning all of these available online tools. I use Grammarly and find it very helpful.

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There are more writing programs than I realized. I knew most of them, but I never saw a list before. I do write in Google Docs, then copy and paste. Thank you for sharing all of this excellent information, Devika.

Liz Westwood from UK on May 17, 2021:

This is an interesting list of resources. I use a free version of Grammarly as a tool to keep my American English spelling in order. It was recommended by a fellow hubber, when I was new to HubPages.

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A very nice list of resources, my friend. Thank you for sharing them. Have a great week!

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