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Download Talking Tomcat Free App For iPhone - Tips, Moves, Tomcat Tricks

You can download the Talking Tom Cat app for the iPhone or iPad from the app store. For Talking Tom Cat tips, moves, tricks and cheats you have come to the right place. In this article we will review the talking tomcat app, look at exactly what you can do with the app, and see why it’s worth a download of this iPhone app.

Talking tom cat is an app that is very similar to many other talking apps that are currently available for download. The idea is very simple, you have a cute little tom cat character who you can play with. Your talking tomcat will obey your commands and also talk back to you. So now let’s have a look at how to use the app and some of the options available if you download talking tom cat for the iPhone.


Talking Tom Cat

When you open the app you are greeted by your friendly tomcat. He stands there all cute and cuddly and waits for your next move. If you don’t do anything he gets a little bit bored and he will yawn. Now you can touch the screen and make your talking tom cat perform certain tricks. There are also other options available on the app. If this is a free download most of the options are not available, but if you download the paid version of this it opens up more moves to you and tomcat will do more moves and tricks.

The most well known feature of the talking tom cat app is the fact that you can make him speak. Simply hold your device near to your mouth and speak clearly into the microphone. Tomcat will show that he is listening by leaning in towards the screen. The when you stop speaking he will repeat what you have just said in a cute little voice.

You also have the ability to video your session with talking tom cat. You simply click the little video at the top left of the screen and then the video will start to record. When you have finished, tap the icon again and it will stop recording. Now you can watch your little video back, save it to your device or even post in on Facebook and u-Tube. This is a very clever feature that is very easy to use.


Tips, Moves, Tricks


There are lots of different moves and tricks you can get talking tomcat to perform. Some of the more simple ones include taping him in the face to hit him, if you hit him a few times he will fall down and go all dizzy. You can stroke him and make him purr. A good tip is that if you tap his tale this will make him do an angry move. A clever tip is that if you tap the cup icon it will pour him some milk, this will make him a happy tomcat.

If you download the paid version of the talking tom cat app there are more moves available other than the standard ones. A good one on the free version is if you click on the footprint he will scratch his claws across the screen. There are currently no cheats available for talking tom cat, you just have to use the standard moves and tips you can get on the game.


Other Features

One of the features of the free app is the adverts. These can get annoying but if you like this app it does give you some ideas of other talking apps you may enjoy. For instance, if you like this it suggests you may like Talking Hippo, Talking Larry, Talking Harry, Talking Roby, Talking Rex, Talking Santa and Talking Bacteria John. These are all similar talking apps that just give you a range of different characters. Talking Bacteria John seems to be the most popular of these!

Although the talking tom cat app does not really serve any great purpose it is a good fun little app that will no doubt keep people amused for a while. If you are trying to entertain children with your iPhone then downloading talking tom cat is well worth it. As this is a free download you really have nothing to lose with talking tomcat, it is just a good fun little app that will put a smile on your face.

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Justin Bieber on April 07, 2018:

Like It

cher lloyd on December 30, 2011:

I can't seem to find this for my Android, I got the app it yesterday deleted it not in purpose and can't find it again !!!!!!!!!!!!!

todreca on December 12, 2011:

I like this

ishaa on October 05, 2011:

i like this but i don't have an iphone to experience this

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deep on May 03, 2011:

when i m about to install tomacta in my iphone4,they are asking for apple store password..what i will do?

mood on March 29, 2011:


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