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Easy iPhone Charger Fix



We all know iPhone chargers don't tend to last very long, but what can we do about it? Here we breakdown some typical problems and the best solutions as demonstrated by educated individuals on each.

Basic Breakdown (Troubleshooting)

GoalWhat You NeedCostLife Expectancy

Fix Charger (with broken wires)

Scissors/Box Cutter, Strong tape(basic)/Soldering gun, Patience (most difficult fix)


If treated and put together well (pulled out of port properly,no bending) up in excess of a few months, but lower expectations a little (more like a quick fix with potential if placed properly and maintained).

Fix Charger (with minor issues) or Preventative (Short-term)

Spring from pen (easiest fix)


If used as a solution to onset of faulty wiring or beginning of "turtleneck syndrome" it depends on the damage (upwards of 3 months). If used as preventative measure expect charger to last roughly 2x as long as normal.

Fix Charger (with minor issues) or Preventative (Long-term)

Heat Shrink Pipe 1" (2.5cm), Source of heat (lighter, torch)

$3 Max.

Easy to put together well and as long as maintained you may be able to make this last through your next upgrade. Just remember to remove and replace heat shrink pipe as required. Also a second wrap over the first may elongate life without replacement. If onset to wiring problem has begun, dampen expectations.

1. Cut and Rewire

Now before watching this video I want to remind you first that please, PLEASE be safer than this guy when you cut. I'm not showing this video for his cutting skills, just simply because visuals seem to be the best way to help teach these repairs. Secondly he uses the solder method which isn't required but is more reliabe. If you wish to use duct tape (or another strong tape) and make it much simpler process than just follow this guide in coordination with the video provided.

  1. Use the tape and align the wires so that they are in their appropriate positions
  2. Securely tape them into place so that the wires will move as little as possible and you leave yourself a place to grip the charger so you don't damage the cord further
  3. Test it out before you put a second layer of tape over it, make sure it works in most positions while its charging so that your will have more room for error as wear and tear progresses
  4. Mummify the charger with your tape until; the wires are secure, you have a good place to grip the charger for plugging and unplugging and your happy enough with its flexibility

PS: please use the video below as a reference for the wire color combos as well as the basic idea for where/how to cut the wire or how to solder if you choose that method

2. Spring Method

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3. Heat Shrink Pipe

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